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  • Very funny show featuring a man that tries to please karma which he thinks will lead him to ghood luck. Will it or wont it?

    Alot of viewers watch this show because it is so hilarious and funny. I can never wait for the next episode of My name is Earl because it simply is one of the best comedies on at the moment. I always look forward to it. I think that every time I watch Earl, and his beard, it cracks me up because it is so unoriginal and hios best friend Kar, is so fat and lazy and is so jokes. I want this show to never end as it is a big favourite of mine, and well done to the actors for making it!
  • My Name is Earl is a decent show, even though some of the characters still need some fine tuning.

    My Name is Earl is one of the few shows on NBC (together with Scrubs) that is really worth watching.

    The story about a loser who acted like an ass his whole life and then experiences the concept of Karma is cleverly set up.

    The stories are funny as well as the characters. However, some of the characters still need some fine tuning. There should be more of Earl's friend Crabman. Also his brother, even though present in most of the scenes, is somehow underappreciated.

    His ex-wife Joy, on the other hand, is hilarious. Her typical Southern drawl makes me smile every time I hear it.

    Apart from that, the show is perfectly fine and I'm sure that with shows like this one (and Scrubs), NBC will move up in the ratings ranking, even though they don't have their juggernaut 'Friends' any more.
  • My secondary best show.Earl is cool.karma is an important thing man.did`nt rebellion to karma.

    Earl`s life is a vary bad man`s life.H is a bad son, badbad brother, bad friend, so, he is completely a bad person.For example, he buys beer to unadult boys, bought he stoles beer from them.
    One day, earl`s luck is turns.He been won a big lottery.After 2 seconds a car hits to earl. in that day, earl to give a decision. he writes all bad things that he did on alist.
    He believes the KARMA,me too.wht ever you done bad in your life,one day, it turns back and find you.if will you do good things, it will be comes to you to be a reward.
  • Yes.... and my name is Lucie. Great comedy!!

    Funny as hell! I love this comedy. Its not on very much in the UK that much anymore. Played every friday on C4 over here, but it has kinda... dissappeared. Sure there still is E4 but.... ANYWAY!! THIS IS FUNNY!! WATCH IT!!!!! it is very enjoyable and Earl and his friend,, ermm... what do you call him? That big guy? Whats his name?? omg i cant remember but the guy who like follows him everywhere. Hes so dumb but hes so hilarious. And that spanish or latin or whatever woman. Why is she there? What exactly does she do? She isnt really even needed in this comedy coz i dont find her funny.
  • Jason Lee plays the quirky Earl with the odd brother Randy.

    Karma is a funny thing, Earl has a list on which he writes every bad thing he has done. He then tries to correct them in the hopes that Karma will be good to him instead of punishing him.

    However hard Earl tries in his attempt to be good he is always thwarted by some obstacle along the way, usually in a very hilarious way.

    Earl's pals Crabman, Joy and Randy are never to far from the fun and always help or be it hinder him in his quest to clear his list.

    My Name Is Earl is a great program whch I hope goes into a second season.
  • This show is my second favorite show.

    This show is funny and smart. Jason Lee is like the best actor in the bussiness (next to Matt Dallas of course). This show is my second favorite show for sure (used to be my favorite but then Kyle XY came out and I made up my mind and chose Kyle XY).

  • funny and alright

    this show has a few problems but its funny. i dont like the whole plot of the story but its a great way to watch time past by. truthfully i have watched this show a few times but what i can tell is that it is only for other people's amusements and have no other sole reason being on tv but to entertain and be talked about. there really is nothing that you hsould follow from watching the tv show other than to be nice to world and the world will be nice to you. too bad earl didnt know that.
  • This show about a guy who wants to make the world a better place, right his wrongs, and become a better person, is absolutely hilarious.

    Oh my gosh. When i first heard about this show, i thought it'd be really good. So i checked it out and it was hilarious! i think this show will be around for a long long long time! And they can make it go that long, too! I mean, he has a list of like, what, 300 wrongs or something? Crazy!

    It's so funny. Karma. haha. Earl has realized what a bad life he's led and figures out that it's all karma. Haha. So what he does, is figure that if he goes back and fixes all his mistakes, that he'll have a better life, because that's what karma is about - what goes around comes around.

    The characters of My Name is Earl are hilarious. Earl - the classic no-good hick, Randy - the loveable, yet bumbling moron, who's just so innocent, Joy - the classic redneck ex-wife with attitude, Darnell/Crabman - the other loveable, awesome friendly guy, who's always willing to forgive, Catalina - the illegal immigrant, who's also got an attitude...i mean all the characters are just great. They're so much fun, and you love them all - well, except maybe Joy. But ya still like her.

    The plot lines are original, and hilarious. It's all so classic. And the relationship between Earl and Randy is adorable and loyal. They always stick together, and help each other out.

    This show is so fantastic, and it really deserves a lot.
  • hillarious

    this is without a doubt the best comedy to come on the air in a decade. i think that jason lee and jamie pressley are two of the funniest people on earth. the whole cast does a great job. the other thing is you never know who is going to show up in a guest role. i hope this show is on for several seasons.
  • An odd but amazingly good show about a guy who just wants to be a better person

    i think this show is really great. the characters are depicted either as people you like or Joy, who is greedy and just not too nice. The jokes are funny, and come on you gotta love randy. He really is the best brother a person could ask for. The karma idea hasnt been done before. Finally, something that isnt a copy. There is also good music. I really love this tv show. I cant wait for the next season. I hope the girl he stole christmas from is there. How did they get a girl who looked so much like the girl from the grinch anyway?
  • A great plot.

    An original plot that’s very entertaining, you don't see that everyday. Earl has done bad things and wants to help make them right. I can easily see this show making season after season of episodes with entirely different funny plots. The show shows us that one little thing that you might have done years ago still has made an impact in the present. I like the idea about how one chance accident changes Earl’s belief in Karma. This series is very well written. My hope is that it will keep on running for many more seasons to yet to come.
  • I love this show!

    \"My Name is Earl\" is the best show to hit network TV ever! It is so fresh and creative. The premise creates opportunities to make every episode different. It is the funniest and most entertaining show I have seen in forever.

    This has to be 100 words long?? Why?? I stated my opinion above in 41 words. I will just say it again and again:

    \"My Name is Earl\" is the best show to hit network TV ever! It is so fresh and creative. The premise creates opportunities to make every episode different. It is the funniest and most entertaining show I have seen in forever.

    \"My Name is Earl\" is the best show to hit network TV ever! It is so fresh and creative. The premise creates opportunities to make every episode different. It is the funniest and most entertaining show I have seen in forever.
  • Why television isn't dead yet...

    Yes, I've been so sickened by reality television which I so abhorr that I've done little more than watch the History Channel an' ESPN as of late, but this clever an' imaginative show hooked me immediately. I've always liked Jason Lee having seen him in Kevin Smith's films like 'Chasing Amy' an' 'Dogma', but Earl Hickey is better than any character he portrayed in any of those movies. It must be understood that I jus' don't relate to New York coffeehouse dwellers or to California transplants, but Earl is the type of guy I feel like I know. This isn't just a joke-a-minute sitcom. These stories are intelligently-crafted, often interweaving different stories by the end (very 'Seinfeld'esque in that respect), an' always ending on a smile-inducing note. It may be a silly premise an' the characters a little ignorant, but believe it or not there is a warm heart at the center of the show that's completely convincing. Earl learns things about himself an' the human race. Every time he crosses something off his list he's taking one step closer to redemption. An' ya gotta cheer him on. You have to be really shallow to not see what's great about this show if you ask me.
  • A guy and his brother trying to make Karma right...

    I am not sure why this silly show makes me laugh but it surely does. Earl is a weird guy, but very likable. And his brother is a little dense, but also likeable. I guess the writers comedy is what makes the show worth watching. And all the actors in the show come together and make the show funny and entertaining to watch even if it is a little silly at times. But if ya need a giggle, this is the show to do it. The concept of him trying to give back what he took is a nice idea. I will keep watching and getting a giggle once in a while.
  • Very funny.

    When I first saw the advert for My Name Is Earl, I was a little sceptical. At first I set out to watch it because of Jason Lee. But when the first episode ended, I knew I had to watch it every week. Not just 'cause of Jason Lee (and the rest of the cast) at his finest, but because the episode was very funny. I'm partial to comedy.
    I loved all the characters instantly, no doubt about it. And as the episodes went on, I didn't start hating them. What was to hate?
    I'm saddened that the series came to a close so fast (it seemed like time flew). And I can't wait for a new series! *Hint hint* =]

  • Simple title, excellent show!

    This show, along with Supernatural, is one of my favourite new shows this year, and only one episode has aired in Australia so far!

    Earl is a very amusing character, and as the main one, he has to be written just right, and the writers take him one step further and make him hilarious and a perfect central person for the show.

    His wife is a great and original character, getting Earl drunk enough to marry her six months pregnant and their second child being the offspring of a black guy, aswell as her divorcing him after he gets in a car accident to be with the father of her second child.

    Overall, this is one show that I plan on watching every week because it has everything: humour, hilarity and entertainment!
  • Very Funny

    This show is great. i love the writing and the way the char interact with each other. i don't know where the show will go because the plot is limited but for now it is a great new show. maybe they can add to the show to make it last longer than 2 seasons because i think that is the life of this show for now. jason lee is a great cast also with jamie she brings a lot to the show also anyway i think that everyone should check it out i am waiting to see the next season.
  • Very entertaining, but will it last?

    This show follows the life of Earl Hickey, a man re-born after being run over and discovering Karma.
    Earl believes that the force of karma is present every where and is constantly enforcing the rule "do good things, and good things will happen to you. Do bad things and bad things happen to you"
    So Earl decided to write a list of every bad thing he has ever done and sets out to right his wrongs and cross each thing off his list, but Earl hasn't been a good person and its a very long list.
    Some hilarious situations but unfortunately it could have a limited lifespan, there are only so many wrongs he can right.
  • good

    I watch this show because it is hillarious. It has spunk and I peronally like spunk. It is such an awesome show. Its just so awesome. It makes you wonder how many things you have done bad to other people. I also wonder if I wrote a letter to go and do better how many people would be on that list. I also wondered if those people would ever forgive me and if me making it better actually work, or would it just blow up in my face. I also ask myself if I would be the doing the right thing, or would it just backfire and mess up, by me doing something wrong?
  • i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My name is earl is great and is also funny.

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  • =)

    I watch this show because it is hillarious. It has spunk and I peronally like spunk. It is such an awesome show. Its just so awesome. It makes you wonder how many things you have done bad to other people. I also wonder if I wrote a letter to go and do better how many people would be on that list. I also wondered if those people would ever forgive me and if me making it better actually work, or would it just blow up in my face. I also ask myself if I would be the doing the right thing, or would it just backfire and mess up, by me doing something wrong?
  • For Earl Hickey, con man not-so-extrordenare, it took gettin' hit by a bus for him to realize the error of his ways. Hey, he's just trying to be a better person...

    My name is Earl, centres around declassified redneck "Pay-my-parking-ticket" Hickey, whose life is littered with minor offences and small cons and robberies.
    One morning, after buying his daily fix of scratchy tickets, he finally wins big, in his excitement, Earl runs out in to the road, just as an old lady drives by....

    In hospital, Earl learns about "Karma", the force, in which some believe that decides what will happen next in your life, deppending on how you act towards others. Earl thinks that somehow, if he makes up for the errors in his ways, he might get his winnings back.Earl makes a list of all the bad things he's done.
    Together with his dog-brained brother, Randy, ex-wife, Joy, Joy's boyfriend, Darnell (aka "Crabman") and illegal immigrant, Catilina, they pledge to fix every error in Earls life, from losing political elections to stealing cars,and complete the list.
    Even if Randy may think when they've done, they can celebrate by stealing a bottle or two.
  • Hilariousness ensues in every episode!

    No matter how hard Earl and Randy try to cross something off the list it never goes according to plan. Eventually they do get to cross something off the list but getting to that point is always funny. I can't believe I didn't watch this show from the start. I only found it channel surfing once upon a time and I haven't missed an episode since. It's hard to choose a favorite character, they are all so great. I think that Randy is the funniest though, he is so innocent. It's a great show and you always get a laugh from it so I suggest that everyone starts watching it!
  • My name is Earl is an absoulutely terrible show how anyone can find it funny is beyond me.

    The show is far to straight forward and it is near enough the same story every week. Earl finds something on his list, he tries to put it right but somthing goes wrong, "luckily" he soon fixes that probelem and so he can get on with his task and eventually (after 20 minutes of painful watching) crosses it off his list. I don't know how simple minded anyone would have to be to find this show funny. There are no clear cut jokes a part from Earls dozy brother and that got tiring after one show. Every episodes predictability almost gives it "so bad its good" status but I would not want to associate the word good with the show. I'm sorry if you like the show but with all the hype it got before it first aired it was a huge disappointment and much to simple for my liking.

    Anthony Reardon
  • funny

    Very funny. I really love this show because it is really about doing whats right. You dont get that very often these days. Its all about Karma. Earl discoveres Karma and from there makes a list of all the bad things he has done. One by one he starts making them up to whoever he did this bad dead and repairs it. As he goes fixing them he keeps ketting good karma. Whenever he ignores any bad deed he does karma goes after him. It really is a great show because it makes you not want to do anything to "upset karma". hehe. Anyway its a great show, i recommend it.
  • My Name Is Earl is an American sitcom created by Greg Garcia. It is produced by 20th Century Fox. It appears on NBC in the United States, Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, Channel 6 in Ireland, Jack TV in the Philippines, TV3 in New Zealand and Global TV

    Earl Hickey, a scruffy, petty crook with occasional run ins with the law, whose newly-won $100,000 lottery ticket is lost when he is hit by a car. He develops a belief in the concept of karma when he hears about it during the Carson Daly show while lying in his hospital bed after the accident. He decides he wants to turn his life around. After a few good deeds, his $100,000 ticket comes back to him. With his new lucky money, he proceeds to make a list of all the bad things he's done, and cross items off that list, one-by-one.

    Suplee plays Earl's "simple" but generally very kind hearted younger brother Randy, who is his sidekick as Earl seeks to amend for his past transgressions. Pressly is his ex-wife Joy. The show also stars Eddie Steeples as Joy's husband Darnell, and Nadine Velazquez as Catalina, a good-hearted friend and maid at the hotel where the Hickey brothers live.
  • The only reason I'm adding this is for balance.

    I know that there are a lot of fans of MNIE but I have to say that personally, I don't and can't dig it. Sure kharma connections are fun but really its been done. Also everyone on the show is so annoying. The characters are written to be stupid on purpose, and thats whats so funny about the show. Wow. Big deal. Drunk arts students do plays like these all the time. What so great about it just because its on national television? I think that I would rather watch beautiful teenagers sleep with each other in southern california thank you very much. Then again...
  • Earl is a petty criminal who won the lottery due to karma and now has a list of his misdeeds and tries to make them up to people in his town.

    My name is Earl is probably one of the best shows on TV that is not animated. This is because not just because of its hilarious comedy but also because of the mysterious karma that helps and occasionaly punishes him for misdeeds. But probably the best thing about it is that Earl despite all problems always comes out on top making the good guy always win against all adversity. And everybody loves the good guy winning in the end. Another thing great about this show is the people Earl targeted as a bully and a petty thief. Most of these people are hilarious and have various emotional problems which are resolved when Earl crosses them of his list making everyone happy except Joy his evil ex wife who is definitly the funniest character after Darnell, Joys new husband. That is why My name is Earl is an awesome show.
  • Very good and funny show with great actors

    My name is earl is one of the funnyest shows that is running right now. Earl is a guy who gets hit by car and start bealiving in carma, and he will try to make up all the bad things he has done, trying to be better person. The shows ideo is great and actors really can play their roles, Jason Lee is great actor and I wos suprised to see him play Earl but the role really suits him, but he looks really old with that haircut and beard. The show is funny and has a moralt to every show, I think my name is Earl makes us wanna be better person, if we onli had 100000 dollars;)
  • Not only is it great, but it's only 30 minutes.

    it's a rare thing these days to see a show that can be chock full of great stories and excellent plot, awesome charactersand the best part, it's only taking up 30 minutes of my life.

    It's also refreshing to see that a show has a good theme to it. No one is sleeping with someone else's husband behind his back, no one is addicted to drugs. And for once a show is NOT pushing an adgenda. The only real propaganda i can see it this show is , to quote bill & ted "Be excellent to each other." Besides that, this show is just plain FUNNY.

    Kudos to NBC for Giving the shows creator Mr. Garcia and Jason Lee, whom i see is now producing the show, a shot at doing something differnt. And to all of them for being so bold and daring to bring TV back to what it used to me. A medium for good entertainment.

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