My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 21


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2007 on NBC
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Earl tries to apply for a credit card but he is declined because he doesn't have a job. He decides to take steps to adulthood by going back to school in order to earn his G.E.D. At school he realizes how hard it is for teachers to deal with badly behaved kids, just like the one he used to be.moreless

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  • I was losing enthusiasm for this show, until this episode!

    This episode was pretty damn good, if you ask me! I was getting really fed up with this show up until this episode and this has renewed my love for the concept! Everything was getting very samey in the My Name is Earl camp but I liked this episode, it still managed to keep the concept going but took some steps in an interesting direction.

    The thing i loved the most about this episode was the way the show poked fun at itself, very subtly.. For example, Joy saying "He numbers everything on the stupid list but doesnt follow any order" and one of the kids telling Earl he had a "porn star moustache". These were subtle jokes that are often lacking in American humour, i like that this show can poke a bit of fun at itself and not take itself too seriously.

    Im interested to see what happens in the next episode, it looks, from the title at least, that Earl will be looking for a job. I'm interested to see where that goes! A great episode! 9.4/10moreless
  • A fairly good episode.

    I liked this episode. The jokes are average, but I like the development in both Earl and Randy. I used to feel kinda sorry for them for being so low down in society, and seeing them progress in life made me feel happy. The episodes also inspires hope in the classic "underdog" triumph, the underdog here being the teachers.

    The episode not only shows progression in the characters, but the series as a whole nad in some time it can easily be one of the greates comedies on tv.

    So, in conclusion; a fairly good episode and well worth watching. =)moreless
  • Immediately one of my favourite episodes!

    Season two has branched out more than the first season which I think makes it funnier than ever, and the fact that Earl is doing things for himself as another way to better himself rather than relying on the list is a very good move. This episode starts out with one of the funniest openings ever with his credit card conversation and the GED test. While I have no idea what G.E.D stands for, I basically got the gist that it was the equivalent of passing high school and provided for quite a few laughs.

    THe teachers were terrific in this episode, the home ec teacher getting the brunt of the jokes, as were the kid's pranks and Randy not realising that Earl had not in fact parked the car that way. The ending was a great twist, though I saw a differing ending coming, otherwise they wouldn't have spent so long explaining what would happen.

    Overall, this is almost certainly in my top ten favourites, or at least top twelve, and really shows how hilarious this show really is.moreless
  • OMG This is one of the best episodes

    This has to be one of my favorite Earl episodes ever. I can really relate to how the school children acted in this episode. The people in my school act that way all the time. I loved how the dowdy teachers got roles, and we saw their personalities. hahaha. I think evey teacher secretly wants to blow up some students car. The whole "I have a tiny penis mantra was another highlight from this episode to. wow. I gotta do something like that. I liked that short gray haired teacher, the cooking teacher, she was my favorite! hahaha we need to see more episodes like this.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Earl attributes the aphorism "Hazy dreams produce hazy results" to "ibid". "Ibid" is short for the Latin word "ibidem" (in the same place). It just means that the current reference in a list (in this case, a list of quotations) is identical to the previous one, not that the quotation was originated by someone named "Ibid".

    • When cameras view point is the teachers looking into the trunk is a directing trademark of Quentin Tarantino.

    • Featured Music:
      "19th Nervous Breakdown" by The Rolling Stones (Bad kids montage)
      "Lean On Me" by Bill Withers (Earl helps a student)
      "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen (The teachers get their revenge)
      "Low Rider" by War (The teachers wait for the car prank)
      "Wonderful World" by Sam Cooke (Earl and Randy learn)

    • Introduced in this episode

      #273 (new) Kept myself from being an adult.
      #273A (new) Finish high school.
      #273B (new) Get a real job.
      #273C (new) Move out of the motel.

      Crossed off in this episode
      #273A Finish high school.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Earl: Catalina, tell these guys why they don't want to be like me?
      Catalina: Well, one night, a speed freak broke into his room, slammed Earl's head in the bathtub until he passed out, then went to the bathroom and left without flushing.

    • Earl: Stop freaking out. Look, I've accidentally exploded tons of stuff in my life and nothing been traced back to me. Now the important thing is we go about our normal business and act casual. Got it? See, this what I'm talking about. Ms McCulin, rocking with your hands buried in your crotch is not acting casual.
      Ms McCulin: But, I'm nervous.

    • Randy: It's okay, you can get him with the next bomb, you just have to delay it a little.
      Ms Hardin: They're gonna call this terrorism.
      Black teacher: We're going to Guantanamo. Game, set, match.

    • Earl: I'm gonna kill em. I swear to God, I'm really gonna kill em.
      Ms Hardin: Now, you're sounding like a real teacher. In two weeks you'll have gained 20 pounds and stop shaving anything.
      Earl: They're total bastards. Those kids didn't listen to a single thing I said when all I was trying to do was help em. And how do they thank me? They put my car on it's side.
      Randy: Oh!
      Black teacher: Don't be a hero Hickey. Just take a knee.
      Earl: I can't believe you guys. When are you going to stand up and fight. (to Principal) You're in charge. This is your school. (scoffs) I'm serious. We need to treat them exactly like they treat us.
      Principal: Look, what do you want from us? We're not allowed to hurt the kids. At least not physically. I don't have the energy to hurt them emotionally.
      Earl: I'm not talking about hurting them. I'm just taking about giving them a little anonymous taste of their own medicine. Or their own saliva in the case of what they did to your soup Ms McCulin.
      Ms McCulin: They spit in my soup? When?
      Earl: Well, Mrs Hardin says they do it everyday.
      Ms Hardin: I didn't tell you cause I know you like your soup, and I didn't want to make you upset.
      Ms McCulin: They gave me mono.
      Earl: It's time to fight back. (points on each teacher) For the exploding cigrettes. For the duct tape. For the super glue. And for what Ms Hardin told me, they rubbed on your coffee mug.
      Ms Hardin: They put their privates in it. Again, I didn't want to upset you.

    • Earl: What the hell!
      (Earl's car is flipped on the side)
      Randy: I don't remember you parking the car like that. (kids laugh) How'd I even get out?

    • Summer: Um, Mr Hickey can I talk to you?
      Earl: Sure, Summer.
      Summer: It's a little embarrassing but I don't want to be a loser. I don't wanna lose at rock, paper, scissors to a monkey.
      Earl: Look, he threw rock six times in a row, and just when I caught on to the pattern, scissors.

    • Joy: What the hell is this? You better hope that Catch a Predator guy doesn't come in here and see you with all these kids.
      Earl: Nice. Joy, why don't you tell these guys why they don't wanna be like me.
      Joy: Well, he's not very smart. I mean, the first time he saw YMCA he thought it was pronounced youmca. Plus, I once saw him dive into an empty pool. (laughs) That was actually a funny day. He hit his head so hard he took a dump in a cat box.
      Earl: Yeah, that's a true story. Plus, that cat caught me in her box and tried to scratch me a new one. Now, that wouldn't have happened if I'd stayed in school.
      Darnell: Earl's right. With a good education you can do whatever you want.
      Boy: Did you graduate high school?
      Darnell: With honors.
      Boy: Then why are you working in a dump like this? (kids laugh)
      Darnell: (angrily) Life can get complicated man. You don't know what I've been through. I've seen the darkest parts of a man's soul. Things that would make a horror movie look like The Hughleys.

    • (Randy is wearing the squirrel mask)
      Randy: Hey, Earl, can you pass the nuts.
      Earl: Sorry Randy, that's funny but I'm not in a laughing mood right now.
      Darnell: Don't beat yourself up too much about the bank lady making you feel like a child and what not. At least you're doing the list, that's a very adult endeavor.
      Joy: Please, that list is ridiculous. He numbers everything on it, but he never follows the order. Plus, he didn't know how to spell catapult so he drew one on it. Only reason anyone takes that thing seriously cause it's on yellow lawyer paper.

  • NOTES (2)


    • The Hughleys.

      The Hughleys was a sitcom that aired from 1998 to 2002. The Hughleys stars D.L Hughley as Darryl Hughley, a successful businessman who seems to have achieved the American Dream. When his African-American family moves into a dominantly white neighborhood, he finds that he must adapt to change quickly.

    • Jack Frost

      While waiting in line for a credit card Randy states the last movie he saw was Jack Frost.

      Jack Frost was a movie that starred Michael Keaton. It was released in 1998. Randy's assertion that it is "not great" is accurate as it was panned by critics and took a bath at the theaters.

    • Mallrats

      When Randy fills in his first GED test he makes a sailboat. Ethan Suplee, who plays Randy, previously played Willam Black in 1995's Mallrats where his character got into an argument with a child about the image found in a Magic Eyes image which turned out to be a sailboat.