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  • Earl Hickey is a man who has been ripping people off his entire life. In the hospital after a car accident, he inspired by Carson Daly to give Karma a try make amends to those he's hurt.

    Laugh-track free! Jason Lee (Stealing Harvard, Dogma) plays the down-on-his-luck Earl Hickey who tries to get his life on track by helping those he's hurt in the past. The characters are caricatures of small-town hicks, and the actors play them well.

    This is an egdy sitcom that sometimes relies on low humour, but also throws in healthy doses of wit and unusual situations to make it laugh-out-loud funny.
  • Hasn\'t yet aired, so this isn\'t precisely a review. Just a statement.

    The pilot for this show does not air until September, but I know someone in the show, and it is gonna be gooood. Not only that, its DIFFERENT. Not the same old junk we get every year. YAAAAY NBC. With Greg Garcia and Marc Buckland at the helm its bound to be good. And Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee - former \"Mall Rats\" and Eddie Steeples, the \"Paper Clip Guy\" on Tv commercials. BRAVO
  • Wow... Jason Lee is a great actor. In the evry movie i saw him in, he was hilarious but...

    Not in this. I know that it hasn't aired, but I am pretty sure this just might ruin his career. I dont know.. I cant be sure. I dont want to say it, but Jamie Pressly is in everything that sucks, and poor white trash. But we'll see and i really hope i am wrong
  • Sorry but this show looks stupid.

    I've seen the previews a few times and I give it a month before it's off the air. I don't see this show lasting if it does I will be suprised. NBC just can't seem to get any good shows anymore. The only good shows on NBC is JOey and Will and Grace. Just my opinion.
  • Earl who is down on his luck, and has for the most part led a fairly mean existence discovers the concept of karma starts a mission to improve his life by improving the lives of people he has wronged over the years.

    First, I would like to point out that this show has not aired yet... some people however insist on giving this show ridiculously low ratings based on previews/ads alone... They couldn't more misinformed.

    I had the good fortune of watching the pilot recently. While I was apprehensive going into it initially... the premise did seem promising, but the extreme stereotyping seemed rather cliche. The show quickly got better and I was able to overlook the occasional cliches.
    For the most part this is a pretty amusing TV show... combining a decent amount of both crude and subtle humor. In that sense I'm reminded of Arrested Development.
    I would highly recommend checking out this show. If the pilot is anything to go by, it should be excellent.

  • One of the interesting surprised of this season

    Wow, I saw the spot of this show during "Tommy Lee Goes To College" and I was impressed by Earl's strange face so I decided to watch the show.

    Yeah, it is funny and interesting. The idea of having a full list of activities to accomplish in order to satisfy the karma is interesting and it is a good start for a lot of episodes.

    The characters are really good. Earl is my favourite one, it seems like Dutch from the movie with the star of "Married with children".

    His brother is also funny and the idea of the dance was awesome!

    Everything is good and I am looking forward to the next episode!
  • It just sounds and looks stupid!

    Okay, NBC is trying to have a hit half hour comedy, right? Who the heck thought that this would be it???? It sounds stupid and looks even worse. Honestly, I'm not even going to waste my time trying to find new shows to watch, because previews for shows like these are just awful and stupid! NBC really needs to get some better writers for some better shows!!
  • I'm going to love this show!

    I can't wait for the premiere of My Name is Earl. It looks so funny. Jason Lee is probably hilarisou, as usual. It seems to ring true in some aspects, but still hilarious. I know this is going to be one of my favorites and i'm going to watch every episode.
  • Like going to a high-quality independent film in the comfort of your living room.

    Have you ever seen a promising trailer for a television series, only to discover that it contained the only funny material in the show? Well, in Earl, the funny lines in the promos are even funnier in the context of the story, which is simultaneously edgy and uplifting.

    The actors are perfectly cast, with Jason Lee adorable as the well-meaning Earl, Ethan Suplee goofily dim as Randy, Nadine Velazquez smart and sassy as Catalina, Jaime Pressly gorgeous and bitchy as Joy, and Eddie Steeples mellow and sexy as Darnell. In supporting roles, Dale Dickey, Willam Belli, and Deborah Cresswell are standouts, and I hope they appear in future episodes.

    The plotting is ingenious, with the story coming full circle and ending on a surprising and satisfying note. Let me put it this way--Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock have never sounded so good to me!
  • Looks Really Uninteresting and Stupid

    From what I have seen they have spent way to much money marketing this show. Everything I have seen an read on it makes this show a complete waste of time. I admit this is somewhat a unique show, but it just looks stupid. I guess if you like to watch someone act really ignorant and dumb this show is for you otherwise I would stay far away from it. There are to many other great shows coming out at the same time I believe this one will flop.
  • This looks like really funny :D

    Laugh-track free! Jason Lee (Big trouble, Dogma, the heartbreakers) plays Earl Hickey who tries to get his life on track by helping those he's hurt in the past. The characters are caricatures of small-town hicks, and the actors play them well (thank god).

    This is an egdy sitcom that sometimes relies on low humour, but also throws in healthy doses of wit and unusual situations to make it laugh-out-loud funny (happelly this one the most :D)
    I really don't understand the people who give this a bad grade. I'm allmost sure that the didn't see the trailer (funniest shit ever)
    wel in short (this rulles)
  • Who would even think of writing a show like this!

    This is probably the worst show I have seen since only God knows when!!! The storyline is pathetic.This show probably won't even last for more than one episode. Who ever wants to waste their time watching this show can use up their own time. I'll be watching something interesting like Invasion.
  • Give it a shot

    Jason Lee said he wasn't interested in doing tv, until he read the script and found it funny. I think the idea is different and that's a good thing compared to all the crap thats on tv today. I saw a preview at the movies, and it goes into better detail than whats being shown on tv.
  • Worth a Look!

    I was a little apprehensive about this show from the looks of it. Luckily, I was able to see an advance preview of the first episode and actually found it extremely funny. Jason Lee, the only reason I wanted to watch, is great. All I'm saying is you can't judge a book by its cover. Give this show a try, it deserves a shot. I'll definitely be tuning in again to see where Earl's karma journey takes him!!
  • Early contender for my favorite new show of the season. Jason Lee is great.

    Words can not express how funny I thought this show was. Maybe it was because I am a big fan of Jason Lee but I dont know there were so many parts of the pilot that I laughed out loud at. It was a breath of fresh air to see another good half hour comedy to accomodate the very few that I think are good. This show along with with Areested Development and Weeds are some of the most original shows that I have seen in the past few years and I for one an glad. Jamie Prestly was also very convincing in her redneckish ways overall I was just very surprised and pleased with this show. Twos thumbs up.
  • modern day working class quixote on the path to redemption

    i loved this show! jason lee is incredible in every role hes played and in the role of earl he shines. he makes this character lovable.

    the cast works well together and every one seems to fit into their role spledidly.

    genuinely funny writing and excellent acting blend to create a show that i look forward to seeing for a good long time.
  • A great show to kill reality tv.

    My name is Earl is a great example that tv still has a chance. This is not some re-done reality show done just to save a buck. This is a well written comedy that has a lot of potential. It gives hope that all tv will not be some stupid reality show, many of which NBC gives birth to. This is hope that we can have shows like The Simpsons, the X-Files, Stargate SG1, and more back in the limelight. This show probably has low expectations due to the fact that people won't watch an episode or a series any more if it had a bad episode.
  • I love this show. It's like Family Guy with real people.

    Finally, an awesome show i can watch on my HDTV. This show is . Just watch it. If you like Family Guy you'll like this show to.(Don't expect it to be that weird thow) I especially liked when they flashed back to when earl was a kid and they played kick ball and the kid ran and he kicked him in the balls right before he got to the base and got the ball and hit him on the head with it.
  • We shall see... AND WE DID...

    I don't know why this is, but I have high hopes for this... the premise is just downright funny, no? Plus I kinda like whatsisname... He's got a certain charisma and command of the roles he takes... I really do hope that this is cutting edge tv... LAWD, how we need a good sticom...

    So there itt was... Didn't really laugh. just Kinda smirked through the whole thing. Oh well, so much for my high hopes.
  • So clever; too short.

    Excellent concept; great cast; top-notch writing. Major flaw: Too short! It should be a full hour. The 30 minute format means there won't be enough time to really flesh out each story and make it seem worthwhile. I'm afraid it might be mistaken as trite, which would be a shame.
  • To morons who haven't watched the show and rated it.

    This is a great show, but unfortunately, it may be passed over because of morons and idiots who don't even take the time to watch it. The performances are top notch and the message is good.
    "You do good things, good things happen to you. You do bad things, karma kicks your ass."

    Unfortunately, people who haven't even seen more than a commercial are judging it, when they have no right to. These morons are gonna sit there and admit that they haven't seen the show, then go and give the show a 0, because they are so ignorant and stupid that they think they can review something they have no clue about.

    And that's the thing, this is for reviews of things that you have actually seen. If you haven't seen it, no one really wants to listen to you mouth off about what you think this show is about. Because what you think isn't really worth anything if you haven't even bothered to take a look at what you're "reviewing." It's just sad that people are too stupid to actually give something different a chance. They just write it off and then proceed to lambast the show for no good reason than the fact that the reviewers themselves are useless pieces of garbage.

    Unfortunately, with good shows like this, people are most likely gonna skip it because it doesn't fit what they're used to. And that's a shame, because this is a legitimately good show.
  • One of the funniest shows I have ever seen


    I laughed throughout the half hour of this show. Jason Lee is amazing as Earl a "bad guy" who is trying to change his karma by doing good things no matter how much it hurts. In the first episode he attempts to right wrongs he committed agaianst a boyhood aquantance tha he constantly bullied. He finds out that he is gay and some of the funniest moments came showing Earl's homophobia. I happemed to be gay and thought it was very tastefully handled. I do not know if this show has a long life ahead of it because it may not hit a cord with much of America but from what I saw I hope it has many seasons ahead of it.
  • Jason Lee at his best...

    I saw the Pilot last night and was really impressed. It's nice to see a show that's provoking a positive message such as karma (do good things to others and good things will happen to you), and still able to keep it away from being something sappy enough to land on the WB. Jason Lee's comedic timing is perfect and you can really buy into the idea that he's trying to reform himself from being the neighborhood scum-bag. I'd recommend this show to anyone.
  • Based off the previews and the unappealing name of the show, then I had very low expectations. But I must say this was a delightful surprise! New shows have a habit of coming and going at the blink of an eye, lets hope this one stays around for a while!

    I honestly had no plans to watch this show. The previews made it out to look like another show that bashes the very outdated Southern stereotype. Hearing it compared to the likes of 'The Office' (a show i HATE!) only made me want to skip over it even more. Now, however, I am glad I gave the show a chance! I thought it was funny and entertaining. This is exactly what a sitcom should be. I don't know about it's long-term potential, but I know I'll be enjoying the show while it's around.
  • I have to admit that \"My name is Earl\", will most probably go down as one of my favorite \"sitcoms\", if in fact the other episodes were as funny as the pilot.

    Well, after hearing so-much hype about the sitcom, \"My name is Earl\",I had to tune in,and I have to admit that I was not disappointed. It was one well written episode, and very funny. The gal that plays Earls ex-wife is beautiful, and sexy, and the gal that plays the maid is one beauty as well!If you did not get the chance to catch the pilot, then make sure you tune in Earl next Tuesday, what a show! You have to see \"crab-man\"!
    I have to admit that \"My name is Earl\", will most probably go down as one of my favorite \"sitcoms\", if in fact the other episodes were to stay as funny as the pilot. This guy Earl, seems to understand, but does not get it. Another character referred to as \"crab-man\" by Earl(the guy that does the Office Max commercials)is one funny guy! I consider \"Seinfeld\" to be the BEST sitcom of all time, and let\'s just see if maybe Earl can come in a close second, that would be good enough for me! What a show!
  • I laughed my a** off during this show. Totally hilarious with a good message at the end too!

    I love Jason Lee and was surprised to see he was doing tv. But I thought I'd give this show a try and I'm glad I did. Thank goodness there is a great new comedy out there. My whole line up is reality and crime so this is a pleasant change. I laughed during this entire show and will definitely be watching it again. The lines were so funny and delivered just right. I can't wait to see who Earl "helps" next week! Oh yeah, you can't beat "It Takes Two" as their favorite juke box song!
  • A great pilot !

    Tore myself more than one smile, quite a good pilot I think...
    Hope the following episodes will be as good, if we listen to Earls list we\'re up to 250 episodes !
    If the good ideas and jokes are still poppin\' out every thirty seconds, we\'re on to a great show...
  • Disappointed in a show that has potential.

    After tuning in on Tuesday night with a great deal of anticipation for the new sitcom My Name Is Earl, I was greatly disappointed. I'm a huge fan of Jason Lee, he's an underappreciated comic talent and is a great choice for the lead of Earl. But based on the pilot episode, the script is weak, with cliche characters and easy to predict jokes and gags. Ethan Supple looks toned down from his days in Remember the Titans and Butterfly Effect and is cast, sadly, as the typical white trash overweight dumb guy. I've never been a fan of Jamie Pressly and this show (at least in one epdisode) has done nothing to change that. I realize that overplaying a redneck hick is the point, but what's amusing about a woman tricking a man into marrying her and then cheating on him, getting pregnant and having him sign divorce papers while he's in the hospital? That whole bit was way over the top and failed. I'm sure most people laughed when the family of four went into the store and Earl immediately ran over to the car and stole from them, but who didn't see that coming? It was obvious when Earl was hit by the car that he would eventually find his way back to the lottery ticket and while some people probably chuckle at him spending it on beer, it's just stupid. This show is so stereotypical of white trash poor people it's almost unbearable to put up with. I already shop at Wal Mart, I don't need to see a comedy on the people who live for it. I do applaud NBC for having the guts to try something new, it's not a crime drama, it's not a feel good friendly comedy, it has nothing to do with lawyers, it's not about rich people living on a beach. It's fresh and original, no doubt...but the perceived originality is too predictable and I have a hard time seeing why anyone would care about the characters or perhaps more importantly, be able to identify with them. Maybe our country is in a much sadder state than I thought. I will give this show another chance, because I believe Lee is good enough to turn crap into at least mediocre, but if episode 2 plays out like the first one did...I won't be back. There are much more entertaining options on the vast abyss of channels that is cable TV to waste time with trailer park 101.
  • Finally! Smart, Irreverent writing!

    There are so few tv shows on the "Big Three" networks that can boast of being quirky, different, and yes, funny.
    Fox takes chances on those sorts of shows, but NBC? Kudos to them for having the vision to go with My Name is Earl.
    Jason Lee, an underrated actor, in my opinion, is perfectly cast as the loser who comes to the realization that the main thing holding him back is karma. The possibilities are endless as each episode is devoted to him trying to right one of the wrongs he has done over his life. The rest of the slice-of-trailer-park characters are equally well cast.
    The narrative style is reminiscent of Raising Arizona, and the comedy is just as dark.
    It is a pleasure to have a reason to watch network TV again.
  • I know from his other works just how funny Jason Lee is...I think the writers need to step it up.

    The show was entertaining. All in all, I liked it. I don't think it will last though. I was expecting a ROFL kinda show, but it really just made me chuckle. I will watch next week as well and hopefully now that the ground work has been set, it will be even more enjoyable.
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