My Name Is Earl

Season 4 Episode 8

Little Bad Voodoo Brother

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2008 on NBC

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  • My Name is Earl's decline begins with this episode


    Up until this episode aired, My Name is Earl was one of the best shows ever to grace NBC. Beginning with this episode, the show's quality began to get a little iffy. Little Bad Voodoo Brother starts out like every My Name is Earl episode, with the setting up of an interesting plot balanced out with a few gems of a joke. But when Catalina's nephew reveals himself to practice voodoo, things start to get a little strange. Yes, My Name is Earl was known to take karma into extreme situations even before this episode (e.g. the town of "freaks"), but bringing an almost supernatural theme into the show was just unbelievable. Things only get weirder from there - Catalina's nephew sprays ground-up sparrow remains in Earl's face, plays a series of pranks on Camden's residents and then various characters want to run him out of town. This is not the Earl we knew from before! Now, before anybody flames me, I just want to say that I don't think this is a bad episode by any means. It was just a very weird episode that changed Earl's style for the worst. None of the episodes after this one were anywhere near as good as the show we knew before. Thank goodness NBC cancelled this show before the depths got plumbed further. I'm all for bringing this show back, but if it ever does, bring back the old style.

  • Great episode!

    I really enjoyed this Halloween episode of My Name Is Earl. Horror scenes were great with that special creepy music and sounds, little Catalina's nephew was a great actor and his Voodoo dolls and customs amazes me. Jokes worked well like "you-are-dead" pills from Crabman or joke with little nephew's finger by Randy.

    Season 4 is in my opinion very good so far. Better than season 3, I think. So it's quite dissapointing that number of loyal audience is a bit lower than last season. I hope this won't mean end of this great and so special show. What do you think?
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