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NBC (ended 2009)


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  • An overall great show, but it started to become a bit lifeless at the end

    My Name is Earl stands out as being one of the best NBC shows of the 21st century. It is funny, poignant and never fails to provoke thoughts of spirituality. The show centers around an ex-criminal named Earl Hickey who learns about the value of karma after he gets hit by a car, following a win of the lottery. He makes a list of bad things he had done to people over the years and with his brother Randy, he makes up for them one by one, trying to become a better person. The premise was interesting and original and it was executed perfectly. Each episode carried its own brand of unique humor coming from its colorful cast of characters. Crab Man is by far my favorite. He is just so quirky with his obsession with his pet turtle, which never failed to get a laugh out of me. The fact that he is really an intellectual going undercover in a government organization only added to his hilarity. The plots of each episode were all enticing in their own ways, ranging to the ordinary to the outright bizarre. It carried a good amount of years on this premise, but then it started to go downhill rather slowly. After the airing of Little Bad Voodoo brother, the show started to become rather strange. The plots stopped being more centered around Earl's list and more on Crab Man's family getting into rather strange situations. The jokes weren't as funny anymore and the continuity started to shift to the point the character's backstories no longer made any sense. It was lucky that it got cancelled when it did before further damage was done to the show. The final season wasn't "horrible" by any means - it was actually pretty good. It was just pale in comparison to the show before. I would be all for a revival of the show, but I would prefer it to be in the old format. Thank you.
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