My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 3

Randy's Touchdown

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2005 on NBC

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  • Randy's Story

    This episode was aimed toward giving the viewer an understanding of Randy. This was another funny episode. Just as funny as the first two, if not funnier. I like the way they keep the episodes together. Like the way they continue to tell the story of the gay guy that Earl had helped. That was some of the funniet stuff in the episode!
  • This time around, Earl attempts to help Randy by making him score a touchdown.

    It's not as great as the previous two episodes; but if this is the worst this series could produce, it is awfully blessed. This time around, Earl attempts to help Randy by making him score a touchdown.

    But there's a glitch, Earl's car has been impounded, along with his lotto winnings of $100,000. When the scheming Joy finds out about the money, she and Earl try to come up with $3,000 to retrieve the car. Funny stuff ensue, but none of it can outshine the feel-good ending that the comedy is beloved for. The most memorable scene for me is Randy's participation in a Science Fair.

    I hope the show would shake it up a bit. The show might be getting predictable soon. I just knew that Randy is not going to make that touchdown and that Joy would surely end up in a ditch once she stole that steel road fence. It's the whole karma thing. Joy would never get away with anything, but somehow that's quite unrealistic.
  • What turned out to be a new good comedy show is here improving even more. I can\'t remember the last time I laughed this much...

    This is the third episode and it\'s just getting better! Now that the character gallery with all sorts of corky characters is widening, so is the show.

    Earl adding his brother to the karmalist is just so sweet. I just wish the episodes could be a bit longer because the humour is excellent.

    This one stays on my karmalist!
  • 'bout time we get a show thats not just funny once but even on its third episode is making us laugh out loud.

    What can i say, in a world full full shows with predictable un-funny cliches comes Earl, full of unpredictable very funny cliches. Unlike some shows it is still staying strong and continuing to make me laugh out loud every night. I'll keep watching if they can keep this up.

  • In the third episode, \"Earl\" seems to really hit its stride, a promising outlook of things to come...

    \"Randy\'s Touchdown,\" the third episode of \"My Name Is Earl,\" may just be the best yet, an instant classic for this quirky new sitcom. It starts out with a simple scene and narration showing how Karma, Earl\'s driving force, is working since he\'s turned his around simply by getting two packs of donuts out of a vending machine instead of one. This progresses to his car, the place where he optimistically keeps his money \"safe,\" being vandalized, then impounded by his angry, scheming ex-wife Joy (played by Jamie Pressly, who has a better display for her comedic talents this episode than last weeks \"Trying to kill Earl\" subplot...), who is oblivious that the money she covets so badly was within her grasp until it\'s too late. This leads to Earl getting his on family heirloom, a cuckoo clock, out of hock, and fixing a wrong, a fixed high school football game, and the relization that he cheated his brother Randy out of the thrill of victory because of his participation in said game of years gone by.
    In his attempts to do right by Randy, who is now added to his list, and get his car out of impound, he enrolls Randy back in high school, and enlists the of Kenny, the \"gay\" who he helped to restore his self esteem.
    Meanwhile, Joy is trying to raise the money to get the car out of impound as well, through far more nefarious ways, including stealing a homeless person\'s shopping cart.
    All in all, this episode had a great feel of well-rounded symmetry, as Earl not only learns a lesson this week from Karma, but from his own fleash and blood, and we see Karma working not only for Earl, but against Joy.
    This episode represents one of the things I have actually come to admire about this show: It\'s characters learn a life lesson almost every episode, but it never becomes preachy. It keeps it\'s humor witty and quirky, thanks to strong writing and even stronger performances by the well balanced cast.
  • A hilarious 2 part plot, on one side, Earl is trying to cross "messing up Ralph's shot at a touchdown" off his list by enrolling Ralph in school, on the other hand, Earl needs to raise 3000 to get his car back before Joy. Best show ending I've ever seen.

    This is a great episode. It's got the best ending ever which you may miss even when you watch it. (Or it may be blatently obvious, and I may be slightly unpeceptive)

    Heres what happens in the episode (warning, this might ruin part of the plot)

    The episode starts off with Earl (In case you haven't guessed, he's the main character) repaying the woman at the pawn shop because he cheated her by getting Ralph (his brother) to throw the game and the winning touchdown. She makes Earl feel guilty about Ralph throwing the game for him, so he adds him to his list. He then enrolls Ralph into high school so that he can get the touchdown he missed. Meanwhile, Joy (his exwife who thinks she deserves half the 100,000 he won in the lotto) has his car towed. Luckily she didn't realize that he had his 100k under his seat of the car. Ralph blurts this out, and the race to get the car back begins. Earl owes 3,000$ in parking fines, which he needs to pay back to get the car back, and whoever gets the 3000 first gets the 100000. Earl goes for the car directly (leading to a hilarious electric fence scene), while Joy tries to "raise" the 3000. Selling all her possesions she manages to get 1500. Earl gets a new strategy (inspired by the Trojan horse, which Ralph learned about in school) he gets Kenny (a gay friend he helped in episode 1) to shut himself in the back of his car and get it towed. Unfortunately he attracts dobermans and can't retrieve the cash once it gets into the DMV.
    Then Ralph plays his football game. The score is 10 to 14 (they are losing), and they only have a little time left. They pass the ball to him he runs it, and hes wide open, then 5 yards before the goal, he drops the ball.
    After the game Earl can't find Ralph, but he does find Joy, who has collected the cash needed, and is ready to get the car. Earl knows that if she gets the money his life is basically ruined, but there is nothing he can do about it. Then Ralph comes, driving in in Earls car. He had bet the pawn shop owner 3000 on the game. He ends up feelling good becuase he did something good for Earl, so he is checked off the list, Earls life isn't ruined, and they pay back the lady at the pawn shop.

    The best ending ever:
    (spoiler, but you may miss it)
    At the end of the episode, Joy is driving to get the car (not knowing it is gone already) and a bum walks across the street with a shopping cart. She swerves and goes into a ditch. What's so hilarious? She stole the bums cans out of his shoping cart to sell earlier in the episode, and she sold the gaurd rail (that would have stoped her from going into the ditch) to earn cash.
  • The one where Randy makes a touchdown.

    This was a very funny ep. i loved the part in the pawn shop where the lady slams Earls and Randy faces into the glass and telles them that shes disappointed in them that was great. I loved the flashback in this one with Randy about to get the touchdown and Earl just smeaming no it was funny.
  • Earl helps Randy make a TD

    After ruining his chances of making a td thanks to
    Earl, Randy has a chance to make a TD after Earl confesses
    Being mean to him! Love it when Earl tries to get a loan
    From the loan officer. Again off the wall and also very well-written not to mention well-acted!
    Jason Lee will be a star from this show after being
    In years of obsecurity!
  • Impound lots and touchdowns

    Randy going back to school is a hilarious concept and that combined with Joy and Earl's race to get three grand for the hundred grand in the car was a brilliant idea.

    This episode really shows how disloyal and dishonest Earl used to be, the pawnbroker's response being classic, falling for it again when Randy bets later in the episode. But Randy is by far the funniest character in this episode in his excitement of school and getting a participant ribbon in the science fair.

    Whether it's Joy's view of race in the loan office and recycling attempts or the karmactic ending, it is impossible (if not very difficult) to dislike this episode.
  • Amazing show -> amazing episode!

    This was another great instalment in the early days of My Name Is Earl. I really enjoyed the storyline with Earl's car being taken away, packed with all of his money. I loved the little battle between Earl and Joy to get to the cash, an d karma came through, as usual, in the end.

    I thought that Randy stood up as a character, in this episode, as scertainly he played a vital role in this one. Really think that they show is developing at an enormous rate, so early on in the series!

    Keep it up, My Name Is Earl, and this is definitely an episode that I'd recommend! I loved this show the first time round, and I'm loving it even more, now!
  • Fixing games is fun for the whole family.

    I love how this series is working on it's story arc. The character that Earl helps to come out of the closet is back, although it still makes him uncomfortable. Earl and his ex-wife race to get the car (and all of Earl's money) out of the impound lot. I think Randy as the balding high school student on the asthmatic, wimpy football team was hilarious. The character of Earl continues to grow, but the humor remains intact. I can't wait to see what happens next!
  • great episode

    May not have been as funny as the last weeks but still made me laugh in some scene's.
    couldnt believe that Randy got back in to school even with a fake births certificate i meen come on the guy looks 30, but hey i no ppl the are a lot younger than me but actually look older so i guess its possible.
    loved the scene where Darnell stole the old ladies purse and gave it back lol the guy is just too kind but still gets dragged down by Joy's bad karma.
    Anyway was a great episode and i hope the show lasts becasue there isnt that many comedies out atm that i like (so heres hoping.
  • Omg. Randy

    At the end when Earl and Randy had their sweet moment, it almost made me tear up. It was so funny all way through and then this unexpectedly sweet moment. Totally worth it. I hope the show keeps going on this wacky and unexpected track and just keep getting better.
  • Focusing more on Randy and his story, this episode was hysterical and had some much needed character development as Earl tries to get his towed car back.

    The third episode of My Name Is Earl takes a different approach then the last two. Earl adds a new quest to his list and that is getting Randy a touchdown in High school football. The story behind it is that Earl bet money that Randy's team would lose while he was playing football. Randy helped out by playing horribly, but the last play of the game, down by 1 touchdown, Randy finds he has the ball and starts running to the end zone. He realizes he could actually score a touchdown but chooses to fumble the ball and lose the game. Earl feels so bad about doing that he gets Randy back in to High school with the worst football team in the area.

    Mean while Earl's ex-wife Joy has Earl's car towed, along with his money hidden under the driver's seat. When Earl and Randy go to question Joy, Randy accidently reveals where the money is hidden. The chase is on! Earl gets to the car lot first but the people working there wont let him near the car until he pays the $3,000 in parking violations on it. Joy soon shows up and gets the same answer. So now Earl has to come up with $3,000 to get his car and lottery money back. He knows there is no way to get that much money so he has to break in and steal the car. His plan comes to him when Randy is studying up on History. The Trojan Horse, but instead a car with someone hiding in the trunk.

    Joy is still trying to get the money, too. She pawns a bunch of things and gets closer to the $3,000. Earl gets his recently redeemed friend Kenny to help. Kenny's friend has a car they can use to get towed. After Earl fails to fit in the tiny trunk, Kenny offers to do it for him. This leaves Earl and Catalina free to go to Randy's Football game. He doesn't score a touchdown until the final play of the game, in the huddle of the team, Randy says to give the ball to him. They hike and hand the ball off to him and he starts to run for the end zone. He is almost there and he tries to kick the ball over his head and catch it as he walks in to the end zone, but he fumbles and the other team recovers. Earl can't believe and neither can Randy. He's so depressed he walks off the field slowly.

    As Earl and Catalina try to find Randy and wait for Kenny to return, Joy drives by. She has the $3,000 and is on her way to get Earl's car. Earl tries to run after her but after about 15 steps stops. Out of breath. Things look bad for Earl but just then he sees his car driving down the road and Randy's driving it. Earl is dumbfounded. Randy explains to him he bet $3,000 they'd lose the football game. So he had purposely fumbled, losing the game. He used the money to get Earl's car back. Thing is, Earl wanted Randy to get that touchdown, but Randy explains he cared about Earl and his needs more then a touchdown. Very heart filing episode.

    I give "Randy's Touchdown" a 9.2 out of 10. This episode had some great quotes and very funny bits. Seeing Randy enjoy High School and all his classes was a riot. He finds out that humans were once monkeys and says he doesn't even remember being one. A funny episode with a happy ending and some good character development. An all around excellent episode.
  • Loving it.

    This was a great episode. Earl sends Randy back to high school because he feels bad about making Randy miss a touchdown. Meanwhile, Earl's car gets towed and his ex-wife tries to get to it after Randy lets it slip that the lotto money is in the car, and drags Crabman or whatever his name is along. After several failed attempts to get it, Earl's gay friend from the pilot agrees to hide in the trunk of his car and get it towed so he can get out and get the car. However, that fails as his aftershave attracts the guard dogs. In the end Randy fixes his own game to earn the 3,000 bucks to get the car out to help his brother. Awww.

    This was a funny episode, with some great jokes. The characters are great and the writers make them believable even though they're so goofy and extreme.
    Score of 9.