My Name Is Earl

NBC (ended 2009)


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  • Brilliant, original and funny as hell, "My Name Is Earl" stands as one of the most positive tv shows I've ever seen.

    A few tv shows impressed me as much as My Name Is Earl. Though it may seem nothing special at first glance, this shows soon proves brilliant in so many ways. Earl is a small-time crook, who suddenly realizes his life sucks because of the many bad things he's done to other people. So he decides to devote his life to do an equal amount of good: he wants to make up to every person he did wrong and make peace with his karma.
    Aside from the brilliant scripts and the many funny situations and dialogues in this comedy, the one thing that truly makes its mark is the sensation of sheer positivity it brings you. I've never seen a character so devoted to the sake of others, thus delivering a message of altruism and hope without being cheesy. While other tv shows can only make me sad or nervous, My Name Is Earl actually delivers a refreshing experience. With all the people who step on us every day, we all wish we had an Earl to watch over us!