My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 14

Monkeys in Space

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 26, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

Earl reads about an old friend in the papers. His old pal Hank shot himself with a crossbow while robbing a liquor store. He has to do life. Earl remembers number 18, gave Hank a bad day.

The flashback is Hanks birthday party. Everyone is having a good time, telling funny stories. After Hanks uncle tells a story, Earl is drunk and tells them all about the time Hank got drunk at a bachelor party and had sex with a man. That ruined his day.

At the prison, Earl tells Hank about the list and how he can make up for it. Hank says to give him one good day, and he would like: His grandma to read him his hometown paper (of that day) which can be got at his uncles house, and fresh donuts from Yummys. Randy talks with a random prisoner who is having trouble.

Randy thinks about what Joy told him earlier. She called him a burden and asks if he should get a job. Earl thinks its a good idea and Randy tries out several places.

Earl plans to do it by himself. Randy goes to the uncles place to get the paper, but does not trust Earl with the mailbox key. Earl drags the wheelchair halfway down but the uncle has to poop. Earl drag him back up then down. By the time Earl gets the paper, Visiting hours are over.

Earl tries it the next day, this time getting up an hour earlier. He goes to get the paper, and then goes to get some fresh donuts from Yummys. Problem is, Deedee works there now and chases Earl out of the place because he stole her car and her leg.

Randy finally gets the position of busboy at the Crab Shack, but does not like it.

Earl gets up even earlier the next morning, because he only has til the end of the week before Hank is shipped away to prison. He gets the paper, calls the donut store and then runs in to get the donuts and places the money on the counter, but runs into another problem. Hanks grandmother has to have eye drops every 5 minutes or she cannot see, and she hates it. Earl has trouble with her in the car and visiting hours are already over.

Earl gets up super early, but this Randy comes with him. Randy helps Earl move the wheelchair all the way down and back up to get the paper. Randy gets the donuts because Deedee has no trouble with him. They are able to get to the prison on time because Randy gives the eye drops while Earl drives.

They get to the prison a few hours too early, and Earl figures out he needs Randy. What took him several days was completed in a few hours with help from Randy. Randy quits the job at the Crab Shack so he can help Earl with the list.
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