My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 18

Guess Who's Coming Out Of Joy

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2007 on NBC
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Episode Summary

With Joy now pregnant again, Earl looks back on her pregnancy during their marriage and how his father was responsible for one of his first truly good deeds.

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  • hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Really funny,'that porno that Jodie Foster did' one of the most graphic and harrowing rape scenes ever filmed and Joy thinks it was a porno!!HA HA!This series just goes from strength to strength, just when you think theyre going to run out of ideas they deliver a gem like this.

    I dont always like flashback episodes, its sometimes a way of disguising what is essentially a filler. However the difference here is that theyre not just splicing old clips together, theyve actually thought about it and theyre giving you more rather than less.

    My name is Earl is a classic in the making, a program that will be watched for years, the serial format and the clever references will ensure it survives a long time in the TV world. Just a shame we have to wait so long for the next one.moreless
  • An improvement on last week

    Good news! I managed to sit through this episode without wanting to kill myself. A big improvement on last week. I still didnt think it was the best episode ever, but It's showing promise, i suppose, because last week's episode really was painfully bad.

    Earl remembers the good old days when he used to steal stuff and put up with his cheating wife. He remembers Earl junior being born and the events leading up to his conception. It was quite funny with one or two unexpected jokes which i enjoyed.

    Overall, not a bad episode, but i wouldnt call it a classic. Lets hope the writers take some time over the break to re-think this show because i think it's losing some steam.. It still has potential, they just needa do something with it!moreless
  • A hilarious background story

    This episode is hilarious and gives more depth to the characters of Joy and Earl and even Crabman.

    Adultery being the solution to Joy's marital problems is hilarious as is Earl's idea of the all-American family and we also see Earl do one good thing in his life back when he was a criminal, but only because he was forced to, to save his precious gerbils.

    Earl declaring that he'll steal things for Earl Jr in front of the doctor, Darnell's conversation with Randy and Joy and Earl hooking up while Crabman was in the closet are just some of the hilarious moments in this episode and we also get to see just how disappointed Earl is to see that his wife was cheating on him and he didn't have a son aswell as his parents' reactions which was quite a heartbreaking moment followed by a hilarious scene in the bar.

    Overall, it is great to see the whole story behind Joy and Earl's marriage and starting and finishing it off with Earl's poor electrician skills is all the more comedic.moreless
  • #195 - Tried to make an episode with only flashbacks.

    The title itself (Guess Who's Coming Out Of Joy) suggested that the storyline would revolve around Joy's pregnancy. Or someone actually WOULD come out of her. But we just got to see an old, already seen stuff. But still it was funny.

    And what the hell was that lamp about?

    Earl saw Joy's pregnant belly and remembered of a lamp that he wanted to finish. And somehow with no apparent reason he started flash backing back to the time when he married Joy and expected her 2 kids that wasn't his. Basically there were a lot of already seen footage from the beginning of season 1 and some new stuff that didn't make any sense. Just made a few details about Earl's and Joy's former marital life. The best part was when Earl's dad threw the gerbals out the window!moreless
  • Hilarious!

    I laughed myself silly during this episode! I thought it was funny watching them go back & see what it was like when Earl found out that Joy was pregnant. I t was even funnier to see Crabman's reaction to learning he is a father. Randy as always so funny & clueless. I loved it when he was asking Crabman if he had made some of the words up. I have a hard time thinking of what I liked best. Either the walker on the rope or his father throwing gerbils out the window. I couldn't believe that one. Hilarious! I mena where do they come up with this stuff? :)moreless
Beau Bridges

Beau Bridges

Carl Hickey

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Louis T. Moyle

Louis T. Moyle


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Nancy Lenehan

Nancy Lenehan

Kay Hickey

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  • QUOTES (14)

    • Carl: What are you doing here?
      Earl: We moved back in, Mom said it was cool.
      Carl: No, no it's not cool. Kay?
      Earl: Her and Randy went to pick up a bucket of chicken. She said she was going to get all white meat to make me feel better about my situation.
      Carl: You can't just move back in, we don't have the room. Where are your kids gonna sleep?
      Earl: I don't have any kids.
      Carl: But where's you wife?
      Earl: Still at the hospital. Probably starting to figure out I left her cheating ass. That or she's banging an Asian doctor trying to get one of everything.

    • Randy: He back on the fence.
      Earl: (tugs on a rope and Dodge falls) Sorry buddy, we'll put a mattress there tomorrow.
      Joy: Don't worry, those huggies are padded.

    • Earl: What are you doing in bed?
      Joy: Waiting for you to get home to give me my Thanksgiving stuffing.
      Earl: Really? Alright, it's been a while.

    • Darnell: (to Joy) I don't like having sex in a walk-in freezer! It's cold in there and we still get sweaty. Last time, my balls got stuck to a keg of beer.

    • Darnell: What if the real daddy can't? What if things are complicated with the real daddy right now? What if Joy doesn't seem to love the real daddy anymore and the real daddy's fiscal instability, volatile living conditions and possible secret identity doesn't lend itself to creating an environment that is conducive to raising a child right now?#
      Randy Are all those words English...or are you making them up? because I made up a word last week, farnicerous. I don't know what it means yet.

    • Earl: At least the first 'illegitimate' child was the same color as me. We could all walk through the mall together and pass for a family. Now everyone's going to stare. I'm a clown, Randy. I'm damn clown.
      Randy: But people like clowns. Hey wait a sec, if we all painted our faces like clowns all the time, no-one would ever know Earl Jr. wasn't yours. Can we? Can we paint our faces like clowns?
      Earl: Randy, we're not painting our faces like clowns. People will still stare...and if it rained we'd be screwed.

    • Joy: I got hemorrhoids
      Kay: Oh,Oh, you poor thing. Oh, I had those so bad with Randy. I thought his foot was coming out the back door.

    • (looking under the hood of his car)
      Earl: We're out of anti-freeze.
      Joy: How did you forget to put in anti-freeze?
      Earl: How do I forget to put in anti-freeze?! How do you forget to put a damn diaphragm in before you go to a Ronnie James Dio concert?!

    • Joy: I swear to God, if that thing don't stop cryin, I'm a put him in a gunny sack and smack him up the side of a barn.
      (Randy looks towards Joy, shocked)
      Joy: I'm just blown off steam. If you tell the cops I said that, I swear to God I'll tie you up behind my car and do doughnuts in the mall parking lot.

    • Carl: (to Joy) So...Who is the father?
      Joy: Oh, I didn't get a name. You know how crazy concerts are.

    • Joy: Darnell. You're gonna have to pick the kids up from school.
      Darnell: Baby, I'm trying to pick all the broken light bulb out of the gumbo. Why can't you do it?
      Joy: I am growing a human being in my body cell-by-cell. I need my rest, Darnell. My stomach could be building his brain today, you don't know.

    • Earl: Joy?
      Joy: Yes, sweetie?
      Earl: Earl juniors...Earl juniors is a little dark.
      Joy: Maybe the cord was wrapped around his neck. Sometimes they get a little blue.
      Earl: No, no, his darker than blue. He'
      Joy: Oh my God! I have read about this. This can happen when a man has a repressed black genie in his body. I bet your great, great, great grandmother snuck out to the barn and let a slave get a few licks of his own if you know what I'm saying.
      Nurse: Excuse me?
      Joy: Oh, it's alright I can say that, I just had a black baby.

    • Joy: Take me to the bed or lose me forever!
      Earl: Really? Alright! (talking to Dodge) Sorry buddy, it's been a while.

    • Earl: I'm not doing it.
      Mr. Hickey: Yes, you are!
      Earl: Says who?
      Mr. Hickey: Say's me! I'm doing what I should have done a long time ago, and forcing you to stick with something! Now go take care of your family!
      Earl: What happens if I don't?
      Mr. Hickey: I'll do something.
      Earl: What? What are you gonna do, Dad, spank me? I'm not seventeen anymore.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Guess Who's Coming Out of Joy

      The title of this episode is a nod to "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" a film in which a white couple (Spencer Tracey and Katharine Hepburn) is surprised when their daughter introduces them to her fiancé, a black man (Sidney Poitier).

    • The Accused

      Joy: Alright, fine. So we'll just wait until this place closes and you can do me on the pinball machine like in that porno Jodie Foster did.

      "The Accused" based on the real life March 6, 1983 gang-rape in Big Dan's Bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Jodie Foster won the Best Actress Oscar and Golden Globe for her role as the rape victim.