My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 14

Kept a Guy Locked In a Truck

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2007 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Earl: Walter, I respect your work, and I'm sure a lot of clients like this kind of thing (points to dead guy) he looks happy, probably 'cause a you put staples in his face. Not knowing Josh I'd feel safer um, doing something not so...
      Mr Hamerick: Creative?
      Earl: Well, I was going to say creepy and insane....but, what I mean is, I want something dignified and respectful.
      Mr Hamerick: A box, you want a box. You want the number three package, with the blue suit, and the hill view plot, and packabells canon, in D on an organ, with a star gazer, lilies, and a card with the 23rd Psalm on it.
      Earl: Well, not the canon, that sounds a little dangerous. Should I just go to Nathanville?
      Mr Hamerick: No, I'll do it. I need the money, I get sued a lot.