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  • This show if pretty watchable, but not one of my all-time favourites.

    This show is very funny, but not the kind of funny I am into. I am more into the "South Park" and "Drawn Together" kinds of comedy (rude and ridiculous) but I also like this sort, just not as much.

    Earl's brother (I forget his name) is very funny, and so is his ex-wife. I am glad that the show has some meaning behind it: "Don't be such an Assh0le in life, or else you're just gonna end out as a loser with nothing and everyone will hate you."

    So anyway, overall, a very good show, just not one of my favourites.
  • Redemption of a Man.

    It is a show about a how a many wins the lottery and wants to repent for all his sins he did. This show comes up with some hilarious sequences. Sorry to sound religous at the beginning.But it is how a normal troublesome guy gets a chance to do his wrongs. The show has an endless amount of possiblities you can make it go on forever and end it whenever just by saying its the last thing on the list.
    Amazing comedy, with slapstick humour. It a definete show to watch at least three EP before making up your mind.
  • This show is all anout bad karma.

    This is probably if not the best comedy ever! It's About Earl making up for all the bad things he has done in his life. He made a list of everything he has to make up for. Once he has helped the person who he has done something bad to he can tick them of his list. This show is a pure classic and i can't wait to see more of this show. If you have not yet seen this then i highly recommend that you see it. The season 1 DVD is already out and is well worth the money!
  • it think this show is halarious

    my name is earl is possibly the funniest show on tv beside the office. there is not a stupid episode in the whole show . i think the one with the nuns was great. well the only thing that stinks is that what will happen to the show after earl run out of things or chores t o do in the list. if it is cancelled i do not knpw what i would do.i think earl and randy and . . . all of the characters are pure hilarious and genius. so this could actually be the funiest show ever.
  • Good Karma

    I flipping love this show it is the funniest thing i have seen in ages when i watch it i laugh that hard i cry an come close to wetting myself lol,like at when Randy pulls a pair of kids pants out of a bag puts them on his head and says " look Earl a superhero mask " i nearly died lol,
    In a selfish way i hhope Earl was really bad so his list lasts a good four or five season like i said i love it and could watch it forever, a great show that ticks every box.
  • A tale of redemption where a small time thief wins the lottery and gets hit by a car forcing the loss of the ticket. While reflecting on his bad fortune a TV show explains ‘Karma’ prompting Earl to make a list of all his wrongs he must put right.

    The comedy is very 'Kevin Smith', and is one of the few shows that guarantees belly laugh after belly laugh. Considering the episode themes it's suprising how charming and feel good each show is. Slowly more characters are introduced who then help out in later episodes and become returning guests, so we see Earl's small world expand. The butterfly effect of Earl's quest also en-riches those close around him as they come to lead better lives too. It doesn't portray America at it's best but certainly it's funniest. Excellent and long may it continue...
  • Earl Hickey goes through unbelievable obstacles to make up for past mistakes.

    Earl is a show that I definitely look forward to watching every week. The writing is excellent! You never know what is going to happen to Earl or how he is going to get out of a situation. You are sucked in waiting to see what will come next. Fortunatley, you get to laugh your tail off while you wait. It\'s like a rollercoaster ride that you never want to get off.

    The characters are priceless! Joy is by far one of the most offensive, yet comical, women I have ever seen on a sitcom. Jamie Pressley has made \"Joy\" a character sure to never be forgotten.
  • Earl Hickey goes through unbelievable obstacles to make up for past mistakes.

    Earl is a show that I definitely look forward to watching every week. The writing is excellent! You never know what is going to happen to Earl or how he is going to get out of a situation. You are sucked in waiting to see what will come next. Fortunatley, you get to laugh your butt off while you wait. It's like a rollercoaster ride that you never want to get off.

    The characters are priceless! Joy is by far one of the most offensive, yet comical, women I have ever seen on a sitcom. Jamie Pressley has made "Joy" a character sure to never be forgotten.
  • It\'s definately worth a few laughs.

    Just to give an example of how funny this show is. My dad doesn\'t find many things amusing and he really doesn\'t watch tv. Untill I showed him this show. Now he absolutely loves it, he watched it every week and would talk about it all week till the next episode was on.

    I love Jason Lee so I knew I;d like this show. He is great as Earl. I can\'t see anyone being a better Earl then Jason. I don\'t know who thought of this show but they made the right move by making it. It\'s funny and even though you think you know that he will probably cross off whatever he needs to do that show, you can never predict what\'s going to happen in the process.

    Randy, Earl and Crabman are the funniest characters ever and I love watching how laid back they are. Great Show, worth watching.
  • Nice

    I like this show it is a nice idea- a minor criminal goes straight and tries to right all the wrongs he did in order to satisfy karma. It's not side splitting hilarity but the you will raise a smile, there are some great characters my favourite being Joy, Earl's trailer trash ex wife who will do all she can to get her way. Then there's Randy Earl's simple brother who helps him work his way through his list of people he has done wrong to. All the characters are very likeable and the message of the show, that good thigs happen to good people, is a good one. All in all I think this is a nice, fun family show inoffensive and pleasant to watch, my kids love it too!
  • what am I missing??

    So I was staying with a friend this weekend and had to watch all of the TV that she DVR’d all week while she was at work and this was one of the shows that she watches. Very interesting. I thought the episode was funny just because there was a cat in it and I am a total cat person. But other than that I didn’t really think that it was all that funny. Maybe I am missing something. Oh well…maybe I will catch up with the DVD’s someday, but for now – not planning on adding this to my line-up.
  • So many things wrong with this show, it's not funny!! It's repulsive, irritating, can't believe it survived.

    The concept behind Earl is great, but they went the wrong way with it. Who wants to watch a stupid redneck correct all the bad things in his life? Come on seriously this is just so repulsive it's not funny. I can see maybe the first few episodes, but seriously this is just so far off the wall that I can't really explain how I truly feel. I guess it's yet another disappointing show for NBC, cause yet with "The Office" the ratings are slipping "surprise, surprise". I hope NBC does something soon before it repels even it's loyal fans.
  • This changes completely my perception of Comedies on TV with packed laughs on them, this is extremely original and awesomely fun and casted as best_

    I don\'t watch that much TV, but zapping once, I found the Pilot Episode of this series in a local channel, and I found really fun and original and the writing was amazing, then I got the DVD and watch all episodes at once, kind of 2 episodes a day, as much as I was seeing more I was amazed with the writing, most comedies are plane an simple joke after joke, but this one has a great twist and turns never seeing on a comedy by me, you think something so simple to fix on the list cause so much problem to our anti-hero Earl, now I’m following the second season and can’t get enough of it, the actor are amazing and so many good quotes that make really fun to talk with friends about the show and sometimes quote some funny lines, I hope see more coming, and at the end Earl find the peace he needs, and the Show ends fine, and not Cancelled ‘cause of Fake Ratings, waiting for the second season DVD and on, and on_
  • Awsome show about a man named Earl who is trying to make up for all the bad deeds he has done in his life so Karma doesn't kill him. My name is earl is a highly recommended show that will keep you laughing for hours.

    My name is Earl is in my opinion the best show on tv right now. It is an amazing group of actors in this show that make it so much fun to watch. In my personal opinion Jamie Pressly\'s character \"joy\" is my favorite charcter, not only is she very good looking but she is perfect for the part of the white trash woman living in a trailer park. I loved her in the recent episode \"jump for joy\" and even though she didn't actually say it the comment about the girlscouts being flat chested pigmy sluts was just hilarious.
  • This show is one of the funniest shows I think on T.V. right now. The first episode is about a guy named Earl and he made a list of all of the misdeeds he did and is going to help the people he did something wrong to.

    Man I have only seen like one episode and I just love this show. Zillaman23, my dad, and I watched this show and we were just cracking up so freaking hard. lol I think this show will go on to make a lot of episodes like mabey around 150-200 I hope. The first episode is about a guy named Earl and he made a list of all of the misdeeds he did and is going to help the people he did something wrong to. Like one of them was he broke a thing that meaned a lot to his wife or girlfriend. (I forgot sorry) The only way to get it back was for Earl to win a mother and daughter contest, but he is not a mom. So he helps a mom and a daughter that made a deal with him if they won they would give the award to him, But the girl doesn't want to be a knife thrower. (witch is what the whole family have been) She wants to be a docter, and Earls wife or girlfriend is in it, so the other family that earl is helping tells the little girl to hit earl with a knife and so the girlfriend or wife is soposed to win, but they do not so you will have to watch the whole thing to find out what happens, (If you can take laughing the whole time. lol)
  • Joy is hot.

    8.8 The stories are well written and entertaining. It's weird and silly yet warm and funny. The writers make an effert not to follow the ...check something on the list...add highjinx...cross off the list...morale of the story. The Joy character is dead nuts trailer park (but hot) chick. The fact that it comes on before the Office makes a huge difference but it is good enough to remain there. The straight laced Earl makes the other characters, joy, brother, cartman very funny indeed. The face off between joy and catalina was truly a joy to watch...and enjoy. get it? enJOY!!
  • My Name Is Earl is about the bad life of Earl J.Hickey,until he discovers karma,that is. His life starts to become good in the very first episode.

    I adore this show! It is so funny and goofy and redneck! Randy has to be my favorite character (mainly because he gets some of the best lines),and Earl is a pretty good character,too. I like how he helps people,and how he is a good man! That is what makes this show good programming! It has heart,wit,humor,and some other good qualities. Before this show (specifically,the 2004-2005 television season,aka the season before My Name Is Earl debuted) there was really nothing on tv for me to watch. And then,My Name Is Earl debuted on NBC,and I watched the very first episode,and I loooooved it! I loved the characters and the relationship between the characters,I loved the whole set-up,and I thought that the show was so witty and so funny.
    I still think that the show is great! And,I still watch it on NBC! Overall,My Name Is Earl is definitely one of my favorite tv shows on tv!
  • OMG this has got to be one of the funniest shows ever

    all the quirks in this show just make it one of the funniest dad and I were surfing the chanels and happened to stop on this...we groaned and were about to change it over to something else, but got hooked...I haven't laughed that hard for a weekly show in a long long time...keep it up everyone
  • Hail to The List.

    My Name Is Earl is a funny show about a guy named Earl who after getting hit by a car decides to make a list of all the bad things he's done and correct them. The list of bad things he's done makes each episode unique and is sure to get you interested.
  • Trailer trash - not really for me I guess.

    Well I just watched the 2nd seasons first episode. Nothing new, the same stuff. Earl is just crossing away his list and for me it has turned into a boring routine. Nothing else ever happens.
    And I'm not from the south... or even from usa. I'm from Europe and this southern trailer trash stuff is funny only for so long. It really got old for me really quick. But don't get me wrong, I still get some laughs from this and the actors are doing a good jobs. I just think that the writers are messing up something here.
    If you like it, watch it. :)
  • When FOX passed on this series, they didn't know what they were missing...until now.

    With the mixture of a great cast and writers, this series was bound to be a hit, but I didn't always think that. When the trailers for the TV series first aired before the series began, I knew that this would be a great series. But like a lot of promising TV series that are cancelled and never given a chance, I thought it would only last maybe 15 episodes before it was canned. I never saw it becoming the huge hit that it has become. I was very pleasantly surprised and it is a huge hit and my favorite TV series of all time!!

    What is it about the story that we, as fans, love and keep coming back for? The truth is that Earl is a lovable character. Anyone from any race or background can relate to Earl, a man who is trying to make up for past sins but it isn't as easy as he thought it would be. Earl is real. Jason Lee really does bring the character to life. Ethan Suplee is always a riot as the bumbling brother Randy. A lot of Randy's actions are the improvisations of Suplee himself, and the personal touches that he adds keep me always rolling on the floor with laughter. To put it simply, "My Name is Earl" is just fun. It has been a while since a series has made me want more every week. It never gets old and I always wonder what problem will Earl try to fix next week? With the storyline always changing with each episode and situation, it never does get old. This series hasn't failed to make me laugh with each episode.
  • I need this every Thursday night to get through the week. It's just not the same with out it. It's a very very original comedy that is something anyone could find funny.

    The show follows Earl on his quest to payback to those he wrongfully wronged. Earl is funny as he tries to go through with his list, his brother is twice as funny, and the whole thing with his x-wife, is even funnier. This is truly a masterpiece that I'm glad I found. I started watching it in December along with "The Office" and soon after that the show was getting its best new comedy lable. It's definitly one of those comedies you can tune in anytime and find hilarious. The writing is great, and the concept lets for endless possibilities on where the show could go. So it's that good. I don't know anyone who doesn't watch this, but with NBC's comedy hour block on Thursdays, you gotta give it a try if you don't already watch it. You won't regret it.
  • Jason Lee just keeps getting better and BETTER!

    This show is only going upwards the first season is never the best in my mind(take a look at the first season of the simpsons). Jason Lee is a great comedic talent in the entertainment industry, that is a proven fact. Since I first saw him in \\\"Mallrats\\\", as Brody which he later reprised in \\\"Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back\\\". I was an instant fan I love the movie Mallrats; i could never understand why Kevin Smith would say he was sorry for makeing that gem. Nearly everyone that was in the film is a star today! Ethan Suplee is the dimwitted brother with the golden heart and he is just phenomenal. He gets constant laughs in our house all he really has to do is show up on the screen with the blank look on his face and the way he delivers the dialog is completely HILARIOUS!!! The Rest of the supporting cast is a riot also but since I\\\'ve hit my work limit. The show is funny watch it for a laugh and pleasant 30 minutes in this crazy a** world where people shoot up schools in Montreal! PEACE For real!
  • It makes no sense why I like this show, but I do :)

    Earl , or the guy who plays Earl, isn't really that funny. He's sort of an every man. But he is very likeable in this sitcom, as well as his costars Joy, who serves as the slightly skanky comic relief and his brother. It's a cool show, as well, because it's got feel good elements. This show is surprisingly positive. I'm not sure if Earl has multi-season staying power, but it's a pretty good show to enjoy thus far.
  • The best new show of last season.

    My Name Is Earl and The Office has to be the best hour of comedy on TV in recent memory. I have been a fan of Jason Lee's since Mallrats and he is superb on this show. The mustache is amazing; if I could grow a facial hair like that I would never shave. And the supporting cast isn't bad either; Ethan Suplee (who was also great in Mallrats) is hilarious as Randy, and Jamie Pressly is funny and attractive so that is a plus, and Crabman is just classic. If you aren't watching My Name Is Earl yet, tune in this Thursday, hilarity will surely ensue.
  • I say Influential because insparering wasn't a choice...

    This show is about a man named Earl, who has done rude and thoughtless things to do with his life, but all that's about to change . After a car accident he decides to undo everything . wrighting it down . Checking each one he does, has challenges to overcome and he learns that there is always an apologie even when it doesn't seem like it . This show could be inspirering to anyone who has made bad mistakes ( everyone has ).
  • One of the best comodies in years.

    I love this show it is so funny the character of earl and his brother are so great and they are so funny the whole idea of kharma makes this show so funny. This show is so different to every other show and every episode is very different to the last. I love the first series and cannot wait for the second.

    From the pilot to the season fianle the whole series has been brilliant and you couldnt fault it if you tried. Thank you for making this show and keep on making it as funny as it is it is one of the best american comedies in years.
  • Hilarious

    my name is earl follows an ex criminal trying to change his ways by ticking bad things he has done off his ( karma) list. although none of the episodes after the first episode (first episode was amazing) can compare to it except the season finale. jason lee stars as earl. jamie lee presly stars as his ex wife ( cant remeber her name right now). this show is comedy at its best and the show is interesting and well written every episode. one of my favourite episodes is were he scares the kid and the kid still bes afraid of the dark like six years later. watch the show it is good.
  • Great, quirky show. Even after one season, the whole karma thing has not got old. OK, so it's full of coincidences, but it works.

    I really wasn't sure about this show at the outset, but I gave it my 2/3 episode trial & found it more & more enjoyable. Now I wouldn't miss it & have even enjoyed some episodes more than once (always a good sign in a comedy).
    I like that's it's not a show full of 'beautiful' Hollywood people. These people look like my neighbours (well, some of them ...).
    I'm looking forward to Season 2.
  • Troublesome petty thief Earl has made a list of all his bad deeds and sets to dedicate his life to right a lifetime of wrongs.

    Jason Lee (Almost Famous & The Incredibles) proves that you shouldn’t mess with karma in the innovative comedy series “My Name is Earl”. Earl Hickey (Lee) is a troublesome petty thief who just bought a winning $100,000 lottery ticket but a striking twist of fate lands him in a hospital bed. As he recovers, Earl realizes that karma is punishing him for all the rotten things he’s done. Now, Earl has made a list of all his bad deeds and sets to dedicate his life to right a lifetime of wrongs. “My Name is Earl” is one of the most original comedies to hit television in years. The new NBC comedy has won both viewers and critics and became a refreshing escape from the endless barrage of reality shows. The episodes are creative and flat-put funny. Jason Lee does a good job of acting and narration. “My Name is Earl” also stars Ethan Suplee, Nadine Velazquez, Eddie Steeples and Jaime Pressly as Earl’s cantankerous ex-wife Joy.
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