My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 4

Larceny of a Kitty Cat

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

After eating at a diner, Randy and Earl head back home, but a black cat crosses their path, so they head to go home the long way so they don't cross the black cats path. But just as they start, another cat crosses their new way home, and Randy being so superstitious, says that they must wait three hours till they can cross the path again. Earl gets annoyed by this, and wants to just cross the line, saying how superstition is just baloney, but Randy asks Earl, why can he think karma is real with his list, but superstition is baloney? Earl decides to give up and just sit down. Just as the three hours is up, Earl says lets go Randy, but Randy kept the time too, and starts to count down, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4... and another cat walks/circles them.
Earl knew this was a sign, as being circles by three cats was just impossible, unless for a reason. he gets out his list, and decides to cross number 56 off list his. He must return a prize winning cat back to its owner after sabotaging a cat show in Joy's favor. We go back to when Earl and Joy were still married, and Joy wanted to win a cat competition. The judge annoys Joy by lifting up its tail, and well, inspecting the rear. Earl finds the cat that apparently is Joys competition. We see Judy and her cat Sebastian. Judy is obsessed with her cat. Back to joy, the judge asks if that is lipstick on the cat, and joy says yes, the same lip smacker that she has on (EWH!), and the color contacts was not easy to get in as the cat has been pretty jumpy ever since Joy tried to wax her eye brows. The judge tells her that this cat is a code 14. Joy thinks she has won, but code 14 means actually animal abuse, and animal fostering is needed. Judy is distracted by this commotion joy made, and that is when earl decides to steal the cat. Earl didn't know what to do with the cat, b/c randy is allergic to them. But Earl states in a previous episode, that he is actually the one that is allergic to cats. So earl takes the cat to the old lonely cat woman's house.
Earl goes back to the cats women house to get the cat back, but he cant remember which one the cat he stole is, there is like 30 cats living there. So he decides he has to tell Judy what he did back at the cat Show. He figures it being three years have past and everything, that Judy would have moved on, but they are sitting in her family room, and there are all the cat ribbons, and Judy has got Sebastian cups and plates, and even is wearing a "missing Cat, reward offered" Shirt with the cats photo on it. earl says that he will take Judy back to the cats woman's house, so she can identify which cat is Sebastian. Earl sneaks into the house through the kitty door. He opens the door to the house (Oh, by the way, the old lonely woman is always asleep), and Judy rushes up to Sebastian, who is now a 'fatty fat fat cat' Judy says that 'mommy won't be to critical. 'Cause critical mommy's make for bulimic teenagers that become needy adults, that drink a lot of red wine'. Great line!!!
When they go back to Judy's place, you see that randy is getting interested in this lady. Earl tells us how randy has quite a pattern when it comes to girls he likes. There was the Gothic chick who randy turned into a Gothic randy at a art exhibit. The orthodox Jew girl, who Andy dressed up like an Amish dude. There was another one, but I cant think what kind of girl she was. Earl states that Randy's relationships with these girls go great, till randy starts to become himself, and blows it. The art chick - randy goes to the toilet in one of the art displays, and says the toilet doest have a flusher in front of the artist. The Jewish girl - randy says that he is sorry for taking so long in the bathroom, but his zipper got stuck on his foreskin. Earl then says how it always ends. Randy listening to time after time by Cindy Lauper. back to Judy's house, and Randy is smiling at Judy, and Judy is smiling back at randy. Randy then says how much he loves cats.
Randy goes on a few dates with Judy with Sebastian always coming along. randy is taking allergy medication, but it just makes him too thirsty, we see randy drinking cup after cup after cup from a cooler, then randy just takes the 10litre (I'm from Australia I don't know how many gallons that is) bottle and just drinks from that spilling it EVERYWHERE! Things are great, Judy tells randy to take his shoes off, but randy doesn't want to because his feet smell too bad, but Judy says that they are meant to be smelly, that's why they are so far away from our noses. Randy takes them off, but he has a hole in the sock and his toe is sticking out, he is about to pull it over the toe but Judy tells him to leave it, that its cute. Things are going good... But then one time when Judy is saying how she thinks randy, her and Sebastian should go somewhere, randy has an explosion, and tells her that he hates cats, and how allergic he is to them. He is about to leave when she says that she will choose him over Sebastian. How she doesn't want to end up like the old lonely cat woman. So earl takes the fat cat, and goes to the Crab Shack to try and give it away. Joy says she doesn't want it, and Crab man says that he thinks earl should have the cat on the list, as crab man thinks the cat has eyes like Carl Lewis, and how he wishes he was a prize winning cat again. Earl hesitates then looks into the cats eyes and says Darn it.
Earl gets the cat into shape by fitness, and he is eventually back into shape. While this is happening, randy and Judy are all happy, and we see snippets of their life. The big day comes and Earl is at the cat competition with Sebastian. But during the test, earl goes around the cones rather than the cat, and loses. randy and Judy are there to support the two, and Judy gives randy a present, a necklace with Randy's name and hotel room number. randy loves it, but then looks around and figures its more of a collar than a necklace. he freaks out, and they have a fight outside about how randy is treated like a cat at Judy's, and Judy's denies it, but then you see the same snippets of their life, and there is Judy throwing a yarn of cotton for randy to chase, randy being scratched by Judy, little cat things. Then Judy realizes that she is treating randy like a cat and says sorry. Earl comes out and says that its rigged, b/c he lost to the Persian cat, who thinks he is so good b/c he is from France. Randy and Judy say goodbye, and Judy says she will take Sebastian back.
Earl and randy walk off and earl asks randy if he wants the Cindy Lauper CD again, and Randy says no, that he's ok.Closing moment, Randy and earl are in ed and sleepwalking guy comes in to watch TV, randy and earl discuss what to do, and randy says he will wake him up gently by going Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul quietly, then louder and louder, but it's not doing anything. Randy gives up and goes back to sleep.