My Name Is Earl

Season 3 Episode 2

My Name Is Inmate 28301 - 016, Part 2

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Joy has taken care of Randy to make for her feeling so guilty. She allows Randy to move in with them and is like another kid. She is disgusted on how dependent Randy was on Earl. Randy even walks around with one of his shirts. Randy also steals a car so he can go to prison like Earl. No one tries to stop him or arrest him.

Joy trains Randy to think for himself. Eventually he stops poking the bug zapper and does not cross the crosswalk when he is not supposed to. Joy is proud of Randy.

Earl starts some bargaining to get what he needs for the badges. The best place to dig for the Archeology badge is the White Supremacist and their territory. They demand eight umbrellas in exchange. Earl gets some digging spoons from a cook. He wants the prison emptied so he can have it all to himself. Another inmate supplies Earl with brushes so they can do it properly. He wants Earl to take care of his imaginary dog.

They complete Archeology and start collecting specimens in jars. Earl has to clean out the dead flesh in an inmates spine in exchange for maggots. They have earned their two badges, and there are many cub scout leaders because they are pedophiles.

Glenn is given parole with his full uniform and honour sash full of badges. While in the outside, some teenagers make fun of him. He grabs a rock and prepares to steal a car, but sees his badges and decides he does not care what others think of him.

Joy knits Earl a big quilt and Randy doesn't get a turn to talk. He wants to share a snowball because Earl like the middle and Randy likes the top. Randy shares the snack cake with a guard and inspires Randy to become one.

Earl tells the cook he will try to get the prison empty, but the cook says its okay. Since Glenn is gone, there are no more noisy lockdowns. Same goes with the inmate with the invisible dog, he is fine with the peace and quiet. They both say Earl owes them nothing. Earl is glad to know that karma is on his side, and to get past his time in prison he cannot be anonymous. He has to be himself.
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