My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 14

Kept a Guy Locked In a Truck

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2007 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Earl attempts to figure out how to make amends to a dead guy that he once locked in a truck. Meanwhile, newlyweds Randy and Catalina go hunting for an apartment.

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    If you watch one episode of "My Name is Earl" in your life, make it s02ep14 'Kept a Guy locked in a truck". Never mind the hilarious John Waters guest appearance. Never mind Jaime Pressly in rare form. Randy undertakes a battle of wits. And (spoiler) it has teh InterWebs. LOL! Existential angst has never been more hilarious. #Earl
  • The man whom Earl once locked in a truck dies; Randy and Catalina look for an apartment together.

    This episode celebrates the lives of the net denizens who make their lives and friendships there as opposed to traditional human contact. In fact, Josh is even a contributer to a TV opinion website. I was going to make fun of him, but then I realized the irony in that. I've never found Earl laugh out loud funny, it's just entertaining. This episode has the very funny eulogy scene where Earl is practicing in the mirror and then it actually moves over into a kind of sentimental tone where we remember Josh as an all around good guy. His death serves to bring people closer together as the episode closes.moreless
  • Ding Dong the witness is dead!

    My Name is Earl has a very god way of making plots complicated, in this case, Earl having to make something up to a dead guy who also happens to be the key witness from Joy's trial from the season premiere, which also begins to show Joy possibly winning the case.

    For a plot that doesn't sound funny, this was certainly an entertaining episode, my favourite bits being Randy bragging about his new wife, Earl's knowledge of computers and the disrespectful funeral, the biggest highlight being Earl thinking of a eulogy.

    Overall, Joy, Earl and Crabman were all terrific in this episode and it is revealed that Joy does have a conscience, she just chooses to ignore it.moreless
  • One word... Funny!

    After watching the episode previous to this one I have to admit that I was a little dissapointed about this show. The episode wasn't very funny to me and I thought the show had finally ran out of funny material. But boy was I wrong or what!!! This episode reminded me how funny this show is. I loved the whole thing. Randy cracked me up every single time he opened his mouth. And Catalina's fake and annoying spanish accent wasn't really that annoying in this episode. To see Joy trying to make something right for a change, in itself, was hillarious. Great episode, I recomend!moreless
  • I loveee this episode.

    I love how this episode, in some ways, shows that the internet community is friendly and reliant upon other people. The way it deals with the death of someone in a comedical way that lets the viewer not feel let down by the death of someone, but lifted up by the way that Earl tries increasingly hard to give the guy a great funeral. This episode does not dissapoint like so many other shows have recently, and gives the viewer a sense that everything will be all right, no matter whats going on. I also liked the sub plot with Catalina and Randy, humorous but it also gave me the impression that Catalina would break Randy's heart seeing as she's just in it so she can stay in America, while he loves her...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • The acronyms in Josh's eulogy stand for the following:

      LOL - Laugh Out Loud
      ROTFLMAO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
      BRB - Be Right Back
      AFK - Away From Keyboard

    • Introduced and crossed off in this episode

      #270 (new) Kept a guy locked in a truck.

    • The screen names IMing for Josh are chen82934, fire82334, wartime90284, smileyface2u199, newfish3923, talker57, girlychat16, rockstoeat01, and pokerplr839. Notice how none of the letters, even the first ones, are capitalized and each name has between two and five numbers.

    • When Earl discovers Josh's body. The alarm clock reads 11:17am. His body is taken out precisely an hour and a half later at 12:47pm, as seen past the landlords left arm when he points in opposition at the coroners.

    • The IMs near the end of the episode are clearly repeated over and over.

    • The magazine Crabman was reading had former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on the cover.

    • Featured Music:
      "Humpty Dance" by Digital Underground (The funeral turns into a party)
      "High School Never Ends" by Bowling For Soup (Randy listens to on the radio)

    • Despite in another episode that shows Randy took a bus to Hagerstown, you can see before the introduction that there is a palm tree.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Earl: (to the guy on the lazy boy watching football) Mr. Hamerick?
      Mr. Hamerick: He's a heavy sleeper let me try and wake him up. (blows air horn) I'm just pulling your leg, he's dead. I'm Mr.Hamerick.
      Earl: What's a dead guy doing watching a football game?
      Mr. Hamerick: Well, that's what we do here at Hamerick's. We don't do any of those stiff-in-the-box-viewings like those Nathanville hacks. Noo... here we specialize in what I call "The Living Tableau." We show them doing what they love in life. Last week I had a gang banger tagging a dumpster. It looked so real, the rival gang came in and shot him again.

    • Randy: I never had a legal massage. What's the point? It's like drinking non-alcoholic beer.

    • Joy: I swear to God Earl, that dream just about made me pee up my bed. I never do that sober.
      Earl: I know. It's scary, isn't it?
      Joy: Freaky. Left me feeling all, I don't know how to explain it. I mean it's not mad cause I don't wanna hurt anybody; and it's not sad, because I don't wanna hurt anybody. Earl, I think I might be feeling guilty for what I did to him.
      Earl: Really? Well, this may sound weird, but I'm kinda glad to hear that. I'm proud of you, Joy. (puts his hand on her shoulder)
      Joy: Take it easy there, cupcake. We're not girlfriends here. Let's just find a way to get him remembered so he can get outta my sleep.

    • Joy: Earl, you still in here? You mind if I take some of the leftovers?
      Josh: You kidnapped me, and this, this is all I get?
      Joy: (screams)

    • Randy: I got a free lap dance on the way over. But, that's cause there were more people than seats in the car.
      Earl: That's great Randy.

    • Earl: (to mourners) Damn it people, this is a coffin not a bar. (opens coffin) Who put a cigarette in his mouth?

    • Earl: Look, Darnell. You'll get the suit back just as soon as the ceremony is over. Okay?
      Darnell: 'Til then he's gonna have his dead skin touching my suit, huh? And his dead junk.
      Earl: Well, I hear your junk gets real tiny when you die, like when you're in a pool.
      Darnell: You're just saying that to make me feel good. His junk didn't shrink.

    • Darnell: Earl, quick question. Why is the dead guy wearing my suit?
      Joy: Oh, I sold it to Earl for $50 bucks.
      Darnell: You sold my wedding suit?
      Joy: It ain't like you need it anymore. I mean, are you planning on getting married again?
      Darnell: I love that suit and I can't replace it. The EPA said the dye is poisonous and they can't make it anymore.

    • Joy: Hey, Earl, if the people don't eat all the food can I take it? I can feed the kids for weeks on this.
      Earl: Did you cut the face out of the cake?
      Joy: Relax, I did you a favour. This picture was making everybody think about the dead guy.
      Earl: We're supposed to think about the dead guy, this is his funeral.

    • Joy: Why do you care so much about this guy anyway?
      Earl: Cause he came to visit me last night in my dream.
      Joy: That's just your conscience, stupid. Ignore it. That's how I got through cheating on you all those years. Please, you know how many times I saw you standing on the hood of my car while I was humping Darnell.

    • Earl: Look for something of Josh's that'll be good to bury him in, something dignified, something that says, 'I should be remembered'.
      Joy: (holding up Josh's shirt) I don't wanna speak ill of the dead, but fashion-wise that boy died years ago.

    • Earl: Walter, I respect your work, and I'm sure a lot of clients like this kind of thing (points to dead guy) he looks happy, probably 'cause a you put staples in his face. Not knowing Josh I'd feel safer um, doing something not so...
      Mr Hamerick: Creative?
      Earl: Well, I was going to say creepy and insane....but, what I mean is, I want something dignified and respectful.
      Mr Hamerick: A box, you want a box. You want the number three package, with the blue suit, and the hill view plot, and packabells canon, in D on an organ, with a star gazer, lilies, and a card with the 23rd Psalm on it.
      Earl: Well, not the canon, that sounds a little dangerous. Should I just go to Nathanville?
      Mr Hamerick: No, I'll do it. I need the money, I get sued a lot.

    • Mr Hamerick: (to Earl) So, any thoughts on what you want for the retractable bed kid? Cause I think with the proper make-up I can turn him into a young Mel Gibson. I'm only mentioning this because we got a dead black guy coming in later, and I thought I could whip up a whole Lethal Weapon kind of thing.

    • Randy: (to Mr Hamerick) Excuse me, are those potato chips real, or are they dead too?

    • Joy: (singing) Ding dong the witness is dead, the witness is dead, the witness is dead.

    • Earl: Finding the guy on my list dead kinda bummed me out. We weren't exactly close, but when someone you kidnap passes away any normal person is gonna be upset.
      Joy: Wahoooo, my witness is dead. Darnell, get me a pitcher of champagne.
      Darnell: You know we don't have champagne.
      Joy: Then get me a shabbily and 7-Up. I want something sparkly.
      Earl: Why are you celebrating? The guy was a human being.
      Joy: A human being that could'a put me away for life. My trial just got a lot easier. My deaf lawyer said it was a lucky break. Well, actually she said, 'wha ke back'. (laughs) You gotta meet her. She's funnier than that little insurance lizard that talks. Oh my God! I would marry that thing.

    • Earl: How did this happen?
      Apartment Manager: Man, sometimes when a garbage truck goes by and a door slams at the same time, a bed goes up. I probably should of rented to a heavy guy. (yelling at paramedic) Hey, easy there homeboy, you left a mark. Every time they pick somebody up they leave a mark.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Forest Gump / Philadelphia

      Slow Roger: ...popcorn shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup. My fifth favorite Tom Hanks movie is Philadelphia. He had scabs on his arms, scabs on his legs...

      The part about shrimp is a reference to the character Benjamin Buford "Bubba" Blue (Forest Gump's friend and shrimp expert) in the 1994 Tom Hanks movie, Forrest Gump. In Philadelphia Tom Hanks plays a homosexual man who contracts AIDS and is fired from his law firm. His "scabs" are caused by Kaposi's Sarcoma.

    • Lethal Weapon

      Mr Hamerick: So, any thoughts on what you want for the retractable bed kid? Cause I think, with the proper make-up, I can turn him into a young Mel Gibson. I'm only mentioning this because we got a dead black guy coming in later, and I thought I could whip up a whole Lethal Weapon kind of thing.

      This is in reference to the 1987 action/comedy movie Lethal Weapon and its sequels starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

    • Joy: My deaf lawyer said it was a lucky break. Well, actually she said, 'wha ke back'. (laughs) You gotta met her. She's funnier than that little insurance lizard that talks. Oh my God! I would marry that thing.

      This is in reference to the computer-animated talking gecko that appears in advertisements for the auto insurance company Geico.

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