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  • When you say that a cartoon is good, It might be. But we all know that it isn't as good as in Real Life. Meet Earl, Stuck with Bad Luck and 1,000 things on a list with sins he wants to revive them cause he thinks it all due to Karma. You do something bad.

    I like it more then Family Guy and Futurama. It is sooooo funny but not as Good As Mind of Menica, nothing as good as Mind of Menica. This show I love but it is hardly on but on Thursdays--well in Ohio. I want to own this DVD. I proboly will get it and copy it into my computer. And then watch forty-five times and hide under my bed for 10 years. It would bring back good great memory's!
  • Earl has done nothing, but bad in the past. He is going to try to change his ways.

    Earl was struck by a car and sent to the hospital. While he's there he realizes that he wants to help all the people he hurt in the past. Wheather he has stole a couple dollars, stood her up, or anything he has done wrong he will try to fix. He thinks it may be easy, but sometimes it only makes it worse. He is done so many people and so many things wrong in his life that it will take a while. Now he is on the search for whoever or whatever he was messed up, he will do whatever it takes to make it right.
  • This show is just great and beyond funny. This is my all time favorite show. It is sad that it's only thirty minutes long. I enjoy Jasons work in the Kevin Smith movies. So of coarse I had to check this out.

    I enjoy Jasons work in the Kevin Smith movies. So I had to check out My name is Earl. The guy is funny and the show is absolutely great and could not imagine anyone playing anyone else on the show.

    All the actors and actresses on the show currently belong in the roles they possess.

    I will always keep watching each and every episode it is that great. I will always be a fan of this great and hilarious show. Its a shame that its only a thirty minute comedy.
    I would love to see it turn out to be an hour long.
  • Earl is a white trash man who won the lottery. After getting hit by a car following his lottery win he decides that Kharma is telling him something, so he makes a list of all the people he has wronged and sets out to make it up to them.

    Earl is hillarious. The misshaps of a redneck family trying to make things right with the world. Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee are a superb comedy duo. They have been making the world laugh in the Jay and Silent Bob and Clerks movies, now they are doing it on TV as well. With every new adventure comes a new way for them to screw up somehow. Earl knows how to take something seemingly uninteresting and make it an excellent scource of laughs. If you have not seen this show, it would be good Kharma if you started now. If only more shows were like Earl.
    Put My name is Earl on your list today.
  • Really funny one to watch.

    My name is earl will have you in stitches, it is just so comical. Really really fun, if you havent already watched it i am sure you will love it. It is just so funny you will be wetting yourself, story line is really good in it. Excellent, Hilirious, rib tickling, funny, great, just some of the words that sums up this programme. Go on what you waiting for? Watch it now youll absoloutly love it.
  • If everyone was like earl the world would be a much better place

    My name is earl is my favorite show. I've seen every episode to date and each one has its own unique message. Earls life hasnt been as good as he hoped for and then again he hasnt done to many good things either. It isnt until hes wins the lotto and gets hit by a car only seconds later that does he find the light. Carson Daily. flipping through channels lying in a hospital bed earl stumbles upon an interview with carson daily. he explains that the reason he is succesful is beacuse he does good things. Karma. Motivateing him to write all his wrongs, to make his list. To sum up the show Earl has a big list of the bad things hes done, and hes making ammends so he can cross each one off. Jason Lee pulls off this character amazingly i couldnt picture a different earl. With its simple yet hilarious characters My name is earl is a show that will keep you wanting more. What will earl cross off next week?
  • a very good show, i cant wait till season 2 comes out in the uk!

    This show is great! I, my dad and my brothers watch this every week and we all think it is brilliant. Every episode leaves us fighting for air, as we find it so funny! The actors are great and they play their characters very well. Being in the UK I haven’t yet seen the second season, but I am sure they have made a brilliant season full of funny jokes and great humour. I would just like to thank the creators of this show as you have done a great job in creating something for my family to watch. I am counting down the days until the next series comes to my screen! Good luck for the future
    Adam Phillips
  • Karma

    Earl is a show about a man who discoverd Karma and is trying to fix about 270 wrong things hes done. From the previews I expected just a hick show but it was much deeper than that. The show is now a hit and one of my favorite shows and a golden globe nomine
  • Fabulous

    In this show the main character (Earl) has just won the lottery and was hit by a car. So he wanted to have good luck and now he is trying to fix all of the things that he has ever done to people. So, he make a list and every episode he crosses of something on that list and does a good deed for someone. But what makes the show so good is there is always something that goes wring, which turns out to be funny to the viewer, this show is very funn and there is absolutly nothing wrong with it, that is why I am giving this show a 10 out of 10
  • A little stupid...

    The show "My name is Earl" it's cool and the history has been well obtained... This serie is a comedy, but sometimes it can be realy stupi, because of the brother of Earl...but because of that it makes the serie funny, and also, of course, the suspense to know if he can do all the things in his list...
    Good to see, in spite of the short time of show, but it still funny... I guess we don't neeed 100 words to describe the show, what I've said it is enough, because there's no more words...sometimes stupid, others funny and even sometimes funny bacause fo the stupid
  • show is Good

    the show is good there is alot of good thingd in the show like how he has to do all of thoses things with the list. and how the show can go on and on because he all always has to add people and the to girls are hot very hot. the that rany like is the best the ones with her are the best because she is the hottest. and rany is married to her im perrty sad that she hasnt been in the show in the last cupple of shows. just eight more words and im done with this and now im done yes!
  • Earl and His brother Randy are on a mission to balance karma

    Funnier then kicked in the balls, This show bring the comedy of Gen X and smacks it up against your forehead. If you dont like this show your too young to remember the 80\'s. I would make it my mission to watch this show regardless of when they put it on. Earl is just plain funny... And Randy is a God. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Earl’s life has been full of poor choices and mistakes, but after winning a small lottery jackpot he has an epiphany and vows to change his ways. (sorry i stole it i couldnt think of anything)

    My Name Is Earl=Legend! I lovethis programme and used to watch it on channel 4 at 9:30 every friday. Then it got cancelled. The cam back to channel 4 at 11:35 friday nights. This programme cracks me up and earls brother is just so stupid! My fave episode is when he goes and sees the girl he used to go out with and he told her he was dead lol thats funny and the one where he marries that woamn. I havent watched it in a while so i cant remember their names or anything but im getting series one on boxset very shortly so i intend to watch it and dye laughing!
  • well....yeah...ok

    i really believe in karlma. i like to watch the show cuz earl, is trying to set things ok. how many of us have tried to fixed what we messed up?????............... keep that in mind. i totally believe in karma. keep yours up open for the new season. Earls X is hot. keep it up Jaimy. oh yeah all
  • Great show.

    The show that is worth watching! I was a little apprehensive about this show from the looks of it. Luckily, I was able to see an advance preview of the first episode and actually found it extremely funny. Cast of then show is great. Jason Lee plays very well and he always make me laugh . You must see it. All I'm saying is you can't judge a book by its cover. Give this show a try, it deserves a shot. I'll definitely be tuning in again to see where Earl's karma journey takes him!! Don't miss it .
  • This show is amazing!

    My Name Is Earl is about a small town criminal in one accident from a car his life will change forever. Now he has listed all the things he has done wrong and tries to correct them so that he can change his luck around. That's Karma. This show won a Peoples Choice Award in 2006. My favorite episode would have to be the one when Earl stole beer from a golfer. You have to watch this it's great.
  • Great, Great, Great!

    I have yet to see a bad episode. This show is so funny. Kudos to the writers - keep up the good work! I love the fact that Earl has a mission and a purpose. Randy is fantastic as Earl's brother. None of the characters in this show are the sharpest tools in the shed, but then again, most people aren't. Raise your hand if you really think that Carson Daily invented karma. The celebrity guests are so funny. I love the fact that Earl won the lottery and yet he and Randy still live in the hotel. Who does that?
  • Funny Show, Great Story Line

    This Show has a really good storyline that you can follow through with and get it. It is really funny and influensial it teaches people life leassons that people need to know. It is good for most age groups the actors are so great in this tv show and every year they get nominatted for golden globe awards just maybe this one could win this year.I think this is the year for them they will probably win. I watch it all the time you should to just cant wait for the next episode. this show is the bomb!!!!!!!! Thank You AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • a very unique show where the premise isn't about relationships or dating or family life (thank god) but about the effect one person can have on the people he cares about and his community when he tries to turn his life around for the better.

    This is an excellent show that i'm so grateful was made. the humour doesn't derive from the typical washed up routine situation that studios ahve been turing out for us. all the scenarios are original and also extremly clean making the show fun for the whole family. the relationships between the characters amd the problems that arise may seem cliche but it's done in a very inovative way. I just hope we get to see the list closer to completion instead of him making new mistakes
  • I've seen only one episode of this show, and I absolutely love it!

    This show is just too great. I remember I went to my cousin's house when I got hold of one episode of this show, and I absolutely love it. It was so great. This show is about a man that after an accident believes that all his bad luck is cause by karma. So he makes a list in which he puts all the bad things that he ever did and is now trying to correct them. This is a hilarous show and I think that it has a lot of potential. For some reason, even tough it lacks of laughter track it is still really cool and I also want to mention the fact that this show has an original storyline, karma is something common in episodes, but it is not the completely basis of the show. So original, so funny, and so cool!
  • Probably one of the best comedies in a long, long time! Teamed with The Office and Scrubs makes this the perfect Must-See Thursday since Seinfeld went off the air in 1998.

    Tagline: "Karma is a funny thing"

    "My Name is Earl" is probably one of the most interesting and funny shows on TV right now. I enjoy the characters because they seem real: they're flawed, they know what they do may cause tension and trying to work towards normalcy and closure one step at a time. Hopefully the closure doesn't come for seasons to come since I am thoroughly enjoying the show for its writing and acting from the five main players.

    "Earl" stars Jason Lee as protagonist Earl J. Hickey who after being hit by a car after chasing a winning lottery ticket discovers karma while watching a Carson Daly special about karma. Now those of you who don't know what karma is that it is a Hindu belief that all actions of people in this world have consequences of those in the next. While recovering in the hospital, Earl examines the structure and actions of his life so far and vows to complete his list and apologize for all that he has done before he dies. The "list" contains many different actions such as the obvious such as "wrecking Dad's car" to the outrageous "made a lady think I was God". During each episode, Earl apologizes to a person he has hurt in the past and tries to do something to help them in the present. Other characters in the show include Earl's brother Randy who at times is clueless but is still funny and loveable. Earl is also constantly taunted by his ex-wife Joy played by the very cute Jaime Pressly who remarries to the Crab Man, Darnell who is in the Witness Protection program. After Earl & Randy move to a motel, they befriend the lovely Catalina (Nadine Velazquez), a maid from Mexico who came to the country illegally. What I like about the show is that it doesn't get to preachy or full of itself. It's also funny, many a time I laugh out loud at some of the stuff that happens. I also love the fact that there is no annoying studio audience or canned laughter tracks which works for cheesy 80s sitcoms but not for this. "Earl" is definitely must see and I highly recommend that everyone watch this show not only to find out what karma has in store for Earl but for the entertainment value as well.
  • Earl and Randy rock

    My name is Earl is one of the funniest shows out there. Randy and Earl are the most hilarious duo on T.V. I bought the first season because I like the show so much. Not only is it super funny but they also try to give you a message with each show.
  • He has a list and check it off once!

    Jason Lee plays a man on a missin. He is out to undo every bad thing he ever done. "My Name is Earl" is a comic version of "Branded." Lee plays Earl who lives in a motel with his brother Randy. One day, he wonn $100,000 and was hit by a car. From his hospital bed, he made a list of everything bad he ever don't and repaid everyone. when he got hit that day, he got to know Kama, a religious figure who helped Earl on the road to rightness. Earl is no "Davey and Goliath, but there are big laughs. Earl is a great series. I would love to watch it, but I had to get away from "Ugly Betty." that will be hard.
  • This show is so funny. As bad as he's been you gotta love Earl.

    This is perfect. A very original script and storyline, runs pretty much standard on each episode, but each one is intrinsically funny.

    Earl is the sensible one with the Epiphany, together with his dim-witted brother provide a brilliant and quite thought-provoking theory to putting right all Earls wrongs.

    The level at which Earl originally was sometimes gets up to gutter level in his previous incarnation as a red-neck needs to be balanced out and quick sharp. Stealing a car from a one-legged lady and to break up with an Ex, his brother told her he had died...Enough said.

    To say it's funny, it is incredibly UN-PC. But you're at home. Laugh. No-ones watching, but just remember, Karmas out there...
  • Funny!!!!!!!!!!!

    From the first to finish a laugh is maintaind. When I was seeing Earl I fall in love with him. I love Earl~~ ~ ~~~ Sometimes it made a deep impression, But It is making funny
    soon. He's acting was very good. In the future I hope to see him. I will go seeing My name is Earl. Right now!
  • White trash comes to national television.

    Not one of my favs, but i watch it anyway because my husband loves it. I have to admit, though, that on occasion I do laugh out loud. The plots in this show are definitly unrealistic, but hey its TV and the characters do make up for it. I think this show, not only has really good stars, but has very good guest stars as well. Its also nice to see people doing good deeds every week, however, the supporting players do not always follow Earl\'s lead in that regard. I don\'t really think many people will be able to relate to the characters in this show, but they are somewhat lovable. It is worth watching because that occasional \"out loud\" laugh will be a good one.
  • Earl realizes that his life is going downhill, because he only does bad things. When he wins the lottery, but loses the ticket when hit by a car, he decides to improve his life by making a list of all the bad things he has done.

    My Name is Earl is funny, and another feel-good shows. The main character sometimes feels too über-good, but you still have to like the man with the moustache. Earl\'s brother is so child-like and stupid, you laugh everytime.

    The writers of the show have really thought about things. The stories are good, and I think this show will go far. There was almost 300 things to do on Earl\'s list, and in every episode, something is corrected.

    You don\'t laugh everytime, sometimes the jokes seem a little forced, but at least you give it a smile. You just are so interested in the list.
  • The show is about this guy called Earl who has been a general bad guy all his life. After being a victim of a car accident, Earl has an epiphany about Karma and decides to reform his ways by making up for all the bad things he had done in his life.

    I love this show because it promotes the idea of being Good. And not in the cheesy, annoying way but in the true trailer-trash American way. The fact that it is genuinely funny helps the show quite a bit. The main cast consists of Earl, his brother Randy, the \"little Mexican Lady\" Catalina, his ex-wife Joy and her new husband Darnell \"Crabman\" Turner. Each episode centers around Earl crossing off one number in his List. This may sound repitive but it just doesn\'t seem like it because you are drawn to it and want to see how he goes through it all. Earl learns, as does the audience, that his actions done mostly out of boredom really do affect his victims as well as people connected to those people. Don\'t get me wrong though, some of his actions had actually done the people some good.

    The comdey, of course, if the main reason i watch it. It really is hilarious. As i said before, the show is about a bunch of trailer-trash Americans living in poverty (for the most part). Although they aren\'t positioned to be pitied. In fact, you really do find yourself loving them all! Even Joy! It may be wrong, but watching the ignorance they potray is comdey and it even makes you look at those things in the way the characters see them. The characters to look at for are Randy and Crabman because they really are the sweetest things in the world!

    Generally, the show has a \"feel-good\" essencence in it that i find hard to resist. Just watch the show!
  • A great show!

    My Name is Earl is one of the few great comedy T.V shows out there today. It stars Jason Lee the ex-pro skateboarder highschool dropout, who was made famous in Mallrats. The show is about a guy name named Earl who after winning the lottery, makes a list of all the bad things he\\\\\\\'s ever done, and trys to make them right.It is a great show with great acting. The story is never dull and it keeps on the floor rolling around laughing the whole every episode. I would highly recommend this show. This show is defently one of my personal favourites. Peace
  • fantastic show

    this show is one of the funniiest shows that has been on tv for a very long time, the cast is suberb especially jaime pressly as joy she is comical, the cast all gel together and i cannot wait for more series to come, congrats to jaime pressly by the way!! i cant really think of anything else to say right now and as the minimum word count is 100 words i will abbale on until i can think of something to fill this space, who ever thought 100 wrods would be hard to write? i never did then again i find 2500 words for my course hard to write!!
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