My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 8

Joy's Wedding

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2005 on NBC

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  • About this episode

    It had great single-camera picture editing.
  • After ruining his ex-wife's wedding day, Earl gets in touch with his feminine side (and inadverdently with ex-wife Joy) as he helps her plan the trailer park trash version of an ultimate wedding.

    Every character has a chance to shine in this hilarious and touching episode. Earl brings out the best in everyone, including the heretofore flat Darnell. Pressly is extraordinary as she takes a lead role for the first time, soon-to-be-classic lines of dialogue rolling off her tongue like rhinestones. The pizza buffet rehearsal luncheon is a prime example when she reminds her friends that a small drink is really a large, only with a few extra steps. Boasting a bedazzled bride, break dancing, and that classic wedding song, Bust a Move, this episode epitomizes what is best about this series. Unlike most sitcoms, it is all about genuine characters living to the best of their abilities, sometimes classy and sometimes trashy, but always heartwarming.
  • This episode was very nice

    At the end of it I just couldn't stop hearing the song "is it love, is it love, is it love, is it love that I'm feeling!!" nice!! and very funny the moment where Earl tells Darnell that he slept with "his wife" and the other answers back "you did the same!"...
  • I loved the story and acting in this episode, along with the fact that it showed sexy Catalina dancing and "shaking her stuff" at the end.

    This was truly a fun and hilarious episode of "My Name is Earl." If you like this show you will love this episode. If you have never watched this show, what are you waiting for? Find someone with a TiVo and make friends with them. One of the things I like best about this show, aside from the humor that is abundantly redneck, is Nadine Velazquez - aka Catalina the motel housekeeper. Along with her ability to bring a lot of humor for a side-line character, she is one of the most stunning women on TV. I am always waiting to see what she is going to say funny on each episode and to see some more of her natural beauty. If you too are a "Catalina" fan, make sure and catch this episode - she shakes her stuff at the wedding dance scene.
  • One Of The Best.

    This ep. was really funny i loved when Earl kicked the soccor ball into Joy's face that was great. Also, when Earl and Crabman were fighting in the ball pin because he thought Earl meant he was sleeping with his mom. THis ep. has to be one of my favs it's just so great and when Crabman's mom and Joy met that was so funny. Props to this one.
  • Hysterically hilarious

    Alright, this episode has to be one of the funniest episode I've seen in My name is Earl. Alot of great moments happened in that show. Joy getting hit by a soccer made me fall off my chair, Earl sleeping with Joy with Cherry Pie playing was quite watchable, Crabman beating the crap out of Earl was one of the funniest thing I've seen in the show, Catalina dancing was the sexiest thing I've seen, and Earl breaking dancing was just hilarious. the show also helped develope Crabman's character. It shows how forgiving Crabman and Earl be despite their differences with Joy.
  • Jason Lee and Jamie Pressly are hilarious. This comedy is a breath of fresh air.

    This was the first episode I caught of My Name Is Earl, and since then I've watched every week. I was really laughing out loud throughout the show. Earl and Joy try to establish a "Bruce-Demi" relationship and the results are outrageous and over the top, but that's what makes the show tons of fun. As with every episode wherein Earl tries to make up for all the wrong things he's done, hilarious happenings ensue.
  • Joy gets married!

    As always, Channel 7 screws up the episode order (which now stands at 1,2,9,8) but another as always, this instalment of Earl is hilarious and very well plotted.

    The fond memories of Earl and Crabman’s friendship (“Hey Crabman” “Hey Earl”) is a hilarious moment in the episode as was the dream cheap wedding planning and the soccer ball in the face but my favourite moment would have to be Joy’s doublecross and Earl saying all the wrong things when Crabman believes Earl slept with his mother.

    Overall, this episode is both funny and important as Earl’s ex-wife gets married and Earl ticks two items off his list (that were both added in that episode).
  • The carnival comes to town and Randy is raring to go but first Earl must cross something off his list before he can fully enjoy his day. The thing he picks proves to be much more complicated than he thought and jeopardizes his own relationship with Randy.

    Earl sets out to cross another thing off his list. This time he gets so caught up in trying to do the right thing that he winds up also doing harm and thereby having to add a very important item to the list that he can never cross off. This has been one of my favorite episodes thus far because it shows the importance of keeping your priorities straight and how not to neglect someone who is important to you when trying to help someone else. As always, this was a great episode and full of the usual laughs and misadventures; however, the very poignant lesson that Earl learns with regards to his relationship with Randy, makes this one even better than usual.
  • One of the best episodes yet...

    Made up for #262,"Ruined Joy's Wedding." Joy and Darnell have their wedding and invite Randy but not Earl. Earl becomes upset at the fact that he and Joy aren't close and he crashes Joy's wedding after getting drunk, managing to break her nose by accident in the process. After Joy recovers, Earl convinces her to let him fix what he did by planning her dream wedding. While helping Joy plan her wedding, Earl ends up having sex with Joy, and now has to add Darnell to his list, because he slept with his fiancee. This was one of the best episodes so far.
  • Definitely a personal favorite!

    I really love this episode because it is the complete package. The storyline is outstanding and very interesting, and put together with the great humour, it creates an amazing episoed.

    I particularly enjoyed the scenes where Darnelle thought that Earl had slept with his mother. That dialogue was very funny, and I really enjoyed that part of the show.

    I thought the whole episode was funny, and there were many great moments, aoverall. I was laughing right throughout it, and I really think this is one of the best, even so early in the show!

    Keep it up, 'My Name Is Earl', and I'm really enjoying watching Season One!
  • Brillaint!

    This episode should go down in the history of this show: what brillance.

    Joy and Crabman are going to tie the knot: poor white trash style, and Earl is not invited, which has him feeling down, and on top of it, the big day is on his birthday, and all his friends will be at the wedding.

    Earl decides to get on Joy's good side by helping her plan the wedding, which leads them to the bedroom. Joy wants to keep it quiet while Earl wants to come clean to Crabman. When Earl gives Joy no choice she wants to reveal to Darnell herself about her infidelity....but in the heat of the moment she tells him that Earl slept with his mother.

    Overall, great episode. And we still had our wedding.
  • I want to see this episode over and over.

    I loved this episode. Joys wedding was the perfect example of how white trash she really is. This is going to be one of the most memorable episodes because it shows how much Joy acutally does love Darrnel even if she did sleep with Earl. That last scene was also very funny. My family has been repeating that line since the episode aired.

    Randy was hilarious at the dance part. All he could do was stare at Catalina. I cracked up so hard that that I think I started crying. Great episode and I hope they make many more like it.
  • This show and it's characters epitomize all that can be good about television. This is a great show and this particular episode is the best yet.

    The best physical acting I've seen in ages. Joy is a joy to watch; when canyou get an actress that slammin' to let it all hang out the way she does. This episode made me cry with laughter and cry tears of sadness. If this show doesn't win every Emmy known to man kind then TV has to back up and take another look at the sitcom. The days of 'Frasier' and 'Everybody Wants To Be Raymond' are over. This is the best single episode of television I've seen in ages.
  • Well Joy gets remarried with Crab Man. I loved the soccerball to Joy's head.. she gave one mean evil eye! Love it that the series characters really grow. like Randy .. he is growing up so fast **sniff** :P

    Well Joy gets remarried with Crab Man.
    I loved the soccerball to Joy's head.. she gave one mean evil eye!

    Love it that the series characters really grow. like Randy .. he is growing up so fast **sniff** :P

    As for the scenario's .. it gets better and better. Cant wait to see the next episode tonight.
    Madgirl I hope you'll have the hot coco ready 2nite.
  • But being tacky, and ALSO being funny takes great writing and good commic tallent which this episode has is spades. From start to finish, this episode had me rolling ont he floor with laughter. Maybe the best white-trash wedding ever!

    I absolutely love the voice Jaime Pressly uses as Joy. And the words that come out of her mouth are pure comic pleasure!
    "Time out Tenisha. Your getting boob glitter all over my face!"

    From being registered for gifts at the local liquer store, gift certificates to Patty the Daytime Hooker, and getting pretty in the park public restroom you have all the white trash humor you can handle.

    But being tacky, and ALSO being funny takes great writing and good commic tallent which this episode has is spades.

  • A very funny episode!!

    It is nice that we see more of the Darnell!! He is very funny and likeable!! The end sequence with sexy Katalina dancing and Earl break-dancing is also marvellous!! I think it is one of the best (if not the best) episodes of 'My name is Earl' till now !!
  • We really see Darnell and Joy grow in this episode

    What a super installment of an already great show! We finally see Darnell get some depth to his character. He has always been a bit 2-dimensional, but they gave him a range of emotions and new personality traits thisepisode. Crab Man can fight!!

    Joy showed more depth this episode as well. Seeing her react to a bad situation without getting angry was, well, a joy! We've never seen a desperate, crying Joy before and I have to say teh actress did a great job.

    Keep em coming Earl!
  • Can Earl be Bruce to Joy's Demi and Crab Man's Ashton?

    Sometimes you can't believe the "white trash" stereotypes this show portrays. Though they do get a lot of laughs, they are never mean, snarky, or insulting. If there's one word to describe "My Name is Earl" - it's endearing.

    Joy's wedding is one classic hoot. The wedding takes place in a shady section of a park, where a passing soccer ball occasionally interrupts. The bridal march is sung (not played) by the "DJ." The rehearsal lunch is in a fast food joint. But a wedding is a wedding; Joy's might be not extravagant, but is the most original we've seen on TV. Soap operas, reality shows, and other primetime shows have milked weddings as some glamorous spectacles, but none come close to be refreshingly enjoyable as Joy's wedding.
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