My Name Is Earl

Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on NBC
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Episode Summary

When the hospital wants to get rid of Earl, Randy decides to take care of his brother by himself. But instead of working on the list for Earl, he uses Earl's help to cross things off in order to help him get better.

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  • He's alive!

    While the Earl in a coma era is a solid plot, the sitcoma got old after the first episode, and we could have done with just seeing Earl in the flashbacks to when he was bad, and the unconscious body. Nonetheless, the sitcom clichés were relatively funny, and the twist that one of the clichés of getting hit in the head waking unconscious people up in the real Earl life was quite funny.

    With Earl out of his coma, the show will probably return to normal, but I did like the originality of the season, particularly the prison episodes. This episode was alright, it had some funny moments with the cripples, and Randy looking after Earl, but most of all it has Earl back to his original self… or did the coma make him gaymoreless
Brandon Killham

Brandon Killham

Young Brett

Guest Star

Kevin Rankin

Kevin Rankin


Guest Star

Christopher Thornton

Christopher Thornton

Brett Hansen

Guest Star

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano

Billie Cunningham

Recurring Role

Dale Dickey

Dale Dickey


Recurring Role

Noah Crawford

Noah Crawford

Young Earl

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • List Trivia:

      Introduced in this episode
      #116 Rolled John Fenster down the hill in a port-a-potty.
      #126 Stole from the Hansen kids.
      #241 Made Derrick Stone late for work.

      Crossed off in this episode
      #126 Stole from the Hansen kids.
      #241 Made Derrick Stone late for work. (Derrick was helped, but the item was never officially crossed off)

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Joy: Oh my God. Somebody give him some gum. He has some banging karma breath, baby.

    • Randy: Tiffany! Make out with (Earl), but stop if he starts to choke.
      Joy: Yes. Please have her stick her tongue in a zombie's mouth 'cause this situation ain't quite wrong enough as it is.

    • (T.R., in his wheelchair, approaches Earl's wheelchair and deliberately bumps him.)
      T.R.:What'cha lookin' at, risky business?
      (Getting no response he fakes a lunge at Earl.)
      T.R.: I bet you just added a pint to your catheter bag.

    • (Randy takes a small sponge out of Earl's mouth and addresses the bartender.)
      Randy: Can I get a refill on this?

    • (In the imaginary TV sitcom Earl approaches Randy, who is in a near fetal position on the couch. Earl shows Randy a small stuffed teddy bear.)
      Earl: OK, Randy. Show me on the bear where the bad neighbor touched you.
      (Randy takes the stuffed bear, spreads the bear's legs open, he grimaces, and begins to cry.)
      Randy: He doesn't have one!
      Canned audience: Awwww.

    • (Randy is looking over Earl's karma list)
      Randy: "Number 116: Rolled John Fenster down a hill in a porta-potty." Do you think Earl would mind if we did that to him?
      Darnell: Randy, if you were in a coma would you want someone rolling you down a hill in a porta-potty?
      Randy: Let me think.
      (Randy closes his eyes and goes on an imaginary roll down a hill in a porta-potty, smiles, then grimaces then goes into a tortured face.)
      Randy: Hah, ah, oh, oh no. No, I would not!
      (Darnell smiles and nods.)

    • Darnell: Did the hospital need the bed? It's nice to see they throw white folks out too.

    • (Randy wheels Earl into the Chicken Shack in a kicking boom box wheelchair. Crab Man and Joy check out the sounds and lights from the pimped-out wheelchair and smile appreciatively.)
      Joy: Oh, snap! Darnell, I'm tempted to cripple you just to get you one of those.
      Darnell: I'm tempted to let you do it.

    • Randy: Every open I stick my finger in, I get a different reaction.
      Patty: Heh. Sounds a lot like my job.

    • (Earl is in the hospital in a coma with orderlies moving Earl's get well gifts out and hauling his ass out of bed.)
      Earl's narrative: Like most month old vegetables, the hospital wanted to throw me out.
      Nurse: (To Randy) We can put him in a county run long term care, can take him off our hands and receive a one-time payment of two thousand dollars in Camden cash...redeemable in more than six local businesses!
      (Randy sees a Paintball coupon on top of the "cash.")
      Randy: Paintball! Karma wouldn't dangle Paintball in front of us if it weren't a sign. We'll take it!

    • Earl: I was having this crazy dream, we were all really old and we'd spend our whole lives together.
      Randy: That doesn't sound crazy. That's just about perfect.
      Earl: And I was married to Billie.
      Darnell: Billie? Who's he?
      Joy: Oh crap, I think Karma made him gay!

    • Earl's narration: Every neighborhood, there's people that annoy everybody else by working odd hours. In the trailer park, those hours are 9 to 5.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Murderball
      "Killerball", the game played at the end, is an allusion to the real world game of "Murderball", the premise of which is to carry a ball through a goal to score a point. The game is full contact and allows ramming of one's wheelchair into another, thus the different design of the chair. Electric wheelchairs are not allowed. There was also a documentary about the sport in the film "Murderball".

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