My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 4

Larceny of a Kitty Cat

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2006 on NBC

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  • Amy Sedaris!!!

    Of all the goofy things to see, this cat episode won my heart, not just because of the feline, but also because of the amazing Amy Sedaris. She plays her parts so well, and seeing her out of her Jerry Blank makeup was a joy! It was also fun seeing Randy in love, in fact, I hope that they bring back Amy for more romance between the two, but judging from previews from next week, that's not going to happen. Earl taking care of the cat is hilarious, as is the sleepy cat lady. This show is well written and is always worth watching. So start tuning in!
  • Randy the cat?

    This episode, while it lacks continuity, is hilarious and while Earl was revealed to be allergic to cats in a previous episode and not Randy, it is still a very good example of why My Name is Earl is so entertaining.

    Randy's superstitions were a terrific addition to the episode along with his reactions to breakups, being treated as a cat and his allergies. As my favourite character, it was great to develop Randy yet not overuse him, with Earl also having great scenes in training the cat.

    Overall, this is a great example of the original list items that the show can come up with and the way it can spin the issues to cause complications for a whole half hour.
  • Something we can all relate to!

    Ha ha I love this episode ! We can all relate to Randy hugging his boom box blaring out Cindy Lauper in time of heartbreak! I\'m sure most of us can relate to the desperation that tempts us to be someone we\'re not in order to impress and there\'s always something funny about mad cat ladys! I\'ve a sneaky feeling I may end up one myself (why is it no-one ever seems to just have one cat?!) Anyway I think this is a great episode with Earl trying to return a prize winning cat he stole.It becomes quite \'Randycentric\'as he falls for the cat\'s owner despite hating Cats and having an allergy! Earl ends up putting the cat on his list after feeling he has robbed the cat of his prizewinning status - some very funny moments- Earl at it\'s best!
  • Earl returns a cat he kidnapped so Joy could win a cat show.

    This one was so funny I watched it twice(so far). Amy Sedaris is excellent as the cat lover that Earl needs to reconpense by unkidnapping her beloved kitty. In something new to the series, Randy falls in love with the Amy Sedaris character, even though he's terribly allergic to cats. It was nice to have some of the focus on Randy. And when Randy's love quickly agreed to get rid of her cat in order to keep Randy, I thought maybe she'd become part of the cast. I think that was probably just wishful thinking, so I was easily fooled.
  • This episode will go down as a series classic.

    I loved this episode. I was laughing out loud when Earl ran between the cones instead of the cat. I really like Crabman, he definitely adds something to the show, the way he got Earl to add the cat to his list. Poor Randy, I thought it was funny all the different things he did to try and impress a girl but then Randy being Randy said something to ruin it everytime. I couldn\'t stop laughing when I realized the the Cat Lady was treating him like a cat. This was Earl at it\'s best and will be one of the episodes talked about in the years to come.
  • Earl returns Sebastian, a cat he kidnapped, while Randy falls in love with Judy, the cat's owner.

    This episode was very simple.
    Mainly because it surrounded Randy, the "simple giant".

    You couldn't be surprised how Randy handle relationships, because of how he handles his relationship with his brother Earl. With Earl, he's obedient, loyal, and pretty much ready to do whatever he's told. It's no different in how he handles relationships.

    In this episode, he falls for Judy DeChamps (Amy Sedaris), a cat lover. Unfortunately, Randy hates and is allergic to cats. But to form a relationship with Judy, he pretends that he's a cat lover. Midway, Randy admits that he's not a cat lover, and for the first time, he acts like himself in a relationship. Unfortunately, he still conforms to how Judy treats him pretty much like a cat. When Randy finally understands how he's being treated, he (in a very rare moment) stands up for himself.

    So far this season, the episodes haven't really rotated around Earl and his list, but more the rest of the cast. The first 2 episodes were about Joy (and her 3rd strike) and this one was primarily about Randy and how he's a conformist and for the first time, stands up for himself.

    I think that it's really refreshing to see the show some character growth, not just for Earl, but everybody. Unfortunately, since the show's premise is about Earl and his list and when it deviates from this synopsis, the show can sometimes seem pointless.

    While this episode was really entertaining, you just have to wonder... where are they going with this?
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