My Name Is Earl

Season 4 Episode 18

Friends With Benefits

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2009 on NBC

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  • Another great installment. Why did this show have to get cancelled.

    Mr. Turtle returns to Earl and it's Earl's job to get him to Darnell. Earl gets Darnell's address in witness protection and go on a journey to take him Mr. Turtle. Randy cant go with him because he gets car sick on long trips and the motion sickness pills make him hungry. Both Earl and Randy have their own little adventures.

    Earl gets to Joy and Darnell's and she all but throws him out because she doesn't want her friends to see him. As he is leaving he exhaust on his car hurts a dog. He takes it to a vet and gets him fixed up. The vet tells Earl where the dog lives because of a chip in the dogs stomach. The dog lives a couple of doors down from Joy and Darnell and belongs to a lady named Carol, played by Morgan Fairchild. Earl explains his list and karma to her and she tells her friends. Carol and her friends experience a day of doing good deeds expecting karma to give them material things. Earl spends all night figuring out ways to get what they want. In the morning they ring Joy's doorbell and tell Earl and Joy they had gotten something much better than the material things they wanted. They had gotten a good nights sleep for the first time in a long time. They were happy.

    Randy's adventure starts unknowingly with meeting a new friend who has something else in mind. His new friend thinks that Randy and Earl were lovers and that Earl had left him. Randy invites the man to his trailer and is clueless to his motives. Randy thinks he just wants to be a friend. Randy never does figure out what the man really wanted and is very happy when Earl returns.
  • Great Episode

    When the episode took a gay tone, I started to squirm in my seat. I know I sound like a homophobe, but I just don't enjoy seeing gay intimacy on my tv shows. Sue me. But I was so touched by how sweetly Randy's new friend treated him that I did not have one oogy feeling. Like many sensative social topics handled in this show, this one was handled with class and heart.

    Well done.

    Now a list of my favorite words till I hit 100: cuddle, prickly, rambuncous, engaging, parlor, melodic, surprise, and my favorite word of all time: yes.
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