My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 2

Jump For Joy (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2006 on NBC
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In order to help a friend Earl has to raise a lot of money. He goes to Richard Chubby, owner of Club Chubby, a local strip club. He agrees to loan Earl the money, if Earl can convince his most popular dancer to come back and work for him: Catalina.moreless

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  • Did "Jump" become a dance craze because of Catalina?

    Maybe in hindsight.

    Watch it for Burt: 21pehs6
  • Joy needs to make bail and get out of jail. Earl feels guilty and feels obligated to help her. He did not have enough money for bail, so he decides to get the money other ways.moreless

    I thought this was the worst episode of \"Earl\" yet. Aside for the fact that it was dicrimating towards women and was quite tasteless. I always have considered \"Earl\" to be somewhat of a family show (for kids 10+). And the first episode of the season was kind of violent. Now, here is this episode that was filled with sex. I think I heard the word \"Naked\" at least 15 times. Isn\'t the whole point of the show karma and Earl crossing the bad things he has done in the past off his list? In this episode, no items were crossed off his list. It was filled with strip clubs, sexist comments, and discrimination. If the next episode isn\'t any better, I will no longer watch the show.moreless
  • Earl's eyetwitching entertains everyone

    Earl under stress is a brilliant storyline and bringing Catalina's dancing back into a story was a great way to get Joy's bail.

    Randy is terrific in this episode when he keeps picturing Catalina halfnaked and forgetting what he was saying and helping Catalina stretch and Joy was also hilarious with her ex-counterfeiting and copslapping cases and her drunk "dancing".

    The whole episode is even better than the first part, Catalina's reason for quitting being resolved since the sweatshop now has a fan (that Randy breaks) and Joy's apology being very good buildup to the climax where Earl faints from stress.

    Overall, an episode that is comedy gold and a reason why it's one of the funniest recent shows.moreless
  • Who couldn't like Earl

    Earl is such a fun show to watch. I just love the characters and the writing is great. I am happy that the new season is on and underway. Joy is a favorite of all the funny characters, she really knows how to play her part well and it is spot on Redneck. I feel like the show is maintaining the story lines and funny pacing. This was a good episode and the year will be a good one. I will keep on watching and if you want funny, you should also it is a consistantly good show to watch.moreless
  • Joy's 3rd strike with the law lands her in jail with a $1000000 bond. The only man rich enough to bail Joy out is Chubby, owner of Club Chubby, who will bail Joy out if Earl can get Catalina, Chubby's best dancer, to return to the club to dance.moreless

    What we've learned here is that Earl is a changed man, no longer really concerned with the list, but more concerned about just doing what he feels is right. Unfortunately, his friends haven't learned the same lesson.

    This is the first episode in which Earl does not scratch anything off the list, because he's more concerned about helping a friend in need, which happens to be his ex-wife, Joy.

    You can definetly see the developing relationship between Catalina and Earl. But it's well known that Randy is head-over-heels when it comes to Catalina (possible foreshadowing into future issues?!?).

    I'm sure we'll see more episodes of Earl not crossing anything off the list, and him just trying to keep his "delinquent friends" out of trouble.

    ... I would love to see more strippers who just "Jump".moreless

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    • Joy: I can't even use the toilet in my cell because my roommate is making wine.

    • Earl: Look, Joy, people don't wanna help you when you insult them. That's why that troop of "flat chested pygmy sluts" won't deliver girl scout cookies to you anymore!

    • Earl: If he was poor, we'd call him crazy. But since he was rich, we just called him sir.

    • Earl: What are you doing, Randy?
      Randy: I'm making a list of rich people with a million dollars we can borrow for Joy's bail.
      Earl: The Beverly Hillbillies?
      Randy: They're super-rich.
      Earl: They're pretend, Randy. Just like Richie Rich and Donald Trump. They're TV characters.

    • Randy: Hey Earl?
      Earl: Yeah Randy?
      Randy: If I had a squirt gun filled with vodka, I'd shoot cops with it, 'cause they couldn't get mad.
      Earl: I think they'd still get mad Randy.
      Randy: Huh, but they'd be getting free vodka. I'm gonna try it!
      Earl: Well have fun, 'cause you're only gonna get to do it once. Goodnight Randy.

    • Earl: I don't know, Randy. It's kind of a hard thing to ask a friend. "Hey Catalina, you feel like working for a crazy man and shaking your half-naked body for a bunch of sweaty drunks to help a woman you can't stand get out of jail?"
      Randy: I'm sorry Earl, after you said Catalina half-naked I didn't hear any... Sorry, I said Catalina half-naked and I forgot wha... I remember. You said something about Catalina being half-naked and uh... I lost it again.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Catalina: Why are you even worrying about this? Joy is in jail. We should be in the town square celebrating and tipping over a giant evil statue of her.

      This is a reference to 2003, when the Saddam Hussein regime ended in Iraq and the people celebrated by tipping over a statue of him.