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  • To morons who haven't watched the show and rated it.

    This is a great show, but unfortunately, it may be passed over because of morons and idiots who don't even take the time to watch it. The performances are top notch and the message is good.
    "You do good things, good things happen to you. You do bad things, karma kicks your ass."

    Unfortunately, people who haven't even seen more than a commercial are judging it, when they have no right to. These morons are gonna sit there and admit that they haven't seen the show, then go and give the show a 0, because they are so ignorant and stupid that they think they can review something they have no clue about.

    And that's the thing, this is for reviews of things that you have actually seen. If you haven't seen it, no one really wants to listen to you mouth off about what you think this show is about. Because what you think isn't really worth anything if you haven't even bothered to take a look at what you're "reviewing." It's just sad that people are too stupid to actually give something different a chance. They just write it off and then proceed to lambast the show for no good reason than the fact that the reviewers themselves are useless pieces of garbage.

    Unfortunately, with good shows like this, people are most likely gonna skip it because it doesn't fit what they're used to. And that's a shame, because this is a legitimately good show.
  • Earl who is down on his luck, and has for the most part led a fairly mean existence discovers the concept of karma starts a mission to improve his life by improving the lives of people he has wronged over the years.

    First, I would like to point out that this show has not aired yet... some people however insist on giving this show ridiculously low ratings based on previews/ads alone... They couldn't more misinformed.

    I had the good fortune of watching the pilot recently. While I was apprehensive going into it initially... the premise did seem promising, but the extreme stereotyping seemed rather cliche. The show quickly got better and I was able to overlook the occasional cliches.
    For the most part this is a pretty amusing TV show... combining a decent amount of both crude and subtle humor. In that sense I'm reminded of Arrested Development.
    I would highly recommend checking out this show. If the pilot is anything to go by, it should be excellent.


    One of the best shows that has been on in years and they cancel it !!
  • Bring back my name is earl

    i think all of us earl fans should go on strike or make a petition on a website to bring back "my name is earl" no one liked raising hope, "My name is earl" is an original and needs to come back, who cares if the show got a little less viewers, why do we have to suffer, all of us???
  • Bring back Earl dummies

    I am pretty mad that my name is Earl stopped playing the last one I have seen is dodges dad please tell me that there are more episodes I want to find out who Darnells son is does anyone know.

    What I think is that you all need to bring back the show because 1: is was good wholesome & funny 2: it doesn't make since for you to end a show at the end of season 4 and not bring it back when you all ended it with a TO BE CONTINUED.....
  • Well I see lots of reviews,most of all are trashing this tv show...

    Well, it may be a bit offensive for an American sitcom to have rednex characters, low life, and pretty low I.Q. sidekicks...ins't it? I love My Name Is Earl because makes fun of poverty (shut up when was your last movie/show who did this except Everybody hates chris) and all the U.S. issues like immigrations and so on. But nobody sees that the main point of this TV show is a bully who sees the light "karma/lottery no." and starts making good thinks. Pretty biblical for the detractors out there... Most of all is a very enjoyable show which makes you feel good, and why not, makes you think maybe you should look deeper into your past and make up the wrong thinks you have done.It could turn you from it's silly plot into a better person
  • I love Earl, I WISH THEY WOULD MAKE NEW EPISODES INSTEAD OF THE OFFICE OR FRIENDS OR ANY OF THE OTHER GAY ASS SHOWS!! BRING EARL BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, i dont know who reads these, but who ever does please pass this on ....... bring my name is earl..back. The show is awsome. and it totally sucks that they moved the office into the evening slot taking Earl over, it is a let down to us Earl fans! Bring earl Back. really this seriously needs to happen. like as soon as possible. the whole cast is great and just come on already. i am running out of things to type. and i cant write less than 100 words on this review so come on Bring Earl Back Already!
  • Hilarious! I love the narrative-technic and the characters are funny as hell. Can't wait to see more!

    I like that fact that the show does not remind me of any other commedy show. It is just original and extremly funny. I think that Jason Lee shows alot of potential in terms of what charater he is able to play. As Earl he is chill-out and funny, but in Vanilla Sky he is insanely serious! Fantastic!
  • Like going to a high-quality independent film in the comfort of your living room.

    Have you ever seen a promising trailer for a television series, only to discover that it contained the only funny material in the show? Well, in Earl, the funny lines in the promos are even funnier in the context of the story, which is simultaneously edgy and uplifting.

    The actors are perfectly cast, with Jason Lee adorable as the well-meaning Earl, Ethan Suplee goofily dim as Randy, Nadine Velazquez smart and sassy as Catalina, Jaime Pressly gorgeous and bitchy as Joy, and Eddie Steeples mellow and sexy as Darnell. In supporting roles, Dale Dickey, Willam Belli, and Deborah Cresswell are standouts, and I hope they appear in future episodes.

    The plotting is ingenious, with the story coming full circle and ending on a surprising and satisfying note. Let me put it this way--Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock have never sounded so good to me!
  • Still missing this show

    I just loved it when Burt Chance kicked the boss of NBC in tha nuts for canceling My name is Earl. I really like Raising hope, but i still miss Earl Hickey and the gang. While we should not linger in the past, this show has been canceled for 4 years now, i hope there will be a show as refreshing as this show was. In the meantime i will enjoy Raising Hope and hope for an renewal of Cougar Town.
  • Bring My Name Is Earl Back

    Don't understand why this show was canceled because there were at least a hundred more things he needed to cross off of his list Wish you would bring it back or at least tell us who dodges father is!!!!!
  • awesome show

    love this show! me and my two boys watch it every night! its their favorite show. to bad they dont make anymore :(
  • I miss My Name Is Earl :(

    Such an amazing, heart warming show. I love the message it sends out and I love all the individual characters personalities! It never failed to have me laughing my a$$ off! If anyone is looking for a great comedy to add to their netflix, this is IT! I never really understood the show until I had the chance to watch it from the beginning(just like every show, you have to understand the story) I regret never giving it a chance because it's really one of the best shows i've ever seen! I wish they would bring it back especially because there are so many fans and this show has an 8.9 rating! No one understands why it was cancelled. I hope this show has a comeback!
  • Earl Hickey...enough said!


    My Name is Earl is a hilarious show about a man who is making up for his bad lifestyle by helping those he hurt, stole from or ruined. He understands that Karma will come back to bite him in know what area. With the help from his brother Randy and motel maid, Catalina, Earl helps people from all over the community to avoid Karma. Darnell & Joy also add a lot of laughs to this show.

  • Why the hell is this show gone?

    Dear NBC, What the hell were you thinking? Not only did you cancel My Name Is Earl but you canceled it at a point in the show where we were to find out that most likely Earl was Dodges father! What is wrong with you guys I'm trying to think of any other show worth 2 craps that I would watch on NBC but I can't. If you guys were half smart you would bring it back but knowing NBC they wont because by god we need more time slots for the cape and chuck and whatever else your playing. So FU NBC you guys suck!!!!
  • Earl Hickey is a man who has been ripping people off his entire life. In the hospital after a car accident, he inspired by Carson Daly to give Karma a try make amends to those he's hurt.

    Laugh-track free! Jason Lee (Stealing Harvard, Dogma) plays the down-on-his-luck Earl Hickey who tries to get his life on track by helping those he's hurt in the past. The characters are caricatures of small-town hicks, and the actors play them well.

    This is an egdy sitcom that sometimes relies on low humour, but also throws in healthy doses of wit and unusual situations to make it laugh-out-loud funny.
  • I want more earl. it is one of the most addicting shows just to find out what he was going to do on his list next. Earl needs to finish all his deeds befor you can take him off air.

    I liked all of the episodes. Exspeciallty the one where he tryed to help his dad. And the ones where he changed people for the better. Like the one where he got the gay guy to come outta the closet. And the one wher he helped his brother randy. I think there should be more My Name is Earl. Plus you guys never finshed when randy won the lottery. There needs to be more. I like Joy she's funny and Darnel is the best tries to play stupd but he's really smart and Randy isgood for stickin with earl even tho he would like to do other things instead of the list. and Earl is a better person for trying to make his life better no matter what happens to him.
  • Trailer trash and Karma... Match made in heaven?

    Watching previews of the show before it began I was hooked. I found it both hilarious as well as an interestingly new plot. Each episode continues to make me laugh and enjoy each one. The brothers Randy and Earl amuse and compel as they seek out to solve each item on the list, whether they choose it or it presents its self to them. The other characters on the show either act as antagonists or protagonists to Earl as he struggles to make up for every item on his list of Karma. I have and will enjoy this show until it either runs it's course or is canceled like so many good shows.
  • The show is hilarious.

    My Name is Earl is absolutely hilarious. The comedy meshes so well and the characters have great chemistry. The show has a good way of staying fresh in each episode and everything seems to click. My personal favorite character is Randy. He is so dumb, but in a funny, sad way. I think that his kind of humor is original and you can't help but laugh at his stupid personality and his overall lack of intelligence. Earl is a good character as well, and seems to be the peanut butter to Randy's jelly. They play very well off one another and are a good comedy duo. To sum things up, the show makes for a good laugh. Thank you.
  • Please bring My name is Earl back

    This show was great ! Everyone i knew loved it hopefully they bring it back !
  • Doesn't make sense...

    This was a very solid and heartwarming show, and it seems to have a fairly strong support group even though it's been cancelled for years now... networks need to stop wasting their time and money drafting flop after flop when there are valuable series' like this one floating around out there with a built in fan group just itching to get their show back... There aren't many truly good shows these days; this is one of them. good writing, good actors, good humor, and a great message. It's a same that things like doing good things to others is being beat out by crappy reality show like jersey shore and the like... We're losing all show that have any substance to them.
  • One of the best shows ever made!!! Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!! o_o

    This is one of the best TV-show-ideas that were produced in the last 2 decades! Its funny, sympathetic, refreshing and has a real good message! This is one of the shows I want my kids to see, cause it conveys values in a funny way. Its from a pedagogical point of view genius! Also love the characters and their journey.

    I bet it got canceled for some mind dulling dance-, casting- or bachelor-show. When will TV-stations learn that noone needs those *** up shows. Give us Earl back! The show still has "973,316" fans on Facebook. A million fans! C'mon don't you see it? It's 70,000 more people then the "bachelor". And its canceld for a pretty long time. STILL ! So many likes!!! Who will buy "The Bachelor" or "American Idol" etc. on DVD? NOONE! -_- Cause its *** that noone really wants to see. So please bring quality back on air! Bring EARL BACK!!!
  • Brilliant, original and funny as hell, "My Name Is Earl" stands as one of the most positive tv shows I've ever seen.

    A few tv shows impressed me as much as My Name Is Earl. Though it may seem nothing special at first glance, this shows soon proves brilliant in so many ways. Earl is a small-time crook, who suddenly realizes his life sucks because of the many bad things he's done to other people. So he decides to devote his life to do an equal amount of good: he wants to make up to every person he did wrong and make peace with his karma.
    Aside from the brilliant scripts and the many funny situations and dialogues in this comedy, the one thing that truly makes its mark is the sensation of sheer positivity it brings you. I've never seen a character so devoted to the sake of others, thus delivering a message of altruism and hope without being cheesy. While other tv shows can only make me sad or nervous, My Name Is Earl actually delivers a refreshing experience. With all the people who step on us every day, we all wish we had an Earl to watch over us!
  • An excellent show.

    My Name Is Earl is a really funny show. It is about a person who made bad things in his life and wants to make up for every bad thing in his life so he makes a list. The show is original and cleverly plotted. It is different from other shows. The characters are so likable and actors and actresses are really talented. Also Earl's brother helps him with the list. As Earl won lottery, he does not have to work anymore so he pays all his attention to the list so good things happen to him. He is determined to finish his list and karma awards him.
  • I hope Earl gets a chance to check off that entire list!

    Just to watch Earl stumble through life and check things off his list feels like an accomplishment. Jason Lee is perfect in this role, playing the lovable loser who's trying to set things right, but it is the ensemble of characters who make this show so good. The Crab-man is such an oddball that every time he makes an experience, his presence reminds me of another oddball character's entrances: Kramer. And Jamie Pressly as Earl's ex-wife gives me the creeps, although obviously in a good way.
  • Awesome show

    This was one of the best shows on tv and its a shame that they cancelled it I would have liked to see Earl finish every thing on his list and im not a big fan of raising hope i didn't get into the show like i did with my name is earl "sigh"
  • Too bad it got cancelled

    Characters are lovable, always leave a good feeling. Only flaw is many of the jokes are about obscure celebrities. I had to google half of the references they did
  • All good things must come to an end, BUT WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE BETWEEN A 2 PARTER?

    The first episode I saw was one while Earl was still in a coma (I think it was "Stole a Motorcycle"), so I was late into the show, even though I thought it was a good episode. To make sense of the series, I decided to watch the Pilot episode, and I was hooked. Seeing the repeats on E4, and then Series 4 on the same channel, I can safely say that the series was good. I realize not many people liked series 3, while I don't think it was perfect, I thought it was good to see a change of situation of Earl, but of course, everybody knows that its done to change the pace of the show so that it won't be the same thing over and over, but that's not so bad. Series 4 wasn't quite as good as 1 or 2 at first, but I did like finding out about Darnell's history. And lets face it, when you throw a "To Be Continued" title at us, we want to see that conclusion. But then again, this was produced by 20th Century FOX Television, so it's hardly a surprise. For now, Earl's list will be left unfinished.
  • Interesting change for Series 3 (small spoiler contained within)

    It's an interesting thing for the series to put Earl in prison.. quite a brave move seeing as they had a good formula for the first 2 series, and especially considering that US TV is very fickle with ratings! ;)

    I don't know whether they'll keep him locked up for long, but at the moment, I'm enjoying the series as much as I ever did before.

    I agree with other people who say it's not promoted very well. In the UK it's on Channel 4 which does a half decent job, but IMO there are still too few people who know about this gem of a show.
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