My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 2

Quit Smoking

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2005 on NBC

Episode Recap

Earl tries to quit smoking because its on his list. He tries to listen to some stop smoking tapes, and almost gets killed by Joy. She is trying to kill him because she found an old video tape of a will Earl did. It mentioned that Joy would get everything if Earl died, including the lottery money.

Meanwhile Earl must reconcile with an old friend with an anger problem, Donny. Donny had a mean streak and was very violent. He went to jail for two years after getting arrested for a crime he did not commit. Earl in fact robbed a donut shop with a mask, and sneezed because of a cold. He gave it to Donny, and in the police line they were forced to wear masked and Donny sneezed.

Earl discovers that Donny found Jesus while in prison. He got a crucifix tattooed and got his mother an extra large print bible. Earl admits that he did to Donny, and Donny is pissed. Earl reminds him of what would Jesus do, and Donny calms down and says its okay.

Donny leaves to do charity work, but his mom smacks Earl with her large bible. She lost two years and keep beating Earl while on the driveway. Earl adds her and she demands that she get her two years back. After that, she lights up a cigarette. Earl thinks the only way to get that time back is to get her to stop smoking.

Earl kidnaps her and brings her back to the motel. She is taped to the chair and explains that they will quit smoking together. They smoke carrots and eventually kick the habit cold turkey in the motel room. Earl returns her home. Joy is about to kill Earl when he mentions he had a new will done up so there is no money if she kills him.