My Name Is Earl

Season 4 Episode 2

Monkeys Take a Bath

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on NBC

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  • Did Earl Scare away his Mom and Dad's neighbours as a kid? Not Exactly

    After the really average season premiere last week this is an improvement. Although the ending is extremely weak. When Earl tries to make up for chasing his parents neighbours away when he was a kid he discovers that his mother had an affair. Well actually she only slept with Clark Clark once but nevermind. Anyway, after his dad finds out he tries to help him get revenge.

    Earl singing Eye of the Tiger to spurn his dad on to punch Clark Clark was very funny and memorable, and then in the same scene the wife of Clark beating them both up. Also great was Earl's Dad trying to get a revenge lay and ending up asking Patty not realising she's a prostitute. Less successful was man crying, Randy's puppet and the end which has Joy learn a lesson (only she doesn't) and Earl's parents get back together with what looks like no consequence. There should at least be some continuing segways into up and coming episodes.
  • Earl finds out his mother cheated on his father so he helps his dad find a fling, reluctantly.

    The second hour of Earl showed us that Earl and Randy are at their parent's who are having a yard sale. Earl's mom tells the guys that they can have all of their stuff for approximately $64.00. Randy finds his puppet Milo who always told the truth. They flashed back to when the boys' were young and showed how they harassed the next door neighbor because he was sensitive and always cried. After the last time, he was fed up and sold his house and he and his wife moved. Earl, who felt guilty and wanted to apologize, goes to Clark Clark's house, which was now one county over, to say he was sorry. There, Earl and Randy learn that Clark Clark had an affair with Mrs. Hickey. This made Earl really upset, so he went and confronted his mother. Mrs. Hickey confessed and Earl told his mom that she had to tell her husband. Well, at that time, Mr. Hickey walked in and asked what they were talking about and out it came. Mr. Hickey left carrying a suitcase screaming obscenties about his cheating wife. Earl and Mr. Hickey go to Clark Clark's house to confront him and Mr. Hickey punches Clark and then his wife comes to his rescue and starts beating up Mr. Hickey and then tries to go after Earl. After several hilarious minutes of this, Mr. Hickey decides he has to have an affair with someone to make it even. He and Earl go the bank and to the pharmacy where both women deny him and one even slaps him. He finds luck at the diner, with Trudy (hooker by day, waitress by night). Earl tells his father he doesn't want to hook up with Trudy, so Earl takes his father home and he and Mrs. Hickey make up. Another solid episode, it's nice to see Earl focusing on his list again!
  • Earl finds out that a neighbor slept with his mom.

    After a good season premiere My Name Is Earl came through again with a strong second episode. Here we discover that Earl's mother, played by Nancy Lenehan (making her second sitcom appearance of the week after being on CBS' Worst Week Monday), slept with a neighbor. The result was some funny moments including Earl singing "Eye of the Tiger" to get his father pumped up.

    The following fight scene made the episode though. It's combinations of action and comedy that make television great and you have to wonder why more shows do not follow this formula.

    Seeing Earl's father attempt to get lucky was humorous as well. MNIE gave an entertaining hour this week.