My Name Is Earl

Season 3 Episode 6

Frank's Girl

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2007 on NBC

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  • Conjugal visits and Cubicle violations.

    This episode is hilarious, with both plots having terrific moments, such as Joy's poor attempts at friendship and the 'angel wings' dilemma that Earl was in, when saying that Frank explained them in detail.

    Billie is a great character, that plays off the others well, and Earl's decidion in the end was a great plot point when weighing one good life with another. Randy was hilarious as always, being a guard definitely being a funny development. Frank is also being shaped well, and the whole prison plot is still entertaining.

    Overall, this episode is a great one, with a hot guest star and a brilliant plot.
  • Earl seeks to help out Frank, Joy is blackmailed, and Alyssa Milano guest stars!

    First and foremost, Alyssa Milano automatically earns this episode 5/10, having her in that outfit gets it another 2 points.

    Good episode, not gut busting hysterical but entertaining. Earl and Randy were very funny, especially Randy reading off of the cards-when he said "half circle" for parantheses, that killed me. The Convict Dating Site was funny, and Earl gets to meet a pre-op tranny, kind of funny.
    It was some good writing involved when Earl was debating on who to help? Frank is on the list, but Billie had more of a future. In the end he helped them both...and possibly himself. Angel Wings...very funny.

    Joy and Catalina stole the show! Joy is very vindictive and will get her way, what was Catalina thinking? That and Catalina looked fine as always, which is never a bad thing. The whole range of comedic interactions was great. From Catalina snapping the photo, to Joy's half-hearted efforts and friendship, and finally Joy's payback. Well scripted, well acted, well done.

    This episode was another fine example of the show. It's consistently good and sometimes laugh out loud funny. This episode wasn't a laugh out loud one, but it was enjoyable and still very funny.
  • Joy pooped her pants!!

    I thought this episode was really good. Yet again for me, Joy made the episode!! I loved how they made her poop her pants. Even though it's gross, it was a nice touch. Haha. Then Catalina takes her pic haha. But dont worry, at the end Joy get's Catalina back. Good for Joy. She's my favorite by far. I liked the whole Angel wing tattoo thing, that was...Umm...Intersting. I dident think the main story line was that good though. I dont know, i just liked Joy's part better. I love how the people are all trailor trash. lol It's great, I cant wait until next episode.
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