My Name Is Earl

Season 3 Episode 8

Our Other Cops Is On! Part 2

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2007 on NBC

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  • How could part one be absolute crap and part two be up to the usual standard?

    This second part to the COPS episode was a lot better than the first. The first was utter rubbish, I only laughed twice! TWICE in a MNIE epiosde is atrocious. This should have been a regular half-hour episode or at least and extended 40 minute one because the first half took half an hour to set the scene for this episode. They should have minused the 20 minutes plus crap from part one and put the remainding into this half.

    A lot more comedic scenes were missing from part one. I especially liked the ending with the fireworks and back to the prison where everyone respects Randy. The heat sensor camera brought a lot of laughs especially at Darnell naked and his red spot! And the officer turning down Kenny because he's Catholic was hilarious.

    These two episodes had nothing on the first COPS episode and I hope the writers neve attempt to do one again!
  • Camden county cops is on again

    Earl and Randy stealing the cameras is funny, but the fact that they used the cameras for shots on the show was confusing, and just seemed like an excuse to have scenes without cops in it. Another cops episode is bad enough, but the fact that they make it a two parter gets old fast.

    The episode has some funny moments such as Catalina's story about hijacking the bus, the "threat" of terrorism, and stealing the cop car, but overall the Cops episode has been done before, and they could have chosen a different format if they wanted to change the Earl set-up again.
  • What happened? Uncharacteristically poor double episode from what has been an exceptionally good show since the start.

    I have been hooked on this show since the beginning and have found it to be refreshingly creative all along. I know it must be hard to keep fresh when it comes to season 3 but who every came up with the idea of rehashing a an idea from season two make it twice as long and with half the gags. I can only think that this was a late attempt filler to avoid the problems of the writers strike. While there were a couple of good gags it really just feels like you are watching all the ideas that didn't make it into the episode in series 2 bundled together to try and make it last. No real conceivable plot or development of the series or characters.

    Really hope this is not a taste of things to come. Almost a jump the shark moment!
  • Another episode of COPS airs in prison that documents earlier incidents involving Earl, Randy, Joy... etc. The episode of COPS takes place on July 4, 2002 mostly in neighborhoods and an Independence Day Fair held in Camden.

    The episode gives insight into the lives of many characters of how they were years earlier, and also shows how they evolved into what they have become today. I think a lot of people are missing the great satire presented in this episode that reminded me of the way South Park pokes fun at people. This episode shows how the characters on the show evolved over time, and in doing so showed how our country has evolved into whatever it is today. You have to see the episode for what it is to truly understand its subtle brilliance packed with obvious physical humor. Some of the topics of satire include torture, freedom fries, and generic American ignorance. It shows how quick Americans react in terms of unrational panic, Muslims, and police brutality. It may have rubbed some the wrong way, but I personally thought it was a very funny and clever episode. Those who complain about a lack of moral story wrapping up the episode are not seeing the episode the way it was intended.
  • Some good jokes, some bad jokes.

    It makes sense to get creative with the story focus while Earl's in jail, but I wish this two-parter had been funnier. The second half made me laugh a few times, especially toward the end ("Terrorists: 1; cops: 1. Tie game. Your move, terrorists."), and some of the bits with TV's Tim Stack were funny too. Still, the better parts of the show were offset by some uncharacteristic sexual humor, violent humor, and an offputting scene with a camera probe--jokes that might be welcome in other shows (if they were done well) but which felt out of place here. Better than the first half, because at least I could tell this episode took effort. But in all, I would rather have seen another prison-oriented episode than a haphazard diversion like this.
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