My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 2

Quit Smoking

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2005 on NBC

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  • This episode makes each character a little bit more lovable, and brings the humor up another notch. Maybe Earl had it a little bit too easy so far, though. Crabman is cool.

    Except maybe for Joy, this episodes succeed at making the most unlikable character sympathetic. You see a looser criminal meet a psychopathic dangerous ex-con as well as his fanatic mother and the result is funny, yet ultimately endearing. I'm glad it's not only plain feel-good stuff and that there is till plenty of reprehensible acts and gratuitous crime involved in the flashbacks.
    All in all I enjoy the direction the show is taking so far: A couple of over-the-top humour elements didn't hurt at all, namely the oversized bible bashing and the crossbow segment. And I liked how Crabman is neutral and cool.
    However I hope Earl will have to struggle a little bit more in the future to overcome his bad traits and will meet less resiliant antagonists because so far, he had it a bit easy.
  • I can't believe how much it made me laugh.

    This episode has got me hooked on My Name is Earl. I laughed from the beginning to the end. The storyline was cleverly written. I loved how Earl tried to get out of seeing Donny and how he was forced to face him. There were so many clever comments too many to mention. Too bad we couldn't see the tattoo of Moses parting the Red Sea, and let's not forget Donny's mother not wearing reading glasses so her large print Bible was so big. And I think my favorite line of the show when Donny told him he had to help his friend. "I thought he was speaking in tongues turns out he just back on the stuff." Great show, great characters, great cast, great writing.
  • Didn't see it coming

    I really didn't see the twist of Earl kidnapping Donny's mom coming. I couldn't understand why Donny forgave Earl so quickly in the episode so it was fun to see where they took it. Though the episode was cleverly plotted and unexpected. Loved Donny's character and the flashbacks of him stealing the cop's gun and beating the newspaper boy with the paper. The side characters are all really unusual and funny. If it keeps being like this, I'll keep watching the show.
  • Good...

    Well it was just good.

    Not as good as the Pilot show but they can't all be Wicked!

    The episode started up slow, but by the middle it was running at a nice pace.

    Crab man is a wicked character.

    Keep up the good work. Its a Good show to watch.

    Ps. I call Dibs!
  • this was a very funny episode

    live in new zealnd so this is the episode we just had silly ae well this episode was so funny hitting earl with the bibble and smoking carrots this one of the funniest shows the crazy ex is preety funny cant wait 4 the next episode
    thanx 4 now bu
  • So funny.

    This episode makes each character a little bit more lovable, and brings the humor up another notch. Maybe Earl had it a little bit too easy so far, though. Crabman is cool. i lov this because it was so funny when the mom hit Earl with the big book that was so great and the fact that this show has a great morel is way i really love this show.
  • Again a fine example of the show!

    Again this is a fine example of the show as
    It is beautifully well-written but also don't forget very well-acted
    Due to star Jason Lee and his crazy but lovable sidekick
    Ethan Suplee. As Joey wants to kill Earl for being the
    Beneficary to his will while Earl wants to help one of the
    Mothers quit smoking the one and only way to make
    Things right!
  • The first episode was not a fluke

    While this episode isn’t as terrific as the pilot, though that would be an almost impossible feat as the pilot is perfect, it certainly is entertaining and still worthy of a superb score.

    Framing Donny Jones was a very amusing item on the list and is dealt with brilliantly, though Earl doesn’t necessarily get any closer to his goal but rather replaces his accomplishment with a new item: giving Donny’s mother two years with her son back.

    Trying to smoke carrot sticks, his ex-wife’s attempts to kill him and the giant bible are all very memorable additions to this magnificent episode and if I hadn’t seen the brilliance of the first episode and what the show can pull off, I’d rate this episode 10 for sure.
  • Quit Smoking....another early example of how brilliant this show really is.

    Quitting smoking is not the easiest thing to do in real life, the trials and tribulations of the smoker going through withdraw symptoms is just not funny at the time, but the real life tricks of a smoker going through it is so right on the mark.

    The notion of kidnapping Donny's mom in order to give her back the two years she missed out on when Donny was wrongly inside jail, due to Earl, is an absolute hoot, only this show can get the format just right.

    Catalina summed it up, by saying, "that is the most justified reason for a kidnapping".

    Classic parts in this episode include Joy finding out Earl won the Lottery and deciding to kill him as she's the only heir of his videotape will.

    The hidden jokes are abundent throughout and only on watching the episodes time and time again am I catching them all.

    The size of the Bible for Donny's mom, who won't admit to needing her reading glasses, reminded me of my Nan's.

    Joy being an assassin is so funny also.
  • Quite funny! Great to see the old episodes that I neverr saw the first-time round!

    This was an intriguing look back into the early roots of this amazing show. It certainly didn't seem too different from the latter stages, and it was just aw funny!

    IN this episode, I particularly enjoyed the storyline with Joy trying to kill Earl. That was quite funny, and it certainly provided for some excellent moments along the way.

    Earl completed a couple of the things on his list today, so that was a plus side for him! The unusual way in which he helped was definitely a good addition to this episode!

    Overall, I'd highly recommend this eshow, and this episode was a clear indicator of just how amazing this show was, and the fact that it was killed oof very prematurely.
  • "I'm gone git me thit muney!"

    First off - Jamie Pressly is just not on the front burner enough in this show (at least not so far). She makes Joy such a likeable character that suddenly I find myself wanting to live in a trailer with all my kids and act like white trash. Love her. And let's face it - she's a beautiful girl.

    So Earl just can't kick the habit. He can't kick the habit because he obviously doesn't want to kick the habit. He enjoys a good smoke.

    Instead, he is forced into making amends with Donny, the guy he let go to prison for a crime he himself committed wearing Donny’s shirt. As an aside, fans of Prison Break have seen the actor that portrays Donny in another prison setting recently, eh? The guy just looks nuts – so he makes a great crazy character.

    Looks like Donny’s found the Lord. Good for him. For a few silent seconds, we wonder if Donny is going to forget all about his newfound religion and go all haywire on Earl. But seems like God reeled him back in. Close call. Guess Earl wasn’t counting on Donny’s mother (Mrs. Landingham, is that you?) hitting him with that big @$$ bible!

    This is what I love about this show – it’s campy, silly, dumb humor that makes me laugh. And in the end, it turns into something heartfelt. A moral, if you will, of the story. Not many shows could pull this type of bait-and-switch off. My Name is Earl does it seamlessly, beautifully. Earl easily found forgiveness from Donny, and made a friend out of Donny’s mother by helping her quit smoking, even when he couldn’t do it himself.

    I give this episode 4 out of 5 happy babies (I will use happy babies instead of stars).
  • Slow start... Strong finish...

    The only thing that I didn't like about this episode was lack of Karma displayed in the pilot. For instance in the pilot, Earl decides that he wasn't going to help someone due to their sexual pref., next thing you know he get's bonked on the head by his wife. Karma bit him in the butt. They didn't hint on that in this episode like they did initially... With saying that, from start to finish, the episode was still great, and the ending was done really nicely.
  • Good Episode

    This episode wasn't quite as funny as the pilot, but all and all this was a pretty funny episode. You would have to have almost no pulse to not laugh at this show. It is always going full speed and has so many different depths of comedy. Jason Lee does a fantastic job again and I look foward to even more fantasticly hilarious episodes!
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