My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 24

Number One

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 11, 2006 on NBC

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  • Earl gives all the money back...

    This episode is totally hilarious - especially the old ladies of it: Paul's Mom and that woman who run over Earl... can't remember her name. Guess, that Karma loves Earl after all, cause he's been put through a lot in this finale, and he takes Randy on this road with him. I don't understand how anyone could give up all that money, but looks like Earl did it. And he was totally right to do that, cause karma brought back everything to him (as well as Paul). I must say that I didn't expect this kind of season finale, I was hoping for some clifhanger, but as it is, it was pretty good. Favorite scene: flying ticket... I mean, OMG! Just makes me wonder what have went by to?
  • Number one on the list. Thanks to the Crabman, we get to know the very first item on Earl's list. Little did we know this one holds a very important secret that will prove Earl and Randy's strength.

    Earl's list. Ever wonder what was number une? Numero uno? Well it turns out that Earl let's the Crabman pick his next item on the list and actually picks number one that turns to be a revealing point on the series. Earl is to return 10 bucks he stole from a guy right before he won his lotto ticket. The **** hits the fan when he discovers that if he hadn't stole that money, that guy would have won the lotto. What follows is a true inside scoop of Earl's conviction and strength, when he decides to find this guy and give him the 100k back. We see Earl is trualy a wonderful guy but we also see how Randy and him starve and have to endure this tough time. Awesome character development and season finale.
  • A great way to end the first season

    Who would have thought that simply stealing ten bucks would turn out to become a very complicated task to pay back aswell as unraveling unknown karma regarding the accident and lottery ticket that started it all? I never would have guessed and that is just why I find this episode so entertaining with twists such as "old lady karma", the path of the flying lotto ticket and attempting to complete the list with no money, car or food.

    There are so many hilarious scenes in this episode whether it be Earl getting pierced, Randy turning in to the hulk or the search for food and this is one of the best Earl episodes with great twists, lines and an ending that really sums up the season.
  • The explantation of why Earl started the list and as always it is hilarious.

    Before the episode we had just had to guess from the titles the reason why Earl started his list, from what we could work out he had won the lottery and then got hit by a car and been fed up with karma treating him badly. But in this episode we learn the real truth behind it.

    A funny portrayl of Earl's last bad deed and all the good he does to try and right it. As always Joy has an evil but hilariuos scheme up her sleeve, bring on body piercing and Randy is driven to a new emotion, the hungry dizzy hulk as arrived.

    There is so much to say about this episode so to sum it up here you go - 'it tasted dry and moth like'

  • The end os series one. Earl gives up all his money. Will Karma ever leave Earl alone.

    Our story starts with Earl and his brother in a broken down car. Okay well it does not start like that but it is basically the point. Anyway the car breaks down and Earl believes it is another sign. He then decides to do number one on his list. He then tells his brother about the day Earl found the ticket. It turns out that Earl stole some money from a mans pocket. The man decided to by a scratchcard but did not have the money for it. Earl then bought the scratchcard with the mans money. So Earl decides to find that man and give him all of his money. Of course his brother is reluctant but eventually they do it. After they give the man his money Earls luck takes a suprising turn. His luck goes from bad to...Worse. Earl begins to doubt Karma because his car breaks down. They have been kicked out of the motel and his brother wastes their last bit of money on a dud scratchcard. Eventually Earl gives up all hope on Karma. but then he meets the man again. The man tells Earl that the money doesn't belong to him. And so the story unfolds. Earl was hit by a car and the ticket flew away. The man happened to pick up that scratchcard and leave Earl for dead on the floor. A while later the old lady in the car that hit Earl is on a bus. The man happens to be in the middle of the road and well you can guess what happens next. The card goes to a lot of people but they never really get hold of it instead they find other things that make them happy. Eventually the card got to its rightful owner. Earl. With that settled Earl crossed of number one and his belief in Karma was ignited again.
  • No wonder the show is a hit!

    It is no wonder the show is a huge hit
    As Earl thinks that he must surrender all of his
    Lottery winnings as he thinks that if he doesn't, it
    Will be a very long prison sentence for him. Very funny and
    No wonder I love this show a lot!
    Hope that it will a hit for a long time to come!
  • A great episode!

    When I first heard the premise for the episode, I didn't see how it could be that interesting. But it turned out to be. Wow, do I love that old lady! She was absolutely hilarious! She hits Earl, drives off, hits Paul, stops driving, and then causes a bus to hit Paul again. That scream is absolutely priceless!

    The whole thing with the ticket floating around was a little cheesy and VERY "Can't Hardly Wait." Still, Earl and Randy eating everything from chip dust to food people didn't finish was great. Some of the stuff that was supposed to be funny (the video surveillance of the checkout clerk riding the hooker, for instance) fell flat. But all in all, an excellent way to end an excellent first season!
  • A great end to a fantastic season.

    A special extended My Name is Earl takes us to Number One: Something about owing some guy at some Camden Market. Anyways, Earl finds out he owes a lot more than he thought, so he gives up all his lotto winnings. Earl and Randy try to live with no money to their name, which as it turns out, is really hard. Earl tries to cross other things off his list to see if Karma will give back. And eventually, it does. The guy with the lotto winnings gets hit by a bus and lands in the hospital, where a series of flashbacks show that Earl is the rightful owner of the ticket. What a great way to end the season, starting from the beginning.
  • Funny and Revealing

    What a great way to end a season finale by extending the show's time to 10 minutes more! What made this show very great was the fact that it revealed alot of stuff like how Earl got his winning ticket back. Although it wasn't really the best episode like Joy's Wedding was, it was still a good episode. Anyways, was that Evan Handler in that show? I'm not really sure since it really didn't say anything about it, but anyways, the show just keeps proving how powerful karma can really be especially what karma did do the bald dude. Also, the old woman always screaming everytime someone gets hit by vehicle never gets old! What sort of hold the episode back was the fact that it was pretty slow paced, but other than that it was pretty funny especially the part where Catalina and Joy goes at it yet agian.
  • That was awesome.

    I can not start to explain how much I loved this episode. It was, out of 23 episodes, the best. I really like how we, the viewers of this show, got to find out what really happened on that day where Earl won $100,000. I also liked how we got to see how Randy would react to no food. A very satisfying season finale, and a very good opener to another great season of My Name Is Earl.
  • Earl crosses off number one

    Loved that they brought back the person who hit Earl with their car. Grandma hitting two people within 5 minutes was great. I didn't like that Earl gave his money to that guy but I loved how it ended. I would love to know exactly what Catalina said to Joy in spanish.
  • Overall, a very good episode.

    I started watching My Name is Earl mid-way through the season after my mom told me that it was a good show. I was very skeptical because 1)After Friends ended, the Must-See Thursdays on NBC had gone to crap and 2)Being Southern, I am sketical of any show that shows "country" America because I don't like for them to exploit stereotypes that aren't always true.

    This show does a very good job of balancing what is real about "country" America while also making fun of it.

    This was a very good season finale. The writers did a very good job of tying together the three checkoffs that Earl did. It showed that while Earl is very comical, he is sincerely a good person who wants to always do the right thing.

    You have to wonder how long they are going to keep the checklist going.....are they going to have several episodes on just one item?

    I did think the whole Randy being hungry was a little obnoxious. Eating a moth? Trying to eat PB out of a mouth trap. Yeah, it didn't suprise me and it did get a little dumb.

    Overall, NBC is on the right track with Must-See Thursdays with My Name is Earl and The Office. I hope they find a great replacement for Will and Grace. Then they will be all set.
  • The one thing that sticks out in my head about 'Earl' is that it is just a really well-written series, well acted and features the sort of characters and people you don't see everyday on TV.

    Jason Lee is an excellent person for the role of Earl because he is so well matched to the character. He's believable and strong in his role (I can't say that about everything I've seen him do, but "Earl" fits him) and the rest of the cast are a genuine compliment to Earl. The show is well-done, well packaged and marketed and from an industry standpoint it really hits the mark. It must hit the mark in other ways too, judging by the number of people who watch it every week. Great role for Jaimie Pressley, too.

    Again, the characters are the "every man" type, not pretty boys in beach towels. It takes a lot of courage nowdays not to hire fluff just to get younger viewers. Kudos to the producers for their casting choices.