My Name Is Earl

NBC (ended 2009)


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  • I want more earl. it is one of the most addicting shows just to find out what he was going to do on his list next. Earl needs to finish all his deeds befor you can take him off air.

    I liked all of the episodes. Exspeciallty the one where he tryed to help his dad. And the ones where he changed people for the better. Like the one where he got the gay guy to come outta the closet. And the one wher he helped his brother randy. I think there should be more My Name is Earl. Plus you guys never finshed when randy won the lottery. There needs to be more. I like Joy she's funny and Darnel is the best tries to play stupd but he's really smart and Randy isgood for stickin with earl even tho he would like to do other things instead of the list. and Earl is a better person for trying to make his life better no matter what happens to him.