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  • Very good and funny show with great actors

    My name is earl is one of the funnyest shows that is running right now. Earl is a guy who gets hit by car and start bealiving in carma, and he will try to make up all the bad things he has done, trying to be better person. The shows ideo is great and actors really can play their roles, Jason Lee is great actor and I wos suprised to see him play Earl but the role really suits him, but he looks really old with that haircut and beard. The show is funny and has a moralt to every show, I think my name is Earl makes us wanna be better person, if we onli had 100000 dollars;)
  • Not only is it great, but it's only 30 minutes.

    it's a rare thing these days to see a show that can be chock full of great stories and excellent plot, awesome charactersand the best part, it's only taking up 30 minutes of my life.

    It's also refreshing to see that a show has a good theme to it. No one is sleeping with someone else's husband behind his back, no one is addicted to drugs. And for once a show is NOT pushing an adgenda. The only real propaganda i can see it this show is , to quote bill & ted "Be excellent to each other." Besides that, this show is just plain FUNNY.

    Kudos to NBC for Giving the shows creator Mr. Garcia and Jason Lee, whom i see is now producing the show, a shot at doing something differnt. And to all of them for being so bold and daring to bring TV back to what it used to me. A medium for good entertainment.

  • different but yet funny

    This is a strange show as it deals with characters who are total rednecks and not in the good sence of the word ( is there is such ). Yet the show is funny and educational and ends up dealing with issues similar to the ones that pop up in everyone's life. I like Jason Lee a lot and him going from Bankie to Earl was a weid transformation for me but it actually works for him. It just comes to show that he is a good actor. There couldn't have been a better actor to play Earl and one of the reasons why this show works is Jason. The plot is plain and for the most part dumb but yet Jason pulls it off. All in all it's a good comedy show worth watching.
  • My Name is Earl teaches the valuable lesson of virtue in life. It blends comedy with kindness of the heart which makes it such a great show.

    My Name is Earl is about a man who was a thief. He stole everything he could with his girlfriend and brother. But later, he won the small lotto. But, while celebrating, a car hit him and knocked the ticket out of his hand. Earl then learned about karma, it was then that he swore a vow, he made a list of all the bad things he'd done and swore to apologize for eazh and every one of those things. The show shows comedy mixed with a moral. His friends, brothers, and now, ex-girlfriend will help him out but also get him into trouble. My Name is Earl is a stunningly great show.
  • good show good episodes

    this show is about an unlucky bas***rd he does nothing but bad things and wonder why his life is a piece of sh*t, he finds out about karma and decides to begin a new life but doing good things to conpensate the bad thingas he has done. anyway this is an entretatining, funny show that will make you think if you have been good in your daily life its has like a moral at the en of some episdoes and it has good actors funny ones, and dumb ones, i you are bored and have nothing todo watch this show you might just enjoy it.
  • Off the wall and Ahead of its time!

    This show is indeed off the wall and ahead of
    Its time with independent star Jason Lee as Earl, the
    Con artist but he's very lovable and well-liked! As he strikes it big and wins the lottery while also trying to
    Redo the wrongs of his path and do the right thing
    Even if it is to the chargin of those he offended in the past or to himself!
    Grat show and great acting and writing!
  • Earl Hickey, has done nothing but bad things his whole life until he wins the lottary. Thinking that luck is his lady he gets hit by a car as the ticket blows away, while in the E.R he finds out about Karma and decides to do good.

    When I first heard about My Name Is Earl I laughed cause the concept alone was funny, a red neck troublemaker has a change of heart because of Karma. But I had my doubts about the show, will it really live up to its expections? And it does with a comedy-packed cast: Earl Hickey, the guy whose out to change his life to live a better one, Randy Hickey the "simple" minded brother whose always messing up and creating huge laughs. The show goes to prove that Karma is a...well they said I can't swear so I reserve that statment.
  • My 2nd Favorite Show

    I LOVE This Show My Friend Though (tv-fanatic) is Obsessed With This How. My and tv-fanatic Will Just IM Each Other On What We Thought Was The Funniest. Me and tv-fanatic Always Talk About Karma Now. We Knew What Karma Was But Earl Really Opened Our Eyes To It Better Then in School.
  • Earl the Pearl

    Earl is a show I did not expect to like but I do. Earl is such a funny guy and he is surrounded by such a great cast. My favorite is his ex wife Joy. Jaime Pressley does a great job as a redneck ex from Hell. His brother Randy is funny also and I can't wait to see what wrong they will try to straighten out next. Some of the shows are less funny than others but I look forward to the show every week. Good job writers, just keep dishing us some more Earl.
  • Original and well written

    I started watching My name is earl searching for a great new comedy show. What I found was a good "weird" show. I mean, this is not an usual comedy, actually it made me laugh only a few times. What I like about the show is the story, the story of this guy trying to redeem himself from all the crimes and bad stuff he's done. Every episode it's like one of those "friends night" in college: you know where you start from but you definitely don't know where you're gonna end up. The actors do a great job portraying these strange characters during the developement of this amazing story. If you want something new or you're tired from the other show, this is your right choice. If you're not, well, this is the right choice too!
  • Earl rocks!

    I never thought I'd like this show, or any similar to it. However, My Name Is Earl is the best sitcom I've watched in years, possibly the best after Friends ended. The concept of the show is quite simplistic and a little bit stupid but the show itself is very good. What makes Earl such a hit is the great cast, namely Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee as well as the others, but the chemistry between those two is truly great. Overall the first season was great and I can't wait for the season finale and then the second season. I cannot help but wonder though what they'll do when he runs out of "things on his list"..but I'm sure he'll never run out..
  • This show is (almost) better than scrubs! If you like Scrubs, you\'ll be down with My Name Is Earl.

    I can\'t believe I have not been watching this show since the beginning! I love it!
    If you\'ve all but given up on network sitcoms because they are getting so dull and predictable; My Name Is Earl will pull you out of your boredom. It is destined to become a classic, and a TIVO saver(you will want to watch it again and again).
    Honestly, there\'s not an unfunny moment in the whole show, so get your snacks before hand, or during the commercial,because you wont want to miss a thing. After all, its the show everyone will be talking about the next day.
  • TV's much needed new blood

    * 56: Stole Liquor from Liquor store
    * 57: Told Joy Dan D(writing illegible) messed himself on the (rest cut out of frame)
    * 58: Fixed a high school football game
    * 59: Everything I did to Dad
    * 60: Pulled fire alarm
    * 61: Stole Mom's car (but I gave it back)
    * 62: Faked death to break up with a girl
    * 63: Wasted electricity
    * 64: Spray Painted The bridge
    * 65: Cost Dad the election
    * 66: Let mice out at school play
    * 67: Stole beer from a golfer
    * 68: Blew up mailboxes
    * 69: Cheated on School tests a lot

    I loved the show........but what I loved most was finally seeing something that showed some semblance of an original thought. Time will tell how good or bad this show is but I think it is off to a great start..Almost every show that debuts today is simply the repackaging of a previous idea or concept.My name is Earl is an obvious attempt to provide something different and hopefully far better than todays traditional boiler-plate sitcom model.Expect that this show will break new ground in television and someday will be mentioned with other shows like "Married with Children " or" All in the Family" that stretched the limits while showcasing the dysfunctional direction of family life in todays America.
  • Earl Hickey just wants to get his life back together. With him, his brother Randy, and the maid Catalina, they work together do cross off all the bad things he's done throughout his life.

    I think, though this is only it's first season, they're going to be goin' for a while. It's so white trash, but it appeals to everyone. This show is what NBC has been needing, because without Friends and the recent cancellation of Joey, they need Earl. The way it's been going, he's not going anywhere.
  • A comedy for the new generation!

    An exhilarating comedy from creator Gregory Thomas Garcia staring Jason Lee as a man who decides to better his life after he thinks karma is out to get him. Creating a list of over 200 incidents that he has done through out his life he sets out to right all his wrongs one by one.

    With a dignified supporting cast joining Lee on his journey such as Ethan Suplee and Jaime Pressly, The show provides wall to wall laughs crammed all into a half hour show that only gets better by each episode passing and will make even the most tightly wound people laugh out loud.

    Each actor and actress complements each other in an exceptional way and all have great on screen chemistry wether it's a set up to a gag or just a facial expression they never seem to fail in their attempts to make us roar with laughter.
  • Earl Rules

    That's all I really have to say but this review has to be a hundred words so I will keep going. Earl is just a different show it continues off where it left off on the last episode making you feel like you are living every moment of Earl's life with him. It has a great cast, everyone's character is thought out so well and everyone has an important part of the show.

    It's also the first good new show on tv, there is so much crap on tv i really feel that My Name Is Earl saved tv. With its old episodes great cast and unbelieveable staying power My Name Is Earl could be one of the greatest shows of all time.

  • My Name is Earl is a hit in my books...

    The TV show My Name is Earl is about a guy named Earl who tries to fix what he did in the past. Earl decides to write all the bad thing he did in the past on his notebook and tries to fix them. When l first saw this TV show l thought its was going to be a failure of a show but l started to hooked on the show. The show l think is funny and crazy sometimes.

    My Name Is Earl is 1 hour long which l think makes it greater. What makes this TV show a must watch is that it tries to be funny and doesn't fail, the storys are well written, and the people who play the characters play them very well in my books.
  • struggling petty crook Earl has accident, wakes up with strong belief in karma (thinks bad karma led to his accident), resolves to right the many wrongs he has committed and so change his karma.

    Watched the first few episodes, which were genuinely funny in parts, but the series ran out of steam by episode three. Basically a 'one-gag-show' the series now chugs along with really corny and laboured jokes and situations. Characters are not only unreal but unbelievable, situations are ridiculous, the show is embarrassing to watch. But it doesn't have to be this bad - make the situations a bit closer to reality and lose some of the sub-juvenile humour and there is a really funny show in here somewhere.
  • A wise guy tries to make things right.

    "My Name Is Earl" is NBC's original comedy, as well as their greatest hit show. With a great cast, a witty plot and nice episode ideas, this show has found its place in the comedy genre.

    The show focus on con artist Earl, who's actions usually results in a case of bad lucks. On what's possibly his worst luck yet, Earl learns about karma, and decided to make things right for everyone that he had crossed path with, as well as making his life much better.

    With a second season coming this fall, and possibly more to come, "My Name Is Earl" is no doubt, a comedy to make great laughs for everyone.
  • So Much of this show is a Sunday School Lesson and Much Needed by our Totalitarian government

    Last night was a case in point. Not only does Earl learn that sometimes you don't have to do penance, you can get forgiveness from someone you've harmed. "And a child shall lead them": so it was 'his' 2 kids that taught him to do this when the funland he was supposed to take them to years ago was not now closed.
    Also, the fact that his brother actually burned down the barn, not him, at the Bad Boys camp made for some interesting twists. And the fact that 'Crabman' and the brother are such kind souls makes me cry. Of course 'Joy' is the foil and is there to keep it from getting too sentimental.
    Whoever the writers are for this series, long may they last. It's a great show.
    Course Jason Lee is REALLY good looking and sexy....which doesn't hurt at all.
  • Earl won the lottery and decides that he has to make right on all the "wrongs" he's done in the past.

    Earl as someone who won the lottery and needs to do good things to get good Karma is a little bit like 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd but a whole lot funnier. I like the twists and the gentle comedy. I really get home early on Thursdays (that\'s when it shown here locally) just to catch it. And it hasn\'t let me down yet!
  • Earl Hickey is a petty thief who wins the lottery and is hit by a car. While in the hospital he has an epiphany and begins to believe in Karma. He makes a list of all the bad things he's done in his life and vows to make them right.

    This show follows in the footsteps of the great "blue-collar" sitcoms, i.e. Roseanne & Married with Children just to name the two most influential. The characters are true to life and imbibe the most widely known stereotypes in society today. Although stereotypical the characters have alot of true life storylines:examples are trailer park life, Y2K, biracial couples, & illegitimate children. The show is not only a great comedy but also adds some drama with the emotions of the characters and the situations they are put in. Overall, MNIE has great writing and actors that make the show an enjoyment to watch.
  • My Name is Earl stars Jason Lee as a white trash crook looking to reform his ways. After winning a lottery ticket and getting hit by a car immediatley after, he is convinced that in order to turn his life around, he must make up for his bad deeds.

    I will tell you why I love My Name Is Earl and why you should too.

    1) Earl has done some wacky stuff. Stole a car from a one legged girl, fixed a golfer\'s game to get free beer, only a show with talented writers like Earl\'s can come up with these things.

    2) Hey Crabman! Earl and Darnell\'s relationship cracks me up. No matter what the situation, Darnell always says Her Earl, and Earl says Hey Crabman. This is likely to become one of the shows memorable lines.

    3)Randy is an idiot. Earl\'s brother Randy says the dumbest things that never fail to make me laugh. Plus that dazed, far off look he always wears make for a great character.

    4)Jamie Pressley is perfect as Joy. Not only is she hot, but her sharp insults and judgemental remarks (half-fruit)are one of the highlights of the show. She is the perfect white-trash woman.
  • Karma it's a funny thing.

    This show is great. I missed the first couple of episodes when it was on channel 4 in the uk but now I watch it every week. The show is funny because the characters are are so dumb they are brilliant. Randy has to be my favourite. The show is such a simple idea but the best one always are.

    I watch very few comedys like because I am not a big fame of american humor but this is a must-see show. Earl lets hope the list is really as long as you say it is becaus ethsi emans we can have lots of new episodes
  • cool show!!!

    i love this show!!!!! its so funny, i love shows taht dont point out the funny parts (THE OFFICE)!!!!! i love taht fact that the show touches on the force of karma and how your actions affect your life!!! the show rocks, I am such a big fan of the show!!!
  • Earl Hickey along with Randy his brother work on a list to make up for all the bad things hes [earl] done. and of course theres Joy, Crabman, and Catelina to make it even more funny!

    Oh My Gosh! how do I describe the amount you laugh during this show! It is the funiest show I believe i've ever seen. that's why I gave it a 9.5. just it's funniness deserved a 9.0. It's great and did I mention funny as snot! and you can tell they meant for this show to look like these people are down from the country. well... I dont know about all the characters but when they found Joy! I know she doesn't sound like it in real life but on that show they got her to act like for real white trailer trash. reminder; I know she's not like that for real.
  • Funny show, with really good characters.

    My Name is Earl is about a guy who wins a small lottery and changes his ways, Earl's life is bad choices and bad moves. Earl makes a list of all the little bad things and the bigger things.
    Earl discovers that he is the owner of the winning ticket and gets hit by a car. He recovers in the hospital and changes his way.
    My Name is Earl is a really funny show, it has funny and sometimes dirty humor, and can still retain some good lessons. The show has an original sense of humor, it's differnet from many shows on TV today.
  • What a wonderful show!

    I'll be honest when i first saw the previews for this show i didn't think it would last. I didn't really start watching until it switched nights and for the first time in years i have found myself not tuning into CSI on thursday nights. Don't get me wrong i love CSI but, with the march madness stuff going on i've just gotten hooked on Earl. This show combines comedy and heart. I've never been a big Jaime Pressly fan but, she is perfect in this show. I just hope they keep up the great work and that this show is around for a very long time.
  • My Name is Earl is a fantastic show. I enjoy every episode.

    My Name is Earl is one of the most unique television shows to come to television in a long time. It\'s not like other shows airing right now. It\'s different and very funny. I look forward to it every week. I can\'t wait until the first season comes out on DVD.
  • Classification says it all

    This show is about Earl, a former troublemaker who discovers Karma, and tries to make up for all the bad things he\'s done in his life.
    This show is probably one of my favorite shows these days. All the characters and jokes are hysterical. I don\'t know if I would like the show as much if Randy weren\'t on it.
    \"There\'s no water in this water tower. Why don\'t they just call it a tower?\"

    However I do wish the show were on more than one day a week. Oh well, at least I have something to look forward to on Thursdays.
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