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  • This is the funniest show I have ever seen...I think

    I really enjoy whatching this show every thursday, no matter what anyone says, this is hilarious. They humor isn't disgusting like some other shows. It's the kind of humor that dosen't make you feel bad about laughing about. I love how they put together the cast and how they characters don't just forget about all the episodes before that one they're doing. No one else other than the people of Family Guy and The Office has made me laugh this hard. Not one reality show in the world can stand up to this awesome show. I hope it will not ever be forgotten.
  • This is a really great show that seems to be flying under the radar.

    This is one of the most misunderstood shows that's great to watch in recent history. This show is being sold to people as a funny sitcom, when it really shouldn't be. That's why people seem to be turned off or uninterested in it. I'm not saying that this show is completely unfunny because it's not. This show has some really good moments here and there. Though there are times where the characters come off a bit too elementary minded. But what I'm really trying to say is that this show is more about the storytelling than the joke telling. One of the biggest turn on's for me was the originality of the concept for the show; a guy deciding to turn his life around from nothing to be something. I mean with all the other crap on TV this is a very positive show. I'm sure most people can agree with me when I say that TV has lost morality over the years and this show has brought a freshness of good morality back to TV.

    Going back to the issue of the show's humor. The show, like Scrubs, has a very quirky sense of humor. Though that sourse of humor comes from stereotypes that the main characters portray, unless you are in that demographic that is being portrayed, most of it will go over peoples heads. A lot of the humor is subtle and takes a second viewing to see that something is funny.

    My Name is Earl is a great show not because of it's humor, but because there is a great cast and crew helming this show. People judge a show's worth by how funny it is and never by its intangibles like writing, directing, camara work or music. This show has amazing intangibles that are being underappreciated. This show would be more popular if people understood that.
  • very unique and entertaining show

    Lee stars as Earl J. Hickey, a petty crook with occasional run-ins with the law, whose newly-won $100,000 lottery ticket is lost when he is hit by a car. While lying in his hospital bed after the accident, he develops a belief in the concept of karma when he hears about it during an episode of Last Call with Carson Daly. He decides he wants to turn his life around and makes a list of all the bad things he's done. After a few good deeds, his $100,000 ticket comes back to him. He sees this as a sign and, with his new lucky money, he proceeds to cross items off that list, one-by-one, by doing good deeds to atone for them.

    this show is simply amazing that almost everyone can relate because all of us have done a one or two bad deeds, well...who hasn't?
  • Totally original!

    I love this show because I can totally relate to it. Not every single person in America is abundantly wealthy, and while most TV Shows skew towards those types of people (and there HUGE dilemmas - 'Lobster or Filet for dinner tonight?'), this show is not, and never will be, phased by what it is portraying. Mainly, a cast of eclectic characters who all reside within a few miles of one another, the majority of them un-or-under-employed, hanging out at their local, favorite watering hole, 'The Crab Shack' and living in a trailer park or, as in Earl's and Randy's Case, a shoddy motel.

    Earl (Jason Lee) and Randy (Ethan Suplee) are brothers and the best of friends. After Earl is practically run over by a car after he just won a scratch off lottery ticket for $100,000, he decides (under the influence of Morphine and other various painkillers) that maybe the reason why he's there is because of a simple five letter word: karma. For every rotten thing he's done, a rotten thing comes right back to him; and the only way he can stop that is to make good for every bad deed. Having compiled a lengthy list of things he's done to people, Earl sets out to right all the wrongs from his past.

    Joining him on adventures is a hilarious supporting cast, highlighted by Eddie Steeples (Darnell aka 'Crab Man'), Jaime Pressly (Joy Turner), Nadine Velazquez (Catalina) and a slew of high profile Hollywood guest stars.
  • My Name is Earl is an awsome show, every episode is hilarious, Jason Lee does a great job along with all the other cast!!!

    I didn't watch My Name is Earl when it first came out, I didn't really know about it, but I kept hearing about it so I got the first season on DVD, and I watched the first episode and I was hooked, I ended up watching the whole first season in one sitting, and I laughed for every episode, every one of them was great, as Earl, who is trying to better his life, buy writing his wrongs from his past, trying to get good karma, writing a list of everything bad he did in his life, and he did alot of bad things, and fixing his mistakes, aren't easy as you would think. This show is very addictive and can't wait to see what trouble Earl, Randy, and Joy get into.
  • It's good, but not enough.

    With the plethora of repetitive and derivative sitcoms jamming fall, summer, winter and spring line-ups, it's nice to see a show that sets itself from the lot in more than one area. 'Earl' takes an unusual approach. It's not about the "daily musings of an eccentric family" (zzzz..) nor about the other boring stuff you see everywhere in sitcoms. The show is about this small-time white trash thief (Earl) who scratches off a lottery card and scores big time. Right at that moment, 'Karma' took it away from him. Overtime, he learns that that unusual incident was probably because of all the bad things he's been doing, so he sets off on a mission to right every wrong he ever did and he's got all his deeds on a paper.

    This is a brilliant premise for a sitcom. Thankfully, it landed in the right hands. The execution of the show produces extremely satisfactory results: you get an innovative comedy that is genuinely funny and really touching at many times. You can't help but fall in love with Earl's sincerity and steadfastness, Randy's simple mind, good heart and observations on life, Joy's wild, flamboyant personality and Darnell's mellow, chillin' demeanor that really endears him to you very easily.

    When you combine the show's innovation with its genuine humor, good heart, interesting characters and well-written dialogue, you really have a keeper. With shows like this (and the incomparable "The Office"), NBC is obviously on to something. Did they finally free a cubicle or two for quality assurance? Let's hope so. And let's hope for more quality shows like these will occupy the line-ups; shows that'll make both us TV viewers and NBC executives stop crying over the long gone days of NBC's golden days (Frasier, Seinfeld, Friends)
  • Great show!

    My name is dale,

    But this show is called My Name Is Earl.
    Earl Hickey and his brother Randy, recently won a hundred thousand dollars with a lotto ticket,
    Earl ran outside to celebrate but immediatly got hit by a car and sent to hospital, and after his wife split up with him and fell in love with one of Earls best friend, Darnel aka Crabman, he reallised he had to change, and since he had been a bad person his whole life, he decided that turning them around would be the way to do it.

    so he made a list of everything bad he had done and one by one he is going to make up for all his mistakes.

    And thats because,
    His Name Is Earl
  • Earl has lived his life like a common criminal, basically the worst possible person he could be. He realized his mistakes made a list of his bad deeds and his trying to make up for his mistakes. He's just tryin to be a better person, His Name Is Earl.

    I knew this show would be funny when they started airing commercials for it. I just didn't know if it would last or not, luckily it has. This show and the office are my two favorite sitcoms on TV. It seems today most "sitcoms" don't even make me laugh, a lot of them don't even get me to crack a smile. This show is highly original, and because he is a reformed person makes you feel good about the things he is doing. It also keeps you laughing the whole time, it's very well cast and a pleasure to watch.
  • ever since my name is earl appeared on my british telly i thought it was fantastic,but now that u rednecks stole it we want it back!!!

    IT will take a while for the show to get back on track but hay,I will sit here and wait.IF this show ever does get back ot its usual self im sure it will rise to the top in Britain,even with the long line of other Friday night comedy.I know this show has been givin a couple of bad reviews,but this is strange type of comedy which reflects on the life of Earl Hikeys mistakes,with of cource the occasionl laugh or two.Some critics think it also brings out a message to the viewers.If you are in to that type of comedy this will be your blockbuster.
  • Overall this show is original and filled with dry humor.

    I love this show because everything that goes on the show is a ideal day in north carolina so in a weird way it includes me to. in other words many of the dumb things on the show is a everyday move for us. plus jamie is hot. I dont know about anyone else but its not her chest that gets my attention, its all about the eyes there huge and blu the way i like them. and her dialect is to southern for hollywood so i feel that shes a country girl still and it blends perfectly with the cast chemistry.
  • Very original.

    This show is very original. I mean a crook turning into a nice man it's just who would of thought of that. This show follows Earl (a robber turning into a good guy.) Randy ( Earl's mentally challenged brother.) Joy ( Earls X-wife.) Darnell ( Joy's husband.)And Catalina ( the hot maid that works at the hotel.) In Earl's attempt to become a better person. Earl makes a list of all the bad things he has done and then tries to fix all of it. There are about 260 things on his list. He won the lottery for $100,000 but now he is just working on everthing on his list. Overall Earl is one of the funniest shows on T.V.
  • Superb

    This comedy, set in America's deadbeat heartland, is unashamedly cheesy and less slick than the average import. The punch is in the writing, which is twisted, brilliant and, when you least expect it, touching.

    Earl (Jason Lee) is a wrong'un who's trying to make right. His latest goals are to quit smoking and apologise to his buddy Donny, who served two years for a crime Earl committed: holding up a store with a water pistol. In between are some madcap characters and observations. This show takes aim with deadly accuracy (but affection, too) at people's everyday foibles and concerns, whether they be God, guns, greed or tobacco.
  • One of, if not the most hilarious comedies I have ever seen!

    Randy and Earl are hilarious! I never would have gotten into this if my brother hadn't of told me to watch (Well he kind of forced me too :|) And i'm glad he did, this show is on of the best if not THE best comedies ever! Who would of thought karma could make a good show?

    I can't wait until season two appears in Britian, it would make Friday night's even more awesome! If you haven't watched this show I recommend you do, every episode will make you laugh as it did I.

    Hopefully this show will run on for a couple more seasons, as I and probably many more people would like it too.
  • Move over Seinfeld you've been knocked down a notch.

    This show is excellent. I love every episode. I have not tuned in to a show every week since Seinfeld but I love this one alot more than Seinfeld. My favorite thing about it is the way they make fun of themselves with the My Name Is Randy, My Name Is Joy, My Name Is Crabman mini-episodes. Also the people Earl has wronged are just classic. The one legged girl. The homosexual photocopy guy. The psychotic crazy-eyed religious convict. The regulars are perfectly cast as well. The day-time hooker. The hispanic cleaning lady at the motel. The best thing about this show is Joy. She has got to be the funniest comedienne since Lucille Ball. The only thing I would change about this classic is make it an hour show instead of 30 minutes. Thanks for the most unexpected funniest tv moments I've seen in a decade. Don't change a thing other than the hour long concept.
  • It is one the best shows around

    this show is just great and funny as well as touching it has several ways of making you smile, the characters are lovable such as Erl who is just trying to give himself a better life by being a good person following the ways of karma "if you do good things good thing will happen to you " and it seems to work and even tough it is hard to go back on anything he has done wrong he just does it his brother who is also a great character ads to it all and so does everyone els to turn it into one of the best shows of this time
  • Right after he won the lottery he immediatly got hit by a car and lost the ticket in the hospital he discovered carma while whatching tvso he made a list of all the bad things he ever done to make his life better He's just tring to be a better person

    This show is really cool I just don't realize how he remenbered every thing he ever did bad even if he could how is he going to fix all the things he ever did bad I just don't get it
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  • A bad guy named earl changes his ways after he finds karma. He makes a list of all the bad things he has done and one by one he makes it up to the people he hurt. Every episode he does something from his list.

    Extremely funny I watched it from the pilot and fell in love which it. The characters are perfect earl is like a big brother and the man to go to and does the right thing where all the characters can count on him. My favorite character is randy earl's slow brother. He says the most retarded stuff. Like when earl was talking to some one and he seed excuse me I have to take a we-we. ANd randy started to crack up saying thats ridicules calling it we-we. Then he seed I wonder what he calls plop-plops. Thats how funny this show is.
  • This show is HILARIOUS.

    This show is funny and really good at the same time. I try to watch it every Thursday night but sometimes I don't get to watch it. The last few episodes I missed and so I do not really now what is going on but I am sure I will find out. My mom watches the show and that is how I started watching it. It is great for when you are sad and need to laugh and I am sure it will make you laugh. It is funny and I hope there is going to be many more seasons.
  • One of my fav. shows

    so far I think that season 1 and 2 have been relly good. But I want to see joys baby. And is randy and cat going to ge tback together because I liked them together. Its almost as good as Men in trees and Jarico and sorvivor and House and big brother and are you smrater than a 5th grader and amaricans next top modle and ER and gracs and atomy I think thats how you spell it but the teres just to many show to choose and remember what one I watch. But so far my fav. one so far is when the cops one was on it was so funny . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • i dont watch it that much any more

    lmfao bu t when i did man this show is just funny hard to explain but very very funny my favorite epesode is when thay broke into the mall and thought it was 2k7 or 2ky i dont even remember lol bottem line .... its just funny as h@ll if you dont watch this you should ...
  • Earl is the poster child for a life gone awry, but he intends to fix it and that gives this show that indearing quality.

    Earl is not really one of the funniest shows on television I think. It does however sport one of the most well written scripts and casts on television, and they seem to pull the show in the right direction. Randy is probobly my favorite becouse he embodies the show perhaps even better than Earl does. He's clumsy and dim-witted but he's also very sincere in is actions and it comes off very well. Crabman is the absolute definition of cool and calm. He's sort of the cool guy in the group. Earl is a heartwarming show that everyone can enjoy and feel good about watching.
  • Trailer Park humour at it's best!

    Oh Yea Karma.. :) Seriously, this show is one of the funniest sitcoms ever made.

    I'm talking Married with Children funny and Will and Grace funny and more....

    The characters are so "cartoony" in the way they act, it's great TV done with a nice twist.

    A bit of moral now and then, but never condescending. In all the laughter of characters like Randy and Joy, Earl stills comes out learning something and most of all, so do we :) Love the show! :)
  • The adventures of Earl a reforming criminal who finds Karma and embraces it to become a better guy

    Earl is an all round bad guy, a petty thief who would sell his own mother down the river for a pack of cigerettes. And if we keep watching we may be treated to a flashback where he actually has! Anyway he wins $100,000.00 on the lottery, gets hit by a car, loses the ticket and wakes up in hospital. Then he sees a tv show about Karma and gets a revelation. He thinks nothing good happens to him because he doesn't deserve it, so he resolves to turn his life around and makes a list of all the bad things he's done... He gets out of hospital and as soon as he starts doing good he finds his ticket cashes it and so begins his life of atonement. Every episode after that see's Earl going through various adventures trying to right his previous wrongs. He frequently gets it wrong but his heart is now in the right place and he usually fixes things by the time the credits role. All the charachters are likable even his ex wife "Joy" who tricked him into marrying her and is devious and mean, has a softer side, which comes out occasionally. You see Karma giving her her just desserts when she pulls one of her tricks, such as divorcing Earl right before he wins the lottery... Earls brother Randy is hilariously simple and simply hilarious. One of the funniest scenes of season 1 is where he comes face to face with an Ostrich (or was it an emu? I can't remember) Anyway he is deadly afraid of chickens. So the look on his face when he see's this "Giant chicken" is priceless. He can't remember if he's supposed to punch it on the nose or play dead, so he plays dead because he's too scared to punch it... I missed about 3 minutes of the show after this as I was crying with laughter. Ok the world doesn't really work like this good deeds aren't always rewarded and bad deeds aren't always punished, but in Earls world they are and lets hope it does for many seasons to come.
  • This show is about a loser who spent his entire life just basically doing bad things. After winning a lottery with stolen money, he gets hit by a car and has an "awakening" that what goes around... comes around, and changes his life.

    Excellent show. Finally a show with some some moral character. It sends a message that it is cool to do good for others and gives you great internal satisfaction. The first time I watched it, I thought it was stupid after just the first few minutes, but gave it a second chance the next week. Once I realized what it was really all about I was hooked. I even purchased the first season on DVD. When I showed a couple of episodes to some friends at work they also wanted to watch it. Although more crude then "Touched by an Angel" it has the same message...doing good is a good thing. Need to make more shows like it. This show is a winner!
  • One of the better shows on television.

    This show is close to my heart, it is really funny, it has great acting, a great script in fact most things in this show are great! It is quite original, in the way that there is no other show like it, "Really?" you ask yes there is nothing like it there are no other shows where the main character is white trash and discovers Karma :P but thats not all I am talking about it also has very original humour in it not just your average "Al did you eat the bacon?" *Al runs out of the house* kinda crap its very original I'm sure the creators worked on this great show for a long time and I have to congratulate you on such a superb show :D!
  • funny funny funny

    Well I did not watch this show the entire first season but now that I catch it here and there I am mad when I miss it. The actors are hilarious and unique. Earl is so funny. He never seems to get himself ahead of the game. I ask others to record this show for me in case I am unable to watch it since there is so much on at the same time. I guess this show is great enough to purchase the first season on DVD and catch the re runs. What ever you do, do not miss this show.
  • Ten serialik jest the BEST !!!!

    Polecam wszystkim. Widze ze jestem tu jedyny piszacy po polsku ale co tam. Polecam w 100 % ten serialik kazdemu. Warto nawet dla tych 20 minut z Earlem, mozna sie niezle posmiac. No i nie wiem co dalej pisac bo mam 100 wyrazow naskrobac wiec pisze ze jezeli macie mozliwasc ogladania to popatrzcie sobie. Pozdrwaiam wszystkich.
  • This show is so funny.But I got one question is Randy supposed to be a dummy in the show?.I'm glad Earl is making up for everything bad he has ever done don't you agree?.I love every second of the show.I got one more question why would Joy cheat on Earl?.

    On a scale of 1 to 500 I rate this show 500. I got one more question why can't Earl and Randy move into a house rather than stay at that hotel they could buy a house with all that money they won in the lottery. This is the best comedy show ever but Will and Grace is better but that show doesn't count because Will and Grace had it's series close.
  • bad thing #102 forgot to Watch Earl on thurday night. I made up for it though...

    This show is perhps one of the few high concept comedies out there with exception to Seinfeld's "show about nothing".

    Not only is the show truly funny but even it's episode titles are hilarious. Check them out sometime beforeyou watch a show I guarantee a laugh. Another great quality of this show is it's abilty to create a world where Earl and his gang could exist and stay true to that world week after week. They lovingly keep the same extras and work them into the plots over and over. Much like the forementioned Seinfeld or even Cheers before it. This is one show that has heart along with the comedic goods to match.
  • You WILL laugh at this show.

    Not only is this the funniest show on TV, but one of the funniest of all time. The premise is ingenious: keep making amends to everyone you've wronged in your life and see where life takes you. The only thing that could bring an end to this show (besides the disappointing ratings) would be to overpay the actors a la "Seinfeld". The writers can go on with limitless story ideas; let's all hope that NBC gives them that chance. Like all successful comedy series, "Earl" has a talented, likable cast who all seem to work well off each other. I like the idea of having Earl as not only the main character, but the narrator as well. It is his story, after all. Another great feature is Earl's ability to relate well to everyone he comes in contact with; from college professor to carnival freak, he always seems to have the uncanny ability to see life from their eyes. But at the same time, he doesn't dominate the storylines -- the funny lines get evenly distributed. If there still was such a thing as an office watercooler, there are about four good lines minimum from each episode that would bear repeating. I'm not sure I understand the criticism over Randy's character still sleeping in the same bed as his brother. Do these people not get it that Earl has made sacrifices to continue taking care of his brother who is a little slow -- just like he has all his life? Most lottery winners end up ruining their lives by indulgence, whereas Earl has decided to really do something worthwhile with his good fortune. Darnell, who often serves as the voice of wisdom, brings a lot of comedic talent to the table in an understated way. I also like how Catalina's observations on Americans will cut right to the heart with a point and yet still amuse. But the funniest of all, in my opinion, is Joy. Yeah, I know she's a cartoonishly exaggerated stereotypical redneck, but she pulls it off in a way that makes you like her for it. She doesn't even know how ignorant she is -- she's just bein' Joy. Was there anybody really hoping to see her go to prison? Of course not! NBC deserves credit for staying with this show. Maybe they recall that two of their best comedies of all time -- "Cheers" and "Seinfeld" never really collected an appreciable audience until the end of the second season. Twice, I have taped repeat episodes of "My Name is Earl" and watched them with just as much enjoyment as the first viewing. To my way of thinking, that is the sign of a really funny show.
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