My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2005 on NBC

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  • After a near death experience, Earl decides he must make things better with all the people he's done wrong. He's first crusade attempt, Kenny James, a poor boy he tortured in school.

    The Pilot episode of My Name Is Earl sets the stage for what is going to be a great new comedy. The episode starts off by introducing Earl, played by Jason Lee. He looks like someone you would want to avoid and never met in a back alley. Dirty, poorly dress and scruffy.

    He is immediately shown as a stereotypical bum. Which is exactly what he is. He steals several CDs from a family's van and an American flag. After some more flashbacks, which show us Earl's past and all the horrible things he has done, we are introduced to his wife, Joy, played by Jamie Pressly. Right off the bat you can tell she cheats on him. This is clear after you see his second child, Dodge, who happens to be black.....

    Then we are introduced to Earl's brother who also happens to be a bum. Randy is his name, played by Ethan Suplee, and all he does is sleep on the couch in Earl's trailer. After all the characters are introduced, we see Earl at the store scratching off a Lottery ticket. After scratching off three $100,000s he runs screaming around, eventually staggering on to the road where is hit by an old woman in a car. The last thing he see before losing consciousness is his Lottery ticket blowing away.

    He wakes up in a hospital bed with casts and bandages all over. Joy enters the room and has him sign a piece of paper. He has no idea what it is, due to all the Morphine pumped in him. She tells him he just signed some divorce papers and the trailer over to her. Poor guy. He turns on the television to clear his mind. Carson Daily's talk show is on. Carson goes on to talk about the reason why he is so lucky and has it all. He treats people nicely and kindly, and in return he is treated the same. "Karma" he says.

    This hit's Earl like a ton of bricks. He now knows what he has to do. In order to make things better with everyone, he must change his ways and good things will come to him. Earl and his brother, Randy head off to an apartment for a while where Earl explains to Randy what he has to do. While staying at the apartment, Randy and Earl make friends with one of the maids, sexy Catalina, played by Nadine Velazquez. Earl tells them the first thing he is going to do on the list, stop littering. He starts cleaning the apartment parking lot. Randy tells him this is all dumb, until Earl's winner Lottery ticket is suddenly under his shoe.

    Next on the list for Earl is to make things better with one of the kids he went to school with, Kenny James. After having Randy get the information out of Kenny's parents as to where he lives, they head off to find him. Earl watches Kenny for a few days and sees he is a lonely guy. So he must get him laid. Earl and Randy head out to find Patty, played by Dale Dickey, the daytime hooker. She goes to Kenny's house only to come out a few minutes later. She tells them he didn't want to do it and she even showed him her "good" boob. Earl decides he is going to talk to Kenny.

    After Kenny gets pepper spray in his own eyes and runs into a wall trying to escape from Earl, he finds out Kenny is gay. Also, he hasn't told anyone about it. So Earl tells him they are going to a gay bar so Kenny can meet some other guys. At first Kenny is skeptical because of a recent attempt at entering a gay bar. He agrees to go along with Earl and Randy. While at the bar Kenny sees a guy he might be interested in. Earl tells Kenny is going to talk to him, but Kenny stops him, saying because you took me here I now have my confidence back. He thanks Earl and heads over to the other guy. Earl crosses Kenny James off his list.