My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 14

Kept a Guy Locked In a Truck

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2007 on NBC

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    If you watch one episode of "My Name is Earl" in your life, make it s02ep14 'Kept a Guy locked in a truck". Never mind the hilarious John Waters guest appearance. Never mind Jaime Pressly in rare form. Randy undertakes a battle of wits. And (spoiler) it has teh InterWebs. LOL! Existential angst has never been more hilarious. #Earl
  • The man whom Earl once locked in a truck dies; Randy and Catalina look for an apartment together.

    This episode celebrates the lives of the net denizens who make their lives and friendships there as opposed to traditional human contact. In fact, Josh is even a contributer to a TV opinion website. I was going to make fun of him, but then I realized the irony in that. I've never found Earl laugh out loud funny, it's just entertaining. This episode has the very funny eulogy scene where Earl is practicing in the mirror and then it actually moves over into a kind of sentimental tone where we remember Josh as an all around good guy. His death serves to bring people closer together as the episode closes.
  • Ding Dong the witness is dead!

    My Name is Earl has a very god way of making plots complicated, in this case, Earl having to make something up to a dead guy who also happens to be the key witness from Joy's trial from the season premiere, which also begins to show Joy possibly winning the case.

    For a plot that doesn't sound funny, this was certainly an entertaining episode, my favourite bits being Randy bragging about his new wife, Earl's knowledge of computers and the disrespectful funeral, the biggest highlight being Earl thinking of a eulogy.

    Overall, Joy, Earl and Crabman were all terrific in this episode and it is revealed that Joy does have a conscience, she just chooses to ignore it.
  • One word... Funny!

    After watching the episode previous to this one I have to admit that I was a little dissapointed about this show. The episode wasn't very funny to me and I thought the show had finally ran out of funny material. But boy was I wrong or what!!! This episode reminded me how funny this show is. I loved the whole thing. Randy cracked me up every single time he opened his mouth. And Catalina's fake and annoying spanish accent wasn't really that annoying in this episode. To see Joy trying to make something right for a change, in itself, was hillarious. Great episode, I recomend!
  • I loveee this episode.

    I love how this episode, in some ways, shows that the internet community is friendly and reliant upon other people. The way it deals with the death of someone in a comedical way that lets the viewer not feel let down by the death of someone, but lifted up by the way that Earl tries increasingly hard to give the guy a great funeral. This episode does not dissapoint like so many other shows have recently, and gives the viewer a sense that everything will be all right, no matter whats going on. I also liked the sub plot with Catalina and Randy, humorous but it also gave me the impression that Catalina would break Randy's heart seeing as she's just in it so she can stay in America, while he loves her...
  • The guy that Earl once locked in a trunk is killed in a freak accident and Earl feels obligated to do something to make sure hes remembered.After a disasterous attempt at a funeral,he makes a discovery that makes sure that the dead man is remembered.

    Another terrific episode which deals with death in a humorous and suprisingly manner.There is also a B plot dealing with Randy and Catalina getting an apartment,which is actually tied in to the A plot.I love how Earl tries to think of a eulogy.And a major breakthrough as Joy performs her first act of unselfishness,thanks to a nightmare.Of course,Im sure Joy will be back to being her old nasty self by next week,but its interesting to see how Jaime Pressley has made this character likeable in spite of her meanness.Once again,although these people are not the smartest or the most worldly,their humanity shows through.I still find it hard to believe that this show is produced by the same people that did the unextraordinary and mundane sit-com "Yes Dear".
  • The ending saved it

    I thought that the episode was rather lack-luster at the beginning, and never really seemed to get started. Even John Waters's turn as the maverick mortician didn't seem to click with the show. In fact, I actually said to my self right before Earl and Joy began cleaning out the apartment "This is not one of their better episodes," but then the ending was a very beautiful and well-done surprise. I was really moved as Earl and Joy found out that this dead man had friends all over the world, just not in the same traditional sense that we still tend to think of them. The funeral scene was both touching and hilarious as all those great characters(the Indian girl, the guy talking internet abbreviations and the war gamer)made us think about what friendship and human interaction means in the internet age. The ending saved it. I was very moved and this moved my review up to a 9.
  • Mixed feelings

    This episode left me with mixed feelings- the first 16 minutes nothing funny or witty happened but the last 5 minutes were Earl at his best. Lots of allusions (Indian woman in Call center, Medic in Ego shooter, internet geek parlance) and everything fell into place as it onyl does with Earl. I am not going to say more about this episode or write what happened as you can read this elsewhere, this is just my first review here and I'm quite surprised that it needs to be 100 words. Who needs 100 words to comment on a 21 minute episode? So this is 105 words now, woha, 109, no 111, wait....
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