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  • This show won't be popular long.

    This show may be popular now, but I don't see it going for even five seasons because it will just get old after a while. People will get bored of Earl crossing things off his list. It's move to Thursday night will not go well. Tuesday night it doesn't do that well and Thurday is the most competitive tv night of the week with Survivor, CSI, The OC, Smallville, and Alias. This show will not go for more than four seasons. I am not a big fan of this show and do not see it lasting very long, but I could be wrong.
  • Sorry but this show looks stupid.

    I've seen the previews a few times and I give it a month before it's off the air. I don't see this show lasting if it does I will be suprised. NBC just can't seem to get any good shows anymore. The only good shows on NBC is JOey and Will and Grace. Just my opinion.
  • Who would even think of writing a show like this!

    This is probably the worst show I have seen since only God knows when!!! The storyline is pathetic.This show probably won't even last for more than one episode. Who ever wants to waste their time watching this show can use up their own time. I'll be watching something interesting like Invasion.
  • It just sounds and looks stupid!

    Okay, NBC is trying to have a hit half hour comedy, right? Who the heck thought that this would be it???? It sounds stupid and looks even worse. Honestly, I'm not even going to waste my time trying to find new shows to watch, because previews for shows like these are just awful and stupid! NBC really needs to get some better writers for some better shows!!
  • Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb

    This is the silliest show on NBC after Kath and Kim. What was NBC thinking? Let's display poor whit trash and every kind of trash out there in the most out landish plots and make it seem funny. Come on now. Wasn't there any other proposals for comedy? Who scored this a 10? Are we watching the same show? It is about a guy who wins the lottery, get hits by a car and then decides to go back and undo all the dumb things he did in his life. He has a white trash ex wife who ran off with the black guy with trash that magically appears from out of his hair, and his best friend is the fat guy with the intelligence and personality of a cactus!
  • My Name is Boring

    Ok I tried the first episode. Zzzzzzz Zzzzzzzz

    Then for my own benifit cause every show should get 2 chances.

    Zzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzzz

    When Earl got hit by the car he should have gone in a coma and not come out of it till say the year 2025.

    I would rather watch Gilligan's Island Reruns!
  • How are alcoholic habits, dirty language, adultery, and theft supposed to be funny? Don't we see enough of these topics on the news? If this show is a hit, American society is really going downhill.

    How are alcoholic habits, dirty language, adultery, and theft supposed to be funny? Don't we see enough of these topics on the news? If this show is a hit, American society is really going downhill.

    I watched this because the previews made me believe it would be a very funny show. I was greatly disappointed.I was looking forward to a show that was refreshingly different from the rest. This was different, but not in a good or funny way.

  • Looks Really Uninteresting and Stupid

    From what I have seen they have spent way to much money marketing this show. Everything I have seen an read on it makes this show a complete waste of time. I admit this is somewhat a unique show, but it just looks stupid. I guess if you like to watch someone act really ignorant and dumb this show is for you otherwise I would stay far away from it. There are to many other great shows coming out at the same time I believe this one will flop.
  • A painfully unfunny series that stars Jason Lee, Ethan Suplee, and... some other people as a bunch of possibly inbred idiots.

    The series is just a chore to watch, and a painful one at that. Jason Lee stars as Earl, a scumbag crook who winds up getting ahold of a winning lottery ticket. His happiness is short-lived, as he immediately gets hit by a car, loses the ticket, and gets dumped by his ***** of a wife(Jaime Pressly) that has obviously been cheating on him with a waiter Earl calls "Crabman". While hospitalized, he sees Carson Daly on TV talking about Karma, and realizes that because of doing so many wrongdoings, because of having something good happen to him that he didn't deserve, he was punished, and decides to make up for all his past sins. Almost as if in response, he winds up finding his lost lotto ticket afterwards, which he uses to help him in his quest to fix all his mistakes. So with the help of his brother(Ethan Suplee, who also appeared alongside Lee in some of Kevin Smith's films) he attempts to fix everything he's done. Unfortunately, Earl's ex has discovered about his winnings, and wants to get ahold of it in any way possible. The main problem is that just about every main character in this series has about -0.01% of intelligence. It's as if everyone in this series was an inbred hick from some remote, desolate corner of the world, and the things everyone does in this series are just incredibly stupid and annoying, not funny. If NBC had to cancel one show, this one should be it.
  • the worst peice of crap on TV

    I an a fan of any show that is remotely funny. And this show is the farthest thing from funny I have seen in a very long time. I gave it a few chances and can honestly say I didnt crack a smile. Not a chuckle to be heard. To make it worse, I hear radio commercials for the show, saying how funny it is and how its the best new comedy on TV. It is, in my opinion, the worst peice of crap calling itself a comedy on TV. If you want to watch somthing funny...check out the office.
  • I\'m stupid for watching this ...

    All this show is about is a guy -- named Earl -- who repays his mistakes and believes \'karma\' is helping him. Research shows that Southern people watch this mostly. I mean, come on. I could make a show for the Northen people out there named \"My name is Tom". So, I rate this show a 2.0 which really deserves a 1.0 .. but I am being nice.
  • It is an awful show, I changed the channel, do you think see ugly and dirty people is funny.

    this tv show is one of the worst that i have seen in a long time, please change it. the tv should ve an entertainment not a screen with all this ugly people. this guy is disgusting and dirty. do you really think that this is funny?
    please you should have a better taste!

    NBC should be more worrie abut their log on the tv.
  • Boy, has this show crashed & burned! Too bad. This used to be the best comedy on TV. Now its one of the worst of a very bad lot.

    The first year or two, when Earl was crossing items off his list, were fabulous and clever. There were no long, complicated stories stretching over more than two episodes.

    And that's the problem with the show now. The writers aren't up to longer story arcs. Seeing Earl in a coma, with his fantasy life is REALLY, really boring.

    The two-parter at the beginning of the series: My family all hated it, and we didn't even finish it. Then came "Stole a Motorcycle". We tried really hard to watch it, but we just couldn't stomach it. Way to stupid, un-funny and dull.

    Not to mention, very poorly directed.

    Don't watch this (or last) Season if you love Earl. They will ruin it for you.

  • So many things wrong with this show, it's not funny!! It's repulsive, irritating, can't believe it survived.

    The concept behind Earl is great, but they went the wrong way with it. Who wants to watch a stupid redneck correct all the bad things in his life? Come on seriously this is just so repulsive it's not funny. I can see maybe the first few episodes, but seriously this is just so far off the wall that I can't really explain how I truly feel. I guess it's yet another disappointing show for NBC, cause yet with "The Office" the ratings are slipping "surprise, surprise". I hope NBC does something soon before it repels even it's loyal fans.
  • My name is Earl is an absoulutely terrible show how anyone can find it funny is beyond me.

    The show is far to straight forward and it is near enough the same story every week. Earl finds something on his list, he tries to put it right but somthing goes wrong, "luckily" he soon fixes that probelem and so he can get on with his task and eventually (after 20 minutes of painful watching) crosses it off his list. I don't know how simple minded anyone would have to be to find this show funny. There are no clear cut jokes a part from Earls dozy brother and that got tiring after one show. Every episodes predictability almost gives it "so bad its good" status but I would not want to associate the word good with the show. I'm sorry if you like the show but with all the hype it got before it first aired it was a huge disappointment and much to simple for my liking.

    Anthony Reardon
  • struggling petty crook Earl has accident, wakes up with strong belief in karma (thinks bad karma led to his accident), resolves to right the many wrongs he has committed and so change his karma.

    Watched the first few episodes, which were genuinely funny in parts, but the series ran out of steam by episode three. Basically a 'one-gag-show' the series now chugs along with really corny and laboured jokes and situations. Characters are not only unreal but unbelievable, situations are ridiculous, the show is embarrassing to watch. But it doesn't have to be this bad - make the situations a bit closer to reality and lose some of the sub-juvenile humour and there is a really funny show in here somewhere.
  • Wow... Jason Lee is a great actor. In the evry movie i saw him in, he was hilarious but...

    Not in this. I know that it hasn't aired, but I am pretty sure this just might ruin his career. I dont know.. I cant be sure. I dont want to say it, but Jamie Pressly is in everything that sucks, and poor white trash. But we'll see and i really hope i am wrong
  • The only reason I'm adding this is for balance.

    I know that there are a lot of fans of MNIE but I have to say that personally, I don't and can't dig it. Sure kharma connections are fun but really its been done. Also everyone on the show is so annoying. The characters are written to be stupid on purpose, and thats whats so funny about the show. Wow. Big deal. Drunk arts students do plays like these all the time. What so great about it just because its on national television? I think that I would rather watch beautiful teenagers sleep with each other in southern california thank you very much. Then again...
  • Great at start, really poor by season 3

    I've just read the show has ended, and when i watched season 3 im not surprised. Now when i watched Season 1 it was my favorite show at the time, and by the time 2 come along it got funnier, but I watched season 3 and I knew half way through that it was getting desperate and, dare i say, really un-funny. I forced myself to watch to the end, but i've not even entertained the idea yet to watch season 4. I've only given it a 4 score because i feel season 3 really let down the first two which were so good.
  • Disappointed in a show that has potential.

    After tuning in on Tuesday night with a great deal of anticipation for the new sitcom My Name Is Earl, I was greatly disappointed. I'm a huge fan of Jason Lee, he's an underappreciated comic talent and is a great choice for the lead of Earl. But based on the pilot episode, the script is weak, with cliche characters and easy to predict jokes and gags. Ethan Supple looks toned down from his days in Remember the Titans and Butterfly Effect and is cast, sadly, as the typical white trash overweight dumb guy. I've never been a fan of Jamie Pressly and this show (at least in one epdisode) has done nothing to change that. I realize that overplaying a redneck hick is the point, but what's amusing about a woman tricking a man into marrying her and then cheating on him, getting pregnant and having him sign divorce papers while he's in the hospital? That whole bit was way over the top and failed. I'm sure most people laughed when the family of four went into the store and Earl immediately ran over to the car and stole from them, but who didn't see that coming? It was obvious when Earl was hit by the car that he would eventually find his way back to the lottery ticket and while some people probably chuckle at him spending it on beer, it's just stupid. This show is so stereotypical of white trash poor people it's almost unbearable to put up with. I already shop at Wal Mart, I don't need to see a comedy on the people who live for it. I do applaud NBC for having the guts to try something new, it's not a crime drama, it's not a feel good friendly comedy, it has nothing to do with lawyers, it's not about rich people living on a beach. It's fresh and original, no doubt...but the perceived originality is too predictable and I have a hard time seeing why anyone would care about the characters or perhaps more importantly, be able to identify with them. Maybe our country is in a much sadder state than I thought. I will give this show another chance, because I believe Lee is good enough to turn crap into at least mediocre, but if episode 2 plays out like the first one did...I won't be back. There are much more entertaining options on the vast abyss of channels that is cable TV to waste time with trailer park 101.
  • Good premise - bad result

    When NBC first came out with the fall lineup two years ago and had the description of "My Name is Earl" premise, I thought it sounded great - especially since Jason Lee was the star. I've been a Jason Lee fan for years and he is an outstanding actor - as is his sidekick (Lewis from "Remember The Titans" I gave it a try...more tries than I should have and I finally gave up. I'm a Yooper - which to most, is a redneck that lives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula...but some of the acting is bad, the story lines dumb and the show turned out to be a big disappointment to me. Sorry, "Earl" fans. I'm glad you enjoy it but it's watching that show is not on my list of things to atone for.
  • Funny and original, but the writers at times have a hideously deranged idea of what constitues a "good deed."

    I'd like to rate this show higher -- it is funny, and it's not your typical sitcom. However, the pilot episode, which if it had been the first one I'd seen would likely have also been the last, was seriously messed up.

    Earl needs to do good deeds in order to make his own life better. Sounds good, even if it's for selfish motives, but the first good deed he does apart from picking up some trash in a parking lot is to send a prostitute to someone? Sorry, this is not a good deed, and when they discover that the guy is homosexual, Earl makes it even worse by encouraging the guy to act on his urges. It's clear that despite his desire to do good deeds, Earl often has difficulty in telling good from bad, which is perhaps to be expected given his background.

    Fortunately, the following episodes have been much better, but I can't give a high rating to a show that "goes queer" in its very first episode.
    I understand that TV executives are currently engaged in an active campaign to promote homosexuality, but most shows at least wait a while before having their "very special episodes".

    I'd also like to see the maid have a more prominent role in more episodes (but maybe that's just me), and somewhat less of the brother -- a little bit of naive good-natured moron goes a long way.
  • eu nao gostei desse seriado pq eu achei ele mto enchoativo cheio de voltas e voltas nao vai direto ao assunto sabe

    mais a pior coisa q tem nesse my name is earl é ele msm ele é completamente burro ninguem consegue ser mais burro do q ele q cara q ganha na loteria vai pro meio da pista e fecha os olhos?NINGUEM eu acho iso uma babaquise foi a pior coisa q a fox fez nesses ultimos anos
  • I think this show is overrated.

    I've only seen a few episodes of My Name is Earl, but its clear that they are likely to be the same in some way so theres not much point for me to watch anymore. This show isn't necessarily bad, I mean on some days its the best thing on, I just think its immature and silly and I've never actually laughed at anything on it. It's very popular, so thats a reason for me to watch it again.
    It might just be me, but I just don't see what is meant to be so funny here?
    If theres nothing else on TV.......I'd do something else, but I'm sure lots of people wouldn't and I respect that, everyone has different tastes, but this show isn't mine..
  • good for one season then its repeat, repeat, repeat...

    the first season was very interesting and funny with somthing new. but after a while it just all halted and repeat it self. some comedy show just dont hold up over time and this show proved that it didnt, when the second season arrived. some of you may still like it but just face it how much can you laugh of the same ting when its just repeat it self, i cant deny they did a good job at trying to hide this repeating they did. but i dont get that easly fooled, so i just quit watching this and i am not going back. we now have eastbound+down that is cuting edge in comedy.
  • Never got the the big hype

    I never did and still don't understand what all the hype is about when it comes to My Name is Earl. My name is Ron, but who cares. The show is original, originally bad. My Name is Earl is something you watch when you want to fall asleep of boredom. It's not even funny. The whole concept of the show is just dumb. Why would you watch a show where the same thing happens every episode. Every single episode he does the exact same thing, he goes to someone he hurt in the past and does things for them, that's it. This show is nothing more than a few laughs.
  • Trailer trash - not really for me I guess.

    Well I just watched the 2nd seasons first episode. Nothing new, the same stuff. Earl is just crossing away his list and for me it has turned into a boring routine. Nothing else ever happens.
    And I'm not from the south... or even from usa. I'm from Europe and this southern trailer trash stuff is funny only for so long. It really got old for me really quick. But don't get me wrong, I still get some laughs from this and the actors are doing a good jobs. I just think that the writers are messing up something here.
    If you like it, watch it. :)
  • Not too good, but not too bad either.

    I was immediately interested in the plot when I saw the preview clip (Where he gets hit by a car and his lottery ticket flew away). It\'s quite cool. Some jokes are very funny even though they look like they weren\'t really suppose to be laughed at. I personally like this show a lot. But comparing to other works, this show still needs some progress. They don\'t expect us to watch every episode of Earl trying to take back all his mistakes, do they? Cause after a while it\'d look old and the idea would be plain. Hopefully they\'d add more stories then Earl\'s. Also I hope the show would last longer then Earl\'s list of shame.
  • Funny idea just didn't work

    Me and my dad had been looking forward to this show because of all the advertisment we saw at the movies so I tape the pilot. And we watch it and we got a couple laughs but it wasn't the comedy I expeted it to be. Kind of sad becuase like i said we where really looking forward to seeing it
  • We shall see... AND WE DID...

    I don't know why this is, but I have high hopes for this... the premise is just downright funny, no? Plus I kinda like whatsisname... He's got a certain charisma and command of the roles he takes... I really do hope that this is cutting edge tv... LAWD, how we need a good sticom...

    So there itt was... Didn't really laugh. just Kinda smirked through the whole thing. Oh well, so much for my high hopes.
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