My Name Is Earl

NBC (ended 2009)


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  • Well I see lots of reviews,most of all are trashing this tv show...

    Well, it may be a bit offensive for an American sitcom to have rednex characters, low life, and pretty low I.Q. sidekicks...ins't it? I love My Name Is Earl because makes fun of poverty (shut up when was your last movie/show who did this except Everybody hates chris) and all the U.S. issues like immigrations and so on. But nobody sees that the main point of this TV show is a bully who sees the light "karma/lottery no." and starts making good thinks. Pretty biblical for the detractors out there... Most of all is a very enjoyable show which makes you feel good, and why not, makes you think maybe you should look deeper into your past and make up the wrong thinks you have done.It could turn you from it's silly plot into a better person