My Name Is Earl

Season 4 Episode 27

Dodge's Dad

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 14, 2009 on NBC

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  • Final My Name is Earl

    I say that when the gov't changed his blood type, they must have changed his DNA too... it is the only way to explain it without losing one of the best characters on the show... even crabman cannot be so much of a saint that this would not bother him.
  • 4 all other episodes average 9 to be a first

    has any other show ended a season with 'to be continued' and never return yet alone it was never spoke of least have the courtesy to dedicated fans n given one actual final liked the show beginning to end if that was watch reruns daily cuz no shows come close to this shows humor of reality in a big part of real america.
  • I did not want this as the series finale...

    This was a really good SEASON FINALE but a bad SERIES FINALE. NBC should have at least told the producers before this aired so they could have at least tacked off the clifhanger which would have been a small consolation. I always imagined the series finale being Earl completing the list and now that will never happen. I loved this episode and the revelation that Earl was in fact Dodge's real father and how the conception took place was really funny and within the boundaries of acceptable and not just a retcon. Although the possiblity of Little Chuby being the father was also surprisingly funny. I just hoped that if there was a fifh season, there would be some sort of mistake and Darnell was Earl Jr's father because having another guy on the scene would spoil the show. R.I.P. My Name Is Earl.
  • This is not a way to end a show about moralities by lying .. " to be continued" .. and then what .. Nothin' !!!!

    I'm so disappointed by the producers of this show .. everything went so good the show was great .. but last episod was something else ... this absolutely not the proper way to end a show about morality.. at the end of the Episod (The show) the write to be continued ... and Baaaam ... Nothin' ... the show has been terminated.
    i liked my name is earl very much all of it espicially the 3rd season ... it was fantastic but the producers has always to do something against the fans of any show .. and the've choosed the final episod to do it to the Fans of My Name Is Earl ... Happy now !!!!
  • An amusing episode, full of core character development.

    This episode is a nice break from the formula of Earl helping someone on his list, that after the episode is over we will never see again. It may not have been as funny as some of the first season episodes, but was still pretty good.

    When guilted into making an appearance at Dodge's Career day at school, after having ruined a previous one, the children question why Earl doesn't have visitation with his son, as Joy has always told Dodge that's who his father is. When Earl questions Joy about Dodge's father, it comes out that she's been lying about getting pregnant at a concert. Instead she says that Dodge's father is Little Chubby, but when she went to confront him, his violent personality made her think better of ever telling him.

    So Earl begins an unsuccessful attempt to talk to Little Chubby, and then to get DNA to prove that he is Dodge's father. In retaliation, Little Chubby makes Earl's life misserable. Darnell eventually gets Chubby's DNA, and Earl sends it aways for evaluation.

    When he confronts Joy with the results, we find out that NEITHER of her boys have the father any of the characters would have expected. The episode leaves us waiting for next season to find out who Earl Jr's father really is.
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