My Name Is Earl

Season 3 Episode 2

My Name Is Inmate 28301 - 016, Part 2

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2007 on NBC

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  • Another really funny episode...

    Earl finds out that prison life is going to be harder than it is. Randy is having a hard time living without Earl by his side, so Joy and Darnell take him in. Earl encounters one of the people on his list, Glen. Earl helps Glen by making him earn his scout badges, which in turn leads to Glen getting parole. Well after Earl is put in jail, in last seasons finale I expected the third series to be not as good as the first two but this episode is probably one of my favourites so far, I thought it was really funny when Earl went to punch the big man and when Earl tried to hang out with all the different gangs, it was really funny when he punched the old guy, I also Liked the second half of the episode. A great start to season 3.
  • More sacrifice for Earl

    This episode is a great one, with hilarious moments, especially the end with a lot of scoutmasters being in prison, and Randy being dependant enough to make a decision to go to jail with Earl.

    The chain reaction that Earl caused that made the little scout boy into the criminal he is today was quite well plotted and hilarious, as was the numerous favours that were asked of him. The list that he now has to go off memory is still going strong and is quite entertaining. Since most of the people Earl hangs out with are probably in prison anyway, it makes sense that he could still have a few options, maybe even to Sonny.

    Joy trying to mature Randy being harder than she thought is hilarious with Randy being even stupider than usual without Earl around. Overall, this is a great ending, with Earl sacrificing his invisibility to please karma, and realising that his prison number doesn't make him who he is.
  • Earls in jail and puts his life on hold for awhile along with the list..

    Earl does realize that being in jail takes alot of getting used to, and he tries to hang out with the right crowd but its tough. I enjoyed this episode's because it says a lot about the writers and the fact that they were bald enough to take this shows main character right out of his normal elements. Watching Earl adjust to prison life and meeting new characters is something I think I'll enjoy for at least another season, and you never know when or how many things Earl can cross of his list. I only hope they do this in taste and don't pop up too many random list items. How many ways can they find for Earl to complete his list. Thats definitely worth watching in itself.
  • A superb season3 premiere! [Part2]

    A great way of starting season 3 of "My name is Earl" ! Or should i say "My name is inmate 28301-016" ?!
    Earl is in prison since he had turned himself in, in order to save Joy. We see him trying to survive with the help of an old friend that he encounters again after many years. It was fun watching them trying to be invisible by hiding behind fat guys! Also Earl encounters a man who he had let him alone in an attemp of a housebreaking many years ago. As a result, his friend had been attacked by dogs and also the police arrested him. Now Earl must remedy his mistake.
    Meanwhile, Randy is trying to adjust without living with Earl so he lives with Joy and Darnel. It is so hillarious when Joy tries teaching Randy to use right manners and to make his own decisions without needing Earl!
    Great episode,i give it 9.4 out of 10!