My Name Is Earl

Season 3 Episode 8

Our Other Cops Is On! Part 2

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Everyone in Camden County is sad because they think terrorists are going to attack with fireworks and the special equipment they stole.

In fact, Randy and Earl have stolen it and are having fun with the head cam and video camera. They go around filming themselves and go back to the trailer. Darnell and Joy are in bathrobes and Darnell has to hide. Earl uses the heat-cam and sees that Joy is aroused. He films them doing it and Darnell makes a break for it, naked and only wearing a yellow towel on his head. Randy mistakes Darnell for the Sikh and calls the cops.

The cops come and the Sikh says he is innocent. Officer Stewart notices Randy`s head-cam and the three of them split off and run.

Randy gets away and is hiding in the bushes with a naked Darnell. Earl is taken down by Stewart but Joy is beating up Kenny.

Back at the fair, Earl is tortured because they think he is a terrorist. They anal probe him with a wire camera and he admits to all the crimes. After the cops throw him back in the car, Randy comes out of nowhere and steals the cop car. Kevin the cameraman is still in the car and his is kidnapped again.

The gang start talking about Canada and how they are gonna hide out there. Kevin asks if he can be let out, but they shove him in the trunk because he has heard their plan. The cops find the cop car at Earl`s trailer but Tim Stack comes by on the stolen bumper car that Earl and Randy had. Sparks fly out and hit the stolen fireworks, and everyone is mesmerized and enjoys a Fourth of July. Kevin lights up a road flare in the trunk and Earl and Randy are arrested again.

The charges are dropped against Earl if he agrees not to sue, and its another end to a Fourth of July holiday.
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