My Name Is Earl

Season 4 Episode 17

Randy's List Item

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2009 on NBC

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  • List's come and go but Brotherhood lasts forever.

    Randy gets a winning lottery ticket and makes his own list. Randy and Earl learn a lot about being brother's while teaching a couple of other brother's named Zeek and Arlo about being the same. Randy stole Earl's Andrew Dice Clay Belt Buckle a long time ago, and blamed it on Zeek, a friend of Earl's. They decide to make things up to them with Earl and Zeek becoming best friends again. Randy befriends Arlo while Earl and Zeek are buds again. Arlo tells Randy he wants a relationship with his brother Zeek just like he and Earl have. They devise a plan to make and make it happen.

    On the Joy and Darnell front, the keep getting relocated when Joy doesn't like where they are at and breaks their cover. Eventually she puts things together and realizes the FBI agents handling their case are having an affair. She threatens to out them unless She and Darnell get a good relocation assignment. In the end Joy always gets what she wants.

    In my opinion a great episode about brothers taking care of brothers and family taking care of family. Joy would not stop outing their identities until she got what she wanted for her family and turned to blackmail in the end.