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  • Bring it back!

    I still watch this show on Netflix everyday. This is one show that should be brought back. The way it was canceled is unbelievable. Why do that to the fans of the show. I love the show because after watching it, I changed my life. I stop doing bad things and started to believe in Karma. I volunteer and help people more than I have before. Please bring the show back!
  • Bring back the show u ended WITH A PART 1!!!!!! (my name is earl)

    Ok My name is earl was a AWESOME show about a man trying to right the wrongs in his life he goes through

    tons of challenges like winning the lottery then getting hit by a car which sends him to the hospital then his wife Joy walks in and hands him a divorce paper he signs then she hands him his stuff. THATS JUST THE FIRST EPISODE! That episode made me repeatedly watch episode after episode you get the idea, Then i got to dodges dad that was a awesome episode but at the end my screen turned black and said.. TO BE CONTINUED... Are u kidding me you end a show in TO BE CONTINUED!? Just because you didn't have the numbers of viewers YOU wanted?! I loved the show my family loved the show! ALL THESE PEOPLE LOVED THE SHOW! And then you expect us to be ok with Raising hope? YOU HAVE TO END WHAT YOU STARTED!!!!!!!! Not in a part 1!!!!!!! The characters are funny adorable low life losers A THOUSAND WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST BRING BACK MY NAME IS EARL
  • Amazing

    This show is funny. From the quirky jokes and the character traits are just funny. Randy is my favorite. He is always making a dumb remark that always makes me laugh. My favorite is when Earl was broke and trying to sell his car.
  • They Should Make A Movie Or The ReallyLast Season

    I think they should make a movie or another season because in the episode "Dodge Dad" they found out who his real father is. And on the paper work it said that Darnell wasnt the real father to Earl Jr. Which said "To Be But they stop and they should finish off.
  • About this series

    It had great casting in season one and acting for Jaime Pressly in season two.
  • Please bring My name is Earl back

    This show was great ! Everyone i knew loved it hopefully they bring it back !

    What I think is that you all need to bring back the show because 1: is was good wholesome & funny 2: it doesn't make since for you to end a show at the end of season 4 and not bring it back when you all ended it with a TO BE CONTINUED.....
  • Still missing this show

    I just loved it when Burt Chance kicked the boss of NBC in tha nuts for canceling My name is Earl. I really like Raising hope, but i still miss Earl Hickey and the gang. While we should not linger in the past, this show has been canceled for 4 years now, i hope there will be a show as refreshing as this show was. In the meantime i will enjoy Raising Hope and hope for an renewal of Cougar Town.
  • Bring back my name is earl

    i think all of us earl fans should go on strike or make a petition on a website to bring back "my name is earl" no one liked raising hope, "My name is earl" is an original and needs to come back, who cares if the show got a little less viewers, why do we have to suffer, all of us???
  • Bring My Name Is Earl Back

    Don't understand why this show was canceled because there were at least a hundred more things he needed to cross off of his list Wish you would bring it back or at least tell us who dodges father is!!!!!
  • Bring back Earl dummies

    I am pretty mad that my name is Earl stopped playing the last one I have seen is dodges dad please tell me that there are more episodes I want to find out who Darnells son is does anyone know.

    One of the best shows that has been on in years and they cancel it !!
  • awesome show

    love this show! me and my two boys watch it every night! its their favorite show. to bad they dont make anymore :(
  • I miss My Name Is Earl :(

    Such an amazing, heart warming show. I love the message it sends out and I love all the individual characters personalities! It never failed to have me laughing my a$$ off! If anyone is looking for a great comedy to add to their netflix, this is IT! I never really understood the show until I had the chance to watch it from the beginning(just like every show, you have to understand the story) I regret never giving it a chance because it's really one of the best shows i've ever seen! I wish they would bring it back especially because there are so many fans and this show has an 8.9 rating! No one understands why it was cancelled. I hope this show has a comeback!
  • Doesn't make sense...

    This was a very solid and heartwarming show, and it seems to have a fairly strong support group even though it's been cancelled for years now... networks need to stop wasting their time and money drafting flop after flop when there are valuable series' like this one floating around out there with a built in fan group just itching to get their show back... There aren't many truly good shows these days; this is one of them. good writing, good actors, good humor, and a great message. It's a same that things like doing good things to others is being beat out by crappy reality show like jersey shore and the like... We're losing all show that have any substance to them.
  • One of the best shows ever made!!! Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!! o_o

    This is one of the best TV-show-ideas that were produced in the last 2 decades! Its funny, sympathetic, refreshing and has a real good message! This is one of the shows I want my kids to see, cause it conveys values in a funny way. Its from a pedagogical point of view genius! Also love the characters and their journey.

    I bet it got canceled for some mind dulling dance-, casting- or bachelor-show. When will TV-stations learn that noone needs those *** up shows. Give us Earl back! The show still has "973,316" fans on Facebook. A million fans! C'mon don't you see it? It's 70,000 more people then the "bachelor". And its canceld for a pretty long time. STILL ! So many likes!!! Who will buy "The Bachelor" or "American Idol" etc. on DVD? NOONE! -_- Cause its *** that noone really wants to see. So please bring quality back on air! Bring EARL BACK!!!
  • Earl Hickey...enough said!


    My Name is Earl is a hilarious show about a man who is making up for his bad lifestyle by helping those he hurt, stole from or ruined. He understands that Karma will come back to bite him in know what area. With the help from his brother Randy and motel maid, Catalina, Earl helps people from all over the community to avoid Karma. Darnell & Joy also add a lot of laughs to this show.

  • I love Earl, I WISH THEY WOULD MAKE NEW EPISODES INSTEAD OF THE OFFICE OR FRIENDS OR ANY OF THE OTHER GAY ASS SHOWS!! BRING EARL BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, i dont know who reads these, but who ever does please pass this on ....... bring my name is earl..back. The show is awsome. and it totally sucks that they moved the office into the evening slot taking Earl over, it is a let down to us Earl fans! Bring earl Back. really this seriously needs to happen. like as soon as possible. the whole cast is great and just come on already. i am running out of things to type. and i cant write less than 100 words on this review so come on Bring Earl Back Already!
  • Why the hell is this show gone?

    Dear NBC, What the hell were you thinking? Not only did you cancel My Name Is Earl but you canceled it at a point in the show where we were to find out that most likely Earl was Dodges father! What is wrong with you guys I'm trying to think of any other show worth 2 craps that I would watch on NBC but I can't. If you guys were half smart you would bring it back but knowing NBC they wont because by god we need more time slots for the cape and chuck and whatever else your playing. So FU NBC you guys suck!!!!
  • Brilliant, original and funny as hell, "My Name Is Earl" stands as one of the most positive tv shows I've ever seen.

    A few tv shows impressed me as much as My Name Is Earl. Though it may seem nothing special at first glance, this shows soon proves brilliant in so many ways. Earl is a small-time crook, who suddenly realizes his life sucks because of the many bad things he's done to other people. So he decides to devote his life to do an equal amount of good: he wants to make up to every person he did wrong and make peace with his karma.
    Aside from the brilliant scripts and the many funny situations and dialogues in this comedy, the one thing that truly makes its mark is the sensation of sheer positivity it brings you. I've never seen a character so devoted to the sake of others, thus delivering a message of altruism and hope without being cheesy. While other tv shows can only make me sad or nervous, My Name Is Earl actually delivers a refreshing experience. With all the people who step on us every day, we all wish we had an Earl to watch over us!
  • Pick up Earl

    It sucks the show ended, I really enjoyed watching it and will miss all the good and bad times Earl had. I believe Earl was the part of us that always did bad stuff, regreted it, wanted to make for it and never did. He did it in a way to make us laugh and think about life and our surroundings how our actions effect other people and different situations. I wish the show would have lasted at least two more years cause I would have like to have seen how it ended (without being dropped). Good moral attitude, somewhat.
  • The show's character's are so stupid they are funny!

    My Name Is Earl (Or Just Earl) is about this guy who used to be a criminal. One day a series of events cause him to loose a winning lottery ticket, making him believe in karma. He is not out to mend all of the bad deeds he did in his 'Past Life'. Earl, Randy, Catalina, Joy, and Crabman all come together to make this show outrageously funny. There lack of recognizing the obvious, and Randy's 'Special Behavior' add even more comedy to the show. Every episode, Earl goes after a different number on his list, but oftenly he mends more than one at a time. I strongly reccommed this show as it stands out of all the other comedies on NBC.
  • My Name is Earl is a funny and creative show that needs to be brought back.

    My name is Earl is a funny and creative show that was canceled too soon. It has a blue collar theme with funny interesting characters that you can like even if they are supposed to be a bad character. The show follows Earl, a former bad guy turned good to appease karma. He believes that karma is responsible for his problems and crummy life. His wife/ex-wife Joy is a great character, bunny, sexy, and really great fun to watch. Joy makes the show for me, she is great. His brother Randy is the stereotypical dumb guy character that you cant help but like, and feel sorry for him. She later married Darnell, who is a total character himself, he is on the run and in the witness protection program. In conclusion, the show is an adult show, that has some child like humor, but its not childish. Its down home humor that is warm and teaches us lessons about ourselves and life itself. Bring back Earl! TW
  • Earl Hickey and brother Randy lead criminal lives. Steals a lottery ticket, wins $100,000. Walks into the street and is hit by a car. Goes to hospital watches Carson Daly who preaches Karma and the list is created and the hillarity begins.

    I know sometimes that shows are not fan favorites, but when a show that has many positive messages I do not understand why it gets canceled. Sometimes stupidity is funny. I have read some of the other views and I do not see how season 4 was not funny. Maybe the audience did not get some of the significance of how shows have to resolve or illustrate how people or things got to where they are. Example the Estrada or nada was funny when you relate how Eric Estrada is so full of himself and then have people challange him. Finding out about the Crabman I thought was very funny. May be the writers got bored but isn't their job to keep everyone entertained. I guess if Earl was a reality show it probably would still be on. Many people with no talent tryout for these reality shows, when Earl was a reality show portrayed by actors. What a shame for a qualiity show to be dumped on and put in the trash. I hope someone picks it up and rekindles the series. Miss you Earl.
  • my name is earl

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  • I started to wath this show from the beginning and i liked it, but now i'm up to season 3 and its he best show on tv (next to Scrubs)

    I started to wath this show from the beginning and i liked it, but now i'm up to season 3 and its he best show on tv (next to Scrubs). earl starting to do good thing to make up for his mistakes is just an to perfect and original idea, that much because he's what he is. my personal favourite in the show is ofcourse Randy, he's too funny and very easy to like. one of the funnyest thing was when they tried to make policeman to be a hero and randy said they sholud put him to wrestle with an octopus and then earls response (i'm not going to write it, look it up).
    i just hope they never stop filming the show beause i wont have anything to watch. please don't stop filming it.

    p.s. jamie pressly is the hottest women on earth
  • Karma at its very best!

    I believe that "My Name is Earl" is quite simply the best show on television. It's honest, funny, sweet, thought-provoking and down-right fun! All of the characters are enjoyable to watch. The main characters (Earl, Randy, Joy, Darnell, Catalina) and the minor characters (Kenny, Didi, Patty, Ralph, Frank, etc.) are well-developed and well-written. They may be psychotic, drunk, or delusional, but they're funny! The concept of karma has been watered down to a very basic level. When the show first debuted, some religious groups who believe in karma were offended at the "easy" premise of how karma works. While that may be a concern, I think the premise of the show is redemption. It's not too late to turn your life around if you are really committed to doing so. It isn't always easy, but good things happen when you do. Watching Earl check things off of his "list" is funny and heart-warming. I recommend this show to everyone!
  • Earl J. Hickey is a small-time thief with a messed-up life. He wins $100,000 with a scratch-off lottery ticket.Then karma gets earl hit by a car.Earl now know what karma want and that is to make right with the people you wronged.

    The premise is simple: Earl (the very likable Jason Lee, often seen in Kevin Smith films, and whose on screen demeanor sometimes reminds me of Chevy Chase in his youthful prime) is Earl, a small-time raggedy thief who snags a $100,000 winning lottery ticket. Seconds later he's mowed down by a car, and the ticket floats away in the breeze. While recovering in the hospital, doped up on morphine, he watches a TV show with MTV host Carson Daly talking about doing good deeds so that good things will happen to you...and he comes up with the the idea of repairing his mess of a life by making a list of all the people he's harmed in the past, tracking them down one by one, and making amends however he can.
  • The Notion of "right-ing wrongs" is a good one, mix it in with a large portion of "Karma" and centred around a white trailer-trash habitual mini-criminal such as Earl and you've got the right ingredients for a classic / cult series.

    Wow - just programme my TV to receive this programme and I'd be as happy as a "pig in $$it".

    In my view, this programme is the "Bee's knee's" and can't fault it in any way shape or form, the combination of all the characters, the scripting genuis, the location and the visionary aspects of the whole crew working on it is absolutely awesome.

    The programmes are not just a gag-fest, but raise awareness to alot of underlying issues, done with a subtle undertone so as not to get too heavy. How many shows can get away with the topic of "foreigners not speaking English", they got to maintain the comical side, the topic of illegal vs legal immigrants and the social impact of such.

    Everyone knows someone like one of the characters portrayed in the episodes, or at least can related to certain characters, either the way they act, talk or the way they are.

    Roll on more episodes, series and viewing.
  • An excellent show.

    My Name Is Earl is a really funny show. It is about a person who made bad things in his life and wants to make up for every bad thing in his life so he makes a list. The show is original and cleverly plotted. It is different from other shows. The characters are so likable and actors and actresses are really talented. Also Earl's brother helps him with the list. As Earl won lottery, he does not have to work anymore so he pays all his attention to the list so good things happen to him. He is determined to finish his list and karma awards him.
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