My Name Is Earl

Season 3 Episode 6

Frank's Girl

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Its conjugal visit day at A. J. Johnson prison. Many of the women looking for the ideal convict use a website to meet someone. Other have pre-existing wives or girlfriends.

Frank cannot meet his girlfriend, Billie. He got himself thrown in the hotbox because he bit another`s inmate`s ear. Frank asks Earl to talk with Billie and shows him a naked photo of her.

Earl goes into the sex room and Billie says there will be no threesomes. Earl explains how Frank got himself thrown in the hotbox. Billie is wearing a sexy policewoman outfit to match Frank`s prison outfit. She gets fed up with him and wants to break up with him. Earl mentions how much Frank means to her but also mentions the naked picture. Billie says she`s done with Frank.

Frank is devastated that Billie has broken up with him. They used to have a lot of good times together. Billie had just graduated from school and was celebrating when she met Frank. His bad habits of stealing rubbed off on her and she joined him on his crime spree. He got locked up after the Casino incident. Earl says they are going to get Billie back.

Frank has given up and the other inmates are taking advantage of him. Earl and Frank then sign up for the prisoner dating program to find a replacement for Billie, and someone for Earl since he`s lonely.

The two girls come, one is a nice blonde who goes with Frank. The otehr is clearly a man with a fake high voice. Earl explains he can`t be with the mannish woman and he agrees. Frank barges in and grabs the antenna off the radio. Earl follows him and finds Frank trying to pierce the girl`s belly button and she`s okay with it. Frank is trying to make her more like Billie. Earl gets him to stop and they will get her back. Frank ditches his date and apologizes because this will not help her abandonment issues.

Earl and Frank shoot Frank`s naked body and post in on a giant poster. Billie sees his apology and decides to take him back. Earl meets with Billie first to clear the air, and Billie mentions how she has to quit her remaining classes at nursing school to see Frank. Earl sees that Billie`s life will deteriorate if she takes Frank back.

Earl has a heart to heart with Frank. He understands that Billie is the best thing that ever happened to him, but he`s the worst thing that`s ever happened to her. He breaks up with her so she can have a better life.

Earl finds the naked photo that Frank threw out. He rips the naked parts out and keep the top half, and finds himself thinking about Billie.
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