My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 14

Monkeys in Space

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 26, 2006 on NBC

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  • Well written, beautifully acted and hilarious.

    I've only recently discovered this show and it amazes me. Its original premise allows for a very varied selection of story lines. But is also has an enormous energy through its rhythm and editing. How many current shows would have the guts to repeat scenes like Earl's attempts to follow Hank's instructions more than twice? This one does, with funny results each time.

    Like Arrested Development it uses the narrator very cleverly to heighten the pace and introduce irony. But at the heart of all the madness there is a human element. (In fact, the only weakness might be the niceness of Earl, who was supposed to be a crook before he discovered karma.) This episode gives more attention to Randy, Earl's simpleton brother. Rather than Forrest Gump Revisited, we get a real character here, played to perfection by Ethan Suplee. If he didn't win any awards for this performance, there is no justice.
  • Nothing seems to go well for Earl or Randy

    This episode was a very amusing one, with Earl's attempts at getting to the prison and Randy's attempts at trying to find a good job (for some reason cleaning salesman and cosmetics tester don't agree with him) having a very good impact at the end and it shows how much quicker checklists get ticked when Earl has a sidekick (or id that dropkick?)

    The one-legged woman seems to haunt Earl and I'm guessing she'll have a big episode if Earl ever gets the courage to go near her again. The funniest part however would have to be the scene where Earl tells the "inappropriate joke" because not only does it start the episode off, it is hilarious to think that Earl would find it sidesplitting while he's telling the story.

    Overall, a great episode and a fine example of how difficult Karma makes it for Earl sometimes.
  • It was really cool!

    Earl tries to give someone who has gone to jail, the best day that he could imagine as he is locked up inside the jail, so as Earl once reveal an embarrasing secret about him on his birthday he decides to give him the best day in his life, he must get the mail from his father, get him some donuts from only one restaurant, and get him to his mother, all of that before midday, unfortunately every time that he manages to complete one, the midday is over, so he must wake up every time earlier, but later discovers that with the help of his friends, things are far way easier.
  • Earl tries to give an old friend a perfect day and Randy looks for a job.

    After hearing his old friend is going to jail Earl decides to make up for number 18; told an inappropriate story at Hank Lange's birthday party. At the same time, Randy’s not sure if it’s his destiny to help Earl with his list. He wants to find his own place in the world so he tries to find a job that suites him.

    This is a great episode. It’s not only funny, like most episodes in this series there’s actually something that can be learned from it. That doesn’t sound very fun, but it’s never very serious lessons to be learned here so don’t expect some kind of lecture á la 7th Heaven.

    Also, this is the first episode where Randy is given a chance to develop into a real character, instead of only being the stupid guy you just laugh at.
  • Keeps getting better an better and better.

    Keeps getting better an better and better.

    Randy finds a job to relief some financial burden off Earl. He finds a job selling cleaning supplies door to door and he ends up at the wrong house..... Joy's. She suckers him into showing her how the cleaning supplies work, and he ends up cleaning her entire house. Clever woman.

    Earl wants to make amends with a friend who is about to serve 20 years in jail...and like every episode.......he succeeds in doing just that.
  • Probably the best episode of this show ever.

    I really liked this episode. It's not the funniest show in the world, and this one won't beat out a good Colbert Report, but I really liked it. There's this whole buildup to the climax where the protagonist learns he really needs his brother that's been subtly-enough established to be sweet rather than trite, and that's very hard to do.
  • Catalina... wow.

    I really enjoyed the 'Groundhog Day' elements of this episode. Watching Earl try day after day to solve the puzzle and create that perfect day (pretty simple perfect day) was funny. Watching Randy try to find his purpose in life was even funnier. Watching Joy screw with Randy was hilarious.
  • Randy tries to find a job while Earl finds it difficult to bring a good day to someone in prison. Overall, a nice look into furute episode styles.

    This episode focuses on Earl's main story of trying to get a Newspaper, a box of fresh donuts, and a grandmother down to prison to visit a man whose birthday Earl ruined by telling an inappropriate story.

    However, this episode is the first to really feature a good B story, marking it as a potential long running series. The other half of the story follows Randy as he tries to find his niche in the working world. He tries door to door sales, being an orderly, medical testing, and decides to resort to bus boy.

    Overall, this is a nice episode that explores a new format for the series.