My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 12

O Karma, Where Art Thou?

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2006 on NBC

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  • Karma borrows Earl's fist

    This is the first episode of Earl I've seen in a while due to work/bad reception but this is one episode I'm glad I didn't miss despite the fact that it was fuzzy and half the jokes were staticed over because this is one of the funniest plots I've seen so far.

    Earl's boss is hilarious and the scenes leading up to the final minutes are all fantastic. Earl's job was very funny especially the torments and the customers (Joy in particular) and was a terrific idea by the writers.

    Overall, this episode is one laugh after another and is one for all "My Name is Earl" fans.
  • Great episode one of my favourites

    Earl (Jason Lee), assisted by Randy (Ethan Suplee) gives back a wallet he stole, along with the $1000 that was in it. Earl finds out that the guy was going to use the money for his honeymoon, and now that he has the money, his wife wants to go on a real honeymoon. However, the victim cannot get time off from work, so Earl volunteers to fill in for him at the fast-food restaurant where he works. Earl is tormented by his abusive boss who, although he is immoral, (he steals from work and is unfaithful to his wife) has a great house and a BMW. Still, Earl does nothing and waits for Karma to punish him. In the end, he cannot restrain his anger and punches his boss, which cases a chain of events that leads to his downfall. He feels guilty about ruining his boss's life, but then believes that Karma "borrowed his fist" to punish his boss. Things at the restaurant improve after the boss is fired and thrown in jail. This allows Earl to cross #202 off his list: "Stole a wallet from guy in gas station bathroom".
  • Earl stole a wallet from a guy in a bathroom.

    Very funny episode, one of my favorite episodes.
    It was about Earl and Randy trying to return a wallet Earl stole. Very funny scene when the guys wife comes out of the tanning booth and Randy terrified yells "What is it Earl!" Also very funny when the couple and Earl were talkinmg and Randy thought the couple were getting angry and he rips the phone out of the
    wall, classic. Earl replaces the money and the couple goes on their honeymoon, but Earl has to fill in for him at his fast food job, where his boss is very mean. Earl finds out his boss has way more than he deserves. Great episode, I really enjoyed it.
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  • No reward, but a lesson learned.

    Part of the reason I love this show so much is not only the comedy that is has, which is amung the funniest stuff on tv, but also the reward Earl gets for fixing his life. This episode, we didn't see Earl get his reward. Sure, the people he helped got rewarded, but not Earl like we usually see. But Earl did learn that karma doesn't always work on it's own, and sometimes you have to get the ball rolling.

    As usual, Randy was the highlight of the episode to me. Ethan has crafted one of the greatest characters in tv history (in my mind at least).
  • Dead end Job

    Repaying Karma has put Earl in a lot of interesting his in a dead end job working at a fast food restaurant.

    I loved this episode...hopefully Earl will learn never to steal again, so that karma won't put him in the situation that Mr Patrick placed him.

    Overall, another great installment,
  • Another greatly written episode.

    The show is amazingly strong; it has hardly faltered at all, if any. This episode was fun to watch Earl wonder why what he changed his life for wasn’t apparently applicable to someone worse than what he thought he was. Shaking what he believed in till he discovered that he was its tool, always a good premise. It would even be fun to watch an episode where his fists became karmas (or so he thought).
  • Why Isn't Karma Punishing Mr. Patrick?

    Earl (Jason Lee) and Randy (Ethan Suplee) try to return a stolen wallet when they find out that taking the money cost two newlyweds their honeymoon. Not satisfied enough to cross this off his list, Earl decides that he must take over for the groom at his fast food restaurant job, which will allow the newlyweds to go on a proper vacation. Earl discovers that his new boss is a complete jerk, so Randy and Catalina (Nadine Velazquez) advise him not to put up with his bullying, but Earl can't jeopardize another man's job. When Earl sees the boss' opulent house and beautiful wife, he wonder why karma has been so good to the man despite his horrible personality. Jaime Pressly and Eddie Steeples also star.