My Name Is Earl

Season 3 Episode 17

No Heads and a Duffel Bag

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2008 on NBC
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When Randy visits his parents to make up for their ruined vacation, he realizes that he forgot to tell them about Earl's prison sentence and the following coma, at all.
A flashback takes us back to when Earl and Randy ruined their parents' vacation due to a stolen duffel bag full of weed.moreless

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  • It's all about the duffel bag...

    Great episode although the first half was a little slow but pick up and made up for it in the second half! It was hilarious when Randy visited his parents to make up for their ruined vacation and realizes that he forgot to tell them about Earl's prison sentence and the following coma, at all. Their faces and reaction was priceless. I look forward too see the Hickey parents. They're great guest stars. Seeing Kay high was hilarious both times and Carl busting in on the motel wearing a wire - great irony. A flashback takes us back to when Earl and Randy ruined their parents' vacation due to a stolen duffel bag full of weed where Carl forgives Earl as he gained a new sense of fun because of what happened.moreless
  • How to dispose of Pot, the Carl Hickey way

    Despite it being almost solely a flashback episode (they never seem to be majorly set in the present anymore) it's a good one as Earl doesn't act like a prat. In fact Beau Bridges as Earl's Dad is who steals the show this time.

    There was some very good light hearted giggles to have this week. Firstly was the fact that Randy had not told his parents that Earl was in a coma for a month, more than that he hadn't told them Earl was in Prison (yeah, but Randy was a guard - this seems strange unless he completely forgot to tell them that as well), despite having only had dinner with them last week. Also after the weed problem is sorted out Carl's reaction to become a man of no fear was funny, very funny. The Woodstock gag kind of mis-fired though.

    There was no Earl Coma sitcom this week which means no Alyssa Milano, as I missed the ep with her first appearance I want to see (if she gets out the coma) what she's really like. It'll be sad for Earl if she dies.

    This current crop of good episodes will I hope last till the end of the season 3 run.moreless
  • Drugs are bad, mkay?

    Flashback episodes are always great, and while this one isn't the best, it is still hilarious, despite being a bit too preachy about weed.

    Of course the funniest moment was at the start, when Randy had neglected to tell his parents that Earl was in a coma, and furthermore they didn't know he'd even been in jail.

    The references to the pre-list Earl was funny, such as not wanting to live in a motel with Randy, and the plot of the circumstantial pot was great, with Randy's logic that mum would be proud of them for coming up with a clever way to deal drugs.

    This episode is hilarious, and I'm glad they've stopped the sitcoma before it got old, and hopefully Earl comes out soon (of his coma, not the closet) before that too gets old.moreless
  • another look into earl's darker past with a hilarious episode about a drug deal gone way wrong.

    another episode that has earl in his coma. Randy and Joy go out to cross off more things off the list. when talkig to his parents Randy lets slip earl's condition which surprises and scares thier parents.

    what follows is earl's father explaining the truth behind the infamously ruined vacation. naturally the story rewinds to when Earl and Joy are still together (with randy in tow) and getting ready to party in earl's parents house while they are away. unfortunetly all the liquor is gone. while attaining a bungling drug transporter leaves the bag in their trunk of the car. before earl can sell it his father returns, sees the drugs and burns it all. not only is earl upset by the loss of potential liquor but also the bungling drug transporter who then promptly takes the family hostage.

    a genuinely funny episode featuring an adventure to free joy and earl's mother from the hostage taker.moreless
  • Earl and Randy ruin their parents vacation by accidentally stealing some guys dope for his big "middle management" dope delivery. After Earl's Dad burns all the dope the dope dealer wants it back. And adventure ensues when trying to remedy the situation.moreless

    Let me tell you, after the prison season and the "old timey sitcom" start to this season this new episode was a huge relief! Gone was the stupid "Dick Van Dyke by Fox" sitcom bits, gone were the celebrity appearances (Paris Hilton?!?! Really?), and in exchange we got good old My Name is Earl. The drug dealer, Circus, is a great character and I hope they bring him back! The whole drug dealer motel room scene was bizarre and hysterical! I am glad to see that the writers remembered their roots on this one!! PLEASE now that we know where you are from... no backsliding!! Welcome back Earl... we hope you recover from your coma soon!!moreless
Michael Pena

Michael Pena


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Kevin Sussman

Kevin Sussman


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Jeffrey G. Barnett

Jeffrey G. Barnett


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Beau Bridges

Beau Bridges

Carl Hickey

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Nancy Lenehan

Nancy Lenehan

Kay Hickey

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Abdul Goznobi

Abdul Goznobi


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Earl was hit by a car on Christmas morning. If this episode takes place a month later (which would be late January), what would be the point of Kay revising the Christmas letter? The last one is already out, and it's far too early to start the next one.

    • List Trivia:

      Introduced and crossed off in this episode
      #??? Ruined my parents' vacation. (The wording may be different, as it is never clearly read; crossed off by Carl Hickey)

    • Featured Music:
      "Mama Told Me Not To Come" by Randy Newman (Dwayne smokes weed)
      "Stuck In The Middle With You" by Stealers Wheel (Circus threatens Carl)
      "Superfly" by Curtis Mayfield (Carl feels like a new man)
      "Bad Moon on the Rise" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Carl: Oh god, I don't want to die in shorts.

    • Dwayne: I don't need money, this was going to be my first big delivery, I was trying to prove I could be middle management material. Now I'm gonna have to kill you, which could skyrocket me to upper management, and I'm not ready for that kind of responsibility.

    • Randy: Hi, Mom. Me and Joy are here to make up for the time Earl ruined Dad's vacation so we can cross it off the list and wake Earl up out of his coma.
      Kay: Earl's in a coma? (To Carl) Carl, Earl's in a coma! (To Randy) I'm getting my purse!
      Carl: What happened?
      Randy: He got hit by a car a month ago...
      Kay: C'mon, he's in a coma!
      Carl: A month ago?! And you didn't think to mention that when you were here for lunch last week?
      Randy: I got distracted, okay?
      Carl: How'd he get hit by a car?
      Joy: He was running out in the street after his intervention.
      Kay: Intervention? For what?
      Joy: Don't worry, he was not on drugs, he was just acting crazy after he got out of prison.
      Carl: Earl was in prison?!
      Kay: I'm gonna have to revise my Christmas letter...

    • Earl: Smoking weed kills your brain cells. Drinking only screws up your liver. You got two of those.

  • NOTES (2)