My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 19

Harassed A Reporter

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2007 on NBC
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Episode Summary

As Earl and Randy work to cross no. 29 on the list "Harassed A Reporter", Randy gets tired of being in his brother's shadow. In an attempt to distance himself from his brother, Randy realizes the true power of Karma and the media.

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  • Randy wishes it was about him. If it was, then it'd be called "My Name is Randy"

    Earl is awake at 4am, and karma is telling him to make up for harrassing a reporter. Randy is upset that he won't be in the story, so he decides to act bad himself. When Earl allows randy in the video, that idjit reporter makes him look dumb. Randy then realises that karma was paying attention to him for once, allowing Earl to cross off "Harassed a Reporter" off his list! Randy doing that crazy head bit was just hilarious! This is definatly my 2nd favourite episode of "My Name is Earl"! The writer outta take a leaf outta this book and make more episodes like this!moreless
  • This episode proves once and for all that Randy may be stupid but he is not mentally challenged.

    This episode is fantastic, with some very memorable scenes, such as Joy pretending to be a good mother on TV by not knowing which of her kids is which and Randy's sleeping habits aswell as his decision to be Earl's opposite by wearing a sombrero and being a head floater.

    The reporter harassing clips were hilarious showing old Earl and new Earl in very funny ways aswell as showing a development in Randy.

    Overall, this episode is brilliant, with all the characters having fantastic moments, such as one of Earl's items being losing one of a hooker's clients, Randy's edited tape, and Joy taping Earl's TV stunt, and this plot is one that is both clever and hilarious.moreless
Leigh-Allyn Baker

Leigh-Allyn Baker

Nicole Moses

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Jorge Noa

Jorge Noa

Nick Chavez

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Dale Dickey

Dale Dickey


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Louis T. Moyle

Louis T. Moyle


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Timothy Stack

Timothy Stack


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Randy sings "I'm A Little Teapot" he messes up the handle and spout motions. He says "Here is my handle" as he makes a spout with his right arm and says "Here is my spout" as he places his left hand on his hip to make a handle.

    • Introduced and crossed off in this episode

      #29 Harassed a reporter.
      #40 Wrecked the kids' playhouse.

    • Randy's condition, in which he stops breathing for short periods when he is sleeping, is called sleep apnea.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Darnell: (to Earl) Poor Randy. You can edit film to make people think all kinds of things, like the moon landing, that was done with puppets in my uncle's garage.

    • Randy: (to Earl Jr) I remember when you were diapers and you'd come into the living room saying, I poop my pants, I poop my pants. And me and your old Daddy we'd have to take you out and set you on the porch until your Mom could come home and change your diaper. That was fun. (hugs the kids in front of the camera)
      Earl: That's eh, on my list.

    • Joy: Nicole Moses. I didn't realize you were here. I was just inside reading my bible. Everything I do is guiding by this holy book (holds the bible up). So if anybody says that I've done something wrong, well (scoffs) then they're saying the bible is wrong.
      Earl: Um, Joy are you on those happy pills again?
      Joy: No, I'm just trying to look good in case any potential jurors are watching.
      Joy: Since your here lemme introduce you to my family of many colors. As you can see I've got a white son and a black son, but I don't see race so I can't tell which is which. (Darnell steps outside) Over here is my husband Darnell. (Darnell hides his face with the garbage can cover) He's serving America in the Witness Protection Program.
      Darnell: (yells) No, I'm not.
      Joy: Oh, that's right honey, no he's not. (smiles)

    • Joy: Hey Dummy, what's wrong? The world ran out of macaroni and cheese? (laughs) Seriously though, what's your trouble?
      Randy: Stupid reporter lady won't let me be in her story about Earl's list.
      Joy: That's because it's his list. Karma hit him with a car not you.
      Randy: But I help him cross things off. Plus he couldn't have done half the bad things on there if I wasn't there with him smashing windows, and giving him a boost and stuff.
      Joy: Well, there's your problem, your just giving him a boost. I mean, who wants a story about a man standing there pushing up on another man's ass. If you want to get notice in this world you gotta break away from your brother.

    • Patty: Hey, Earl.
      Earl: Patty, I need to talk to you about something on my list.
      Patty: Alright, one sec. I just gotta give this perv a baby bottle, burp him, spank him, powder him, change him, rock him to sleep then I'm done here.
      Nicole Moses: Wait, that's the business women? (Earl shakes his head) (turns to her cameraman) Okay, okay cut, cut.
      Patty: Oh my God, Nicole Moses. People always tell me that we look exactly the same. Do people ever tell you, you look like a daytime hooker? Cause if they do, that's me.

    • (Randy sniffs Earl)
      Randy: You smell good.
      Earl: Aftershave (hands him the bottle) But don' try putting any on your downstairs, it burns.
      Randy: Man, being a tv star is complicated.

    • Patty: Hey Earl, you guys were funny. A lot of folks were upset about that meth lab blowing up but you and your crazy arms helped them smile again.
      Darnell: Yeah, that was the best thing on television since that overly aggressive Minister climbed into gorilla's cage to try to baptist him.

    • Joy: (to Earl and Randy) Hey Dummy, you and your stupid brother are on tv.

  • NOTES (2)