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  • I love this show it has a combination of Comedy, Drama and every episode has a good solid life lesson.

    This show is one of my favorites. You laugh from beginning to end and all of the characters are very funny and interesting. The actors are all good and the humor is so funny and original.

    Joy is the best charecter because she is funny and always gets into lots of funny situations. Earl and Randy are super funny and they actually make you believe that they are really brothers. Catalina has had a funny past and it is interesting to see her get into funny situations. Darnell also has some interesting moments and I think Joy and him are a great couple. So are Randy and Catalina.
  • Karma comedy that will leave you laughing.

    I have honestly never seen a show that has been so original in its comedy. Earl is great at regulating all the characters in the show and Randy's offbeat humor always keeps me guessing what crazy thing he will do best. Although this isn't one of those shows that leaves you with massive cliffhangers at the end of every episode, it still has my wife and me coming back to watch every new episode. With all the cliffhanger shows out there it is nice to watch one that you can get a fresh start on every episode with a story line that isn't critical to your enjoyment of the show. I highly recommend this to anyone that hasn't seen it and encourage the rest of you to continue supporting it.
  • Interesting change for Series 3 (small spoiler contained within)

    It's an interesting thing for the series to put Earl in prison.. quite a brave move seeing as they had a good formula for the first 2 series, and especially considering that US TV is very fickle with ratings! ;)

    I don't know whether they'll keep him locked up for long, but at the moment, I'm enjoying the series as much as I ever did before.

    I agree with other people who say it's not promoted very well. In the UK it's on Channel 4 which does a half decent job, but IMO there are still too few people who know about this gem of a show.
  • My name is Earl is top class comedy,with a crazy cast.

    My name is Earl,is a great tv show.I watched the first series and thought this programme is not bad.But the more i watched the more i began to love each episode and the crazy characters that appear in each episode.For anyone that has'nt seen the show,it's basically about Earl.A man who in has past has been a pain in the ass to everyone.But one day he buys a scratch card,which he wins.But then he get's knocked down while celebrating his $100,000 win,and end's up losing the ticket as it blows away in the wind as he lays on the ground hurting after being knocked down.So he then decides that this must be karma's way of saying to him,clean up your act.So he writes a list of every bad thing he's done to someone,and goes on a journey to fix them all.If you have'nt seen Earl before give it a shot as i love it,and each episode brings a funny and sometimes weird story to the table.
  • Never got the the big hype

    I never did and still don't understand what all the hype is about when it comes to My Name is Earl. My name is Ron, but who cares. The show is original, originally bad. My Name is Earl is something you watch when you want to fall asleep of boredom. It's not even funny. The whole concept of the show is just dumb. Why would you watch a show where the same thing happens every episode. Every single episode he does the exact same thing, he goes to someone he hurt in the past and does things for them, that's it. This show is nothing more than a few laughs.
  • Best show on TV today!

    This show is awesome! It's pretty much the only popular show that actually teaches something! YEAH!!! I think the show is definately staying around for a while. I always tivo this show, they better not cancel it like they did a lot of my favorites! I need this show or I will be lost!!! Another reason I think its great is because it's right before the Office (another great show). This show is easy to keep up with to so if you miss an episode it doesnt really matter (I would never do that because I am obbsessed with the show)
  • Earl has a brother called Randy,and they cross of all the bad things Earl has done in his life. Becuase of Karma. Earl and his brother goes around to everyone he hurt, or stoal or broke something and fixes things up. He just wants to be a better man.

    Earl is a very funny show that has been on air for about a few years now. Earl has a brother called Randy and they do everything together concluding sleeping together. The found about karma on tv and Earl thought it would work on him. So Earl makes a list on everything he has done wrong about his life. And fixes all the wrongs he has done in his life. Apparently if he does something good he gets something rewarding. It is a very awesome show cause he has an X wife that was cheating on him. And had a black baby that was owned to the CrabMan. Its a very humour show and it something really good ot watch if there nothing else on.
  • The show that taught me about karma

    I am surprised that anybody could do so many bad things in his life and remember all of them. I look up to Earl. I think what he's doin is a good way of becoming a better person. I also look up to the way he can come up with a weird solution to all these problems. Randy has to be mentioned though. He is great. He makes me laugh every episode. It's weird that a guy his age can be like a five year old. I also love Crabman. He is the only guy i know that shares my love of cheese.
    My name is Earl is a really good show. it may also help wrong doers turn their lives around........ No i am joking. but still it's a good show (as long as they don't get rid of Randy).
  • Very original.

    This show is very original. I mean a crook turning into a nice man it's just who would of thought of that. This show follows Earl (a robber turning into a good guy.) Randy ( Earl's mentally challenged brother.) Joy ( Earls X-wife.) Darnell ( Joy's husband.)And Catalina ( the hot maid that works at the hotel.) In Earl's attempt to become a better person. Earl makes a list of all the bad things he has done and then tries to fix all of it. There are about 260 things on his list. He won the lottery for $100,000 but now he is just working on everthing on his list. Overall Earl is one of the funniest shows on T.V.
  • When you don't feel that well, this show will cheer you up and leave a smile on your face for days!

    Just like i said it! It leaves a smile on your face because the whole cast is funny and the setting is extremely peaceful. Which makes you feel good about yourself.

    And it's not just about Randy's stupidity, it's about everyone. I found out that every line anyone says in the show has something funny about it and it doesn't matter who will say it.

    For those who think it's all about Earl and Randy, think again, because Darnell has made the show about 20% funnier and without him i would never give this show a 9.5 (Probably 8.5). His comments, face and appearance are very unique for a comedy in my opinion. Every week i keep thinking that there's no way it can be funnier than the week before but it happens every time. So if my calculations are right, the next season will be even more funny.

    The show has everything a comedy need and i'm so glad there's a 3rd season coming because without "My Name Is Earl" my life would my a lot more depressing.
  • I missed the pilot episode, which is like the greatest loss for me.

    "You do good things, good things happen. You do bad things, bad things happen."
    "Everytime something good happens to me, something bad also happens."
    Having a constant fight with "karma", Earl tried his best to appeal his case. He made a list of his wrong doings and one by one tried to make up for it, hoping to win karma's favor. Everytime he ended up making more wrong doings, he got stung by a bee, hit by a frisbee, or a dart.
    With the help of his brother Randy, whose purpose in life was to help Earl, Earl made his way to cross things off his list.
  • Don't Bother

    I just finished watching this show and i have to say, dont buy the hype, its unimaginary, tragically flawed, slap-together blue collar comedy. It has a few good jokes here and there but its not worth bothering to pay attention to the story, watch it if theres nothing else on but dont look forward to it.
    NOTE: I have to say after watching more than just the piolt, it turned out to be a pretty good show, I would now say its worth watching. Do not judge it by the first episode, the first to seasons are good. I appologize.
  • This show was better than I expected.

    I just started watching the show. I didn't watch the show from the begining because I thought it would be stupid. But when I watched it I liked it. I think the show is funny and smart. I've only seen a couple episodes but I can't wait to watch more. Earl is so funny. So far my favorite episode is Joy's wedding. That episode was so funny. I love watching the show and I can't wait to watch another episode. I'm sorry I didn't watch it frm the begining. I am gonna watch every episode from now on. I love My name is Earl.
  • Good premise - bad result

    When NBC first came out with the fall lineup two years ago and had the description of "My Name is Earl" premise, I thought it sounded great - especially since Jason Lee was the star. I've been a Jason Lee fan for years and he is an outstanding actor - as is his sidekick (Lewis from "Remember The Titans" I gave it a try...more tries than I should have and I finally gave up. I'm a Yooper - which to most, is a redneck that lives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula...but some of the acting is bad, the story lines dumb and the show turned out to be a big disappointment to me. Sorry, "Earl" fans. I'm glad you enjoy it but it's watching that show is not on my list of things to atone for.
  • This is great.

    My Name Is Earl is a TV series about Earl, who is trying to make up all the bad things he's ever done in his entire life because enery time something good happend to him something bad always happend he realised this when he purcheasd a scratch card and then won the lottery and soon as he won the lottery he was hit by a car and woke up in the hospital and then realised that he had to change so he made a list of everything bad he had done swore he would make up for them all Karma ("what goes around comes around") on TV and believed in it and thought it made sense (his life sucked because his actions sucked). I loved My name is Earl. I thought it was super funny and cool. His brother is funny and I love everything about this series. Well anyway, overall it's a very good series for a laugh.
  • Jason Lee is a two-bit criminal seeking karmic redemption, if only for his own financial interests.

    Earl, a small town thug with limited intelligence at best, wins the lottery and is promptly hit by a car. While in the hospital, Earl watches "Last Call with Carson Daly" where Carson says that his success is a direct result of doing good things for other people. It is at that moment Earl discovers karma- and in hope of a better life, makes a list of every bad thing he's every done and sets out to correct them, using the lottery money to fund his mission.My Name is Earl" is the best new comedy on television. No office hijinks. No ironic insider winks at Hollywood. No fat husband and hot wife. There's nothing smart and sophisticated about it, just good laughs, endearingly flawed characters and the funniest mustache this side of "Deadwood."
  • Really great show!!!!

    When I saw the first episode I couldn't stop watching it. So I’ve watched season 1 and 2 in two weeks time. This show is not on TV in Holland and that is a shame, because I think it would do really good with the Dutch viewers. In the show each character is portrayed nicely. And the different kind of things that are on his list really make every episode totally different. And the way he also occasionally adds new items on his list is every time renewing. The Show almost makes you want to make your own list to give yourself a better life :)
  • great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a good show that has great actors!! I love the acting Jason Lee always plays great roles in the Kevin Smith movies!! Come to think about it i'd love to see Jay and silent Bob in a guest apearance!! Jamie Pressely is great she should do more comedy like not another teen movie instead of corny action flicks like DOA!!Ethan Suplee is good too playing the dim brother he was good in mallrats!! and Nadine and Eddie shine in their roles 2 up and comers to look out for!!! The show keeps true to its self poking fun at trailer trash and just a show to watch and laugh without having to be serious!! I love this light hearted comedy and ya'll betta watch season 3 now ! lol
  • what a wonderful show!

    i've only just been watching both seasons of "my name is earl" pretty much back to back and i'm completely enthuastic about it! for one thing it is incredibly funny with a really eccentric, almost anarchistic humour and some rather subtle critism on society but that's not all there is to this show. it gives a lot of love and respect to the small people and those not fitting in and they are not made a laughing stock but very likable characters with big hearts underneath their armours of rudeness and cynisism, which makes it very easy to grow very fond of them.

    besides all this, "my name is earl" provides really great acting, especially by ethan suplee playing randy.
  • I think this show is overrated.

    I've only seen a few episodes of My Name is Earl, but its clear that they are likely to be the same in some way so theres not much point for me to watch anymore. This show isn't necessarily bad, I mean on some days its the best thing on, I just think its immature and silly and I've never actually laughed at anything on it. It's very popular, so thats a reason for me to watch it again.
    It might just be me, but I just don't see what is meant to be so funny here?
    If theres nothing else on TV.......I'd do something else, but I'm sure lots of people wouldn't and I respect that, everyone has different tastes, but this show isn't mine..
  • Ite's so funny, i mean my name is Earl is so funny, but I think Avatar is more fun ande more comedy

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  • Love this show

    This show is fantastically funny. Very witty. Stupendous. Electrifying. Totally radical. I can't think of a better comedy right now than this one. Oh please don't let this show be canceled. Canceled? Nope, not this show. I think it is the funniest show on the planet earth. Well, except for Scrubs. The actors are pretty decent. The main guy is pretty silly looking with his long, wild hair. encourage you to try to get your review right the first time--you may choose to edit it later on, but by doing so, you will lose any positive feedback associated with the review. We encourage you to write your review in a word processor or text editor, save it to your local disk, then copy and paste it in.
  • This is a great show. 'nuff said.

    My Name is Earl is, in my opinion, the best show currently running on TV. The cast is great. The direction is superb and the writing is top notch. Jason Lee, Ethan Suplee, and Jamie Pressly bring thier big screen experience to the small screen with characters that are believable and lovable. Greg Garcia, the creator, based this show on the experiences of his own step-father, Earl Garcia. Apperntly the late Earl Garcia was a man with a less than sterlar history and later in his life tried to make up for some of his misdeads. Coming from a white trash area of the country myself I can relate to these characters and enjoy thier exploits week after week.
  • i love this show

    As My Name Is Earl wraps up its best season yet, I'm listing the reasons I've been loving the show: 1. It's got great non sequiturs. ''Man!'' mused Earl on the April 19 episode after watching Memoirs of a Geisha. ''That was the worst kung fu movie ever.''

    2. It's the rare sitcom in which characters actually change. Jaime Pressly's Joy is forever revealing fresh aspects of her demented meanness and devotion to motherhood, while in the May 3 episode, the usually labor-phobic Earl decided to grow up and get a job (in an appliance store) — and bought into it enough to strive for a promotion.

    3. It's second only to The Simpsons in amassing a large group of characters who can pop up unexpectedly in the ragged yet capacious town where the show is set and get a solid laugh. (I love it, for example, when occasional Earl writer Tim Stack plays himself as a washed-up drunk.)

    4. It's the first working-class-culture TV show that has embraced surrealism as a legitimate response to the meaninglessness of life. The sneaky brilliance of creator Greg Garcia's concept is that, in our hero's pre-karma, pre-list-of-life-mistakes-to-correct flashbacks, Earl breaks the law — he's a true creep. These elements are always good for jokes but not necessarily for long-term audience identification. However, Earl in the present day is a noble fellow trying, against the inherent cruelty of the world, to do the right things. And goodness thwarted is, as well, a comedy gold mine. This is called having your cake and spitting it out with laughter, too. I'd call Earl the most moral show on TV, but...oh, but nothing: It is. I'd back Earl in an Innate Beneficence smackdown against 7th Heaven any day.
  • This show is hilarious and I love it! HILARIOUS!

    This is a TV series about Earl, who is trying to make up all the bad things he's ever done because while he was in the hospital he saw something about Karma ("what goes around comes around") on TV and believed in it and thought it made sense (his life sucked because his actions sucked). I loved My name is Earl since the Pilot. I thought it was super funny and cool. His relationship with his brother is super sweet and I love everything about this series. =) Well anyway, overall it's a very good series and I recommend it to anyone who wants a good laugh.
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  • awesome show

    my name is earl is so funny, i like the concept of the show, it is a fnny show, comedy, but its great also because there is a moral to it, that if you do good things, good will come your way, and good things will happen to you as well, i like the character of randy, he is so damn funny, he is really stupid but thats what makes it really funny to watch. the first episode is my personal favourite, how lucky can a person get, winning all that cash on a scratche, come on, what n awesome show.
  • Great show!! It's funny and I recommend it with all my heart!

    'My Name is Earl' is a hilarious. It has all the things I look for in a comedy.
    It is brilliantly written, well played, and just the funniest show on television.

    'Eral' is a MUST show. and by that I mean you have to see it. if you haven't try to see it - you have no idea what you're missing.. Now, I realize that not everyone will like this show, but I really think you have to give this a chance. who knows, you might find it fabulous...
  • Great show.

    Top 20 MNIE Episodes (thus far):
    01. Y2K
    02. Pilot
    03. The Trial
    04. Teacher Earl
    05. South Of The Border
    06. Oh Karma, Where Art Thou?
    07. Stole Beer From A Golfer
    08. Joy's Wedding
    09. Number One
    10. Faked My Own Death
    11. The Professor
    12. Larceny Of A Kitty Cat
    13. The Boogeyman
    14. Dad's Car
    15. Cost Dad An Election
    16. Quit Smoking
    17. Robbed A Stoner Blind
    18. Randy's Touchdown
    19. Jump For Joy
    20. BB
  • The show is funny, edgy and is sure to make the Parents Television Council hit list, but I never judge a show by it's pilot.

    Never Judge a show by it's Pilot: My Name is Earl. I have to say a few comments to say about My Name is Earl before I even see the pilot.

    Every time a long running sit-com goes off the air (last season it was Everybody Loves Raymond) someone announces that, "The sitcom is dead". Trust me the sit-com is not dead.

    When Desi Arnaz created I Love Lucy he described his idea simply. We are going film a stage play in front of a live audience with three cameras. Somewhere down the line we forgot that the plays the thing. Lately instead of a plot we have strung together one liners, zingers and sexual innuendoes. When we go back to the art of storytelling and showing that the comedy should come from the situation you will see that the sitcom is very much alive.

    There are also single camera sitcoms, like My Name is Earl that is not shot in front of an audience. Instead of shooting a play this is more like shooting a 22-minute movie. Over the years some of the most popular shows in television history were single camera sitcoms including The Andy Griffith Show (Celebrating it's 45 anniversary this year), M*A*S*H and the first couple of seasons of Happy Days. Back then single camera sitcoms were required to use a laugh track (Although M*A*S*H* did not use the laugh track in the operating room). Current single camera sitcoms include Scrubs, The Office, Malcolm in the Middle, The Bernie Mac Show and Arrested Development.

    Did you notice that 3 of the 5 listed single camera sitcoms were on FOX? FOX also had another single camera sitcom called Oliver Beene that aired from 2003 to 2004. I have been told that this funny show failed not because it was a single camera sitcom, but because it was set in 1962 and period shows don’t do well (That '70s Show HELLO!). When FOX was in fourth place they took some creative risks and aired single camera sitcoms when the "Big 3" networks wanted to stick with the traditional three camera format. Now that NBC is in forth place, it's time for them to take some creative risks.

    By now you've figured out that I am a fan of the single camera sitcom. In fact I wrote two pilots that were written for that format and was told that the networks were not interested in the single camera format, in spite of the above examples (don't confuse me with the facts). I love the three camera format as well. As a stand-up comedian I can tell you that there is nothing like working in front of a live audience, but sometimes the three camera format can be limiting to the confines of a sound stage. Not only is My Name is Earl a show that I think I might like as a viewer (Based on the promos). In a small way I feel that I have a vested interest in the success of this type of show.

    I felt it important to tell you what is on my mind before I watched the pilot, but I will make a good faith effort to be objective.

    I judge a good pilot by if lets you know every thing you need to know about the show in that first episode. A good example of this is the pilot for The Andy Griffith Show (as a spin off from Make Room for Daddy) and Hogan's Heroes. Taxi let you know every thing you need to know about the show in the first couple of minutes. The pilot for My Name is Earl let you know everything you needed to know before the first commercial break (Taxi’s record is safe.)

    Jason Lee as Earl, is likable, you may even know a guy like him. He is definitely not a role model. Earl spent his life doing bad things to people and having bad things happen to him (the last straw is loosing a $100,000.00 lottery ticket). Earl learns about karma by watching Last Call with Carson Daly and hearing Carson say that his success and good fortune comes from doing good things for other people. Now inspired Earl sets out to correct every bad thing he has ever done (250 in total) in the hopes that good fortune will fall upon him. His first project is Kenny (Guest star Gregg Binkley), whom Earl used to torture as a child. Earl thinks that he can make things up to Kenny by getting him laid only to find out that Kenny is gay The show is funny, edgy and is sure to make the Parents Television Council hit list, but I never judge a show by it's pilot. The second episode was just as good as the pilot proving that in a situation comedy, the comedy should come from the situation. The story was not predictable nor did I see the punch line coming from a mile away. My Name is Earl show could quite possibly be the best new show of the fall season (I haven't seen every new show yet, but if I see a better show, I'll say so). To quote Earl and his brother Randy (Ethan Suplee)
    Randy: What's karma? Earl: I don't know, it's something Carson Daly came up with. Stay Tuned Tony Figueroa
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