My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 8

Robbed a Stoner Blind

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2006 on NBC
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Episode Summary

In the middle of a heat wave, Earl decides to cross number 26 off his list, "robbed a stoner blind". To accomplish this task, Earl and Randy find Woody the stoner and must live an environmentally conscious life in the commune with Woody for a week.

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  • Started well, but then decreased in value dramatically when they started sticking whingy pious morals into it. Felt like a lecture more than a comedy show.

    When I watch My Name is Earl, I expect to be watching a comedy show. Unfortunately, in this episode there was no comedy- there was only brain-numbingly sickening sanctimony and the most unrealistic storyline for two seasons.

    It was alright up until the point when Woody mentions global warming. At that point, it goes horribly downhill. Now, I understand that they're trying to make a point, and I'm not going to start burning plastic bags as a protest to the show, but it's annoying when a light-hearted comedy show starts trying to inject large, worldwide issues into its storylines.

    Earl, since his list, is meant to be a reformed man. However, he's still not meant to be portrayed as a saint. He's still got the smalltown hick mentality, and so the idea of him hearing about global warming and suddenly crusading against it is just stupid.

    Then on top of that, there was the "randy-seeing-clay-models" thing that went on for the majority of the rest of the episode, which intertwined with some actual humour would have been alright. But as it stands it was essentially just annoying and played-out.

    I love My Name is Earl, but when they make atrocious episodes like this, it makes me want to swallow my own tongue and jump out of a window.moreless
  • Randy be trippin'

    Earl and Randy rob a stoner named Woody (played by Christian Slater) blind and must spend a week with him in a commune. Earl becomes environmentally conscience and tries to do his part to stop global warming. When he can't convince people to try and save the planet, he starts imposing his will on others. Meantime Randy is tripping from the medicine made from herbs by the commune members, when he decided to eat it all. This is a classic mini plot within the main plot. Randy is seeing everyone in claymation form. It is hilarious to watch Randy try and shake the hallucinations out of his head.moreless
  • Brilliant in every way!

    When a comedy show like My Name Is Earl takes on the serious issue og global warming I find myself expecting an episodes worth of repeated morals and the odd joke here and there. I was wrong, this episode was fantastic, possibly my favourite this series.

    Randy's hallucinations introduced the show into a new media to great effect. The scene with Joy and Crab man was hilariuos, with both boobs and hair a wobbling.

    Earl becoming a hippie for a week was really good viewing and even when he left the camp his attempt at helping the planet (by letting car tyres down) was brilliant and not at all over done.moreless
  • A Hysterical Truth

    Forget Al Gore. Scratch David Suzuki, and Leonardo Di Who? Earl is the environments best hope. He has reached number twenty-six on his list of sins and sets out to atone for stealing an air-conditioner from dope-head Woody. Now living in a dung hut in an eco-friendly commune, Woody refuses to accept the appliance back and instead challenges Earl and Randy to ‘unplug from the grid’ for a week. Turns out that white trash can become green. Maybe it’s down to eating beetloaf for seven days, but Earl is so swayed by the plight of the planet that he vows to heal it. Cue to totally apt soundtrack choice of Big Yellow Taxi as Earl thinks globally. The task of compensating for ex-wife Joy’s earth-hurting ways proves overwhelming and the cute moral of this episode is to think smaller. Meanwhile a herbal remedy lapped up by Randy has him seeing everything in claymation. The difference between live-action and cartoon Joy is barely discernable. Bless her.moreless
  • Earl the hippie

    Seeing Earl going from calm list crosser to evironmentalist to activist from his point of view is hilarious and an interesting view from Earl's eyes until he snaps i an equally comedic fashion.

    Robbing the stoner, who assumed Earl was his old friend, was a great list item and really showed how much an episode can contain.

    Randy trying to go through the week of living in, uh, different situations was a great addition to the episode and the reason this episode is one of the most entertaining is because we see Earl as three different people in one episode: criminal, normal, activist and this is one of the best episodes of My Name is Earlmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • When Randy sees Catalina as a cartoon she says:

      "Esto iba a ser yo sacándome la cabeza y limpiando el polvo con ella; pero los dibujos animados son tan costosos, así mejor me puedes ver bailar"


      "This was going to be me pulling out my head and cleaning with it; but cartoons are so expensive, you better see me dancing"

    • When the people are reenacting the "Friends" scene, Woody says the episode is "The One with the Evil Orthodontist," and Randy says later that this is the one where Chandler hooks up with Monica. But "The One with the Evil Orthodontist" was in season 1, and Monica and Chandler did not hook up until season 4.

    • In the scene where Earl and Woody have a conversation about Global warming, Woody says to Earl "People know Lee". Lee is the last name of the staring actor of the series that plays Earl character.

    • The animations in this episode were created by Jargon Ent. based in Burbank, California.

      Their credits include Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas and the TV series The PJs, Robot Chicken and Moral Orel.

      The animations took four weeks to make and were made with silicone cast over wire armatures.

    • Featured Music:
      "Draggin' The Line" by Tommy James and The Shondells (Earl and Randy enjoy the air conditioner and meet Woody)
      "Good Morning Starshine" by Oliver (Earl and Randy arrive at the commune)
      "Mellow Yellow" by Donovan (Earl and Randy eat at the commune)
      "I'd Love To Change The World" by Ten Years After (Woody is giving his global warming presentation)
      "Big Yellow Taxi" by Joni Mitchell (Earl tries to warn people about global warning)
      "Michael Row Your Boat Ashore" by Hippies At The Commune (Earl is waking up after he freaks out)

    • Introduced and crossed off in this episode

      #26 Robbed a stoner blind.

      Re-introduced in this episode

      #49 Been wasteful (Previously introduced in episodes "Quit Smoking" and "Van Hickey")

    • The sign Earl holds says 'Your KiLLing the PLAnet When you Don't CAr PooL'

    • "Mellow Yellow" by Donovan is played while Randy and Earl are at the commune

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Joy: What about what nature is doing to us? I saw a show the other day where this two caribous attacked an innocent hunter. I mean, he shot them, but still those animals are vicious!

    • Woody: You guys seem like a couple of big polluters. You've been here a half hour and your car's still running.
      Earl: That's just to keep the fan going. We've got a couple of sodas in Styrofoam cups and we don't want 'em to get warm.

    • Earl: Look! Shampoo that's not tested on animals. I feel bad for those lab animals running around with dirty hair, but if it's better for the environment, that's the sacrifice they have to make.

    • Randy: Who do you think would win in a fight, Muppets or Sesame Street?
      Earl: I don't really think they'd fight, they're both pretty peaceful.
      Randy: What if they had to? Like in that head-choppin'-off-movie, where there could be only one.
      Earl: Muppets.
      Randy: Ok, what about Muppets or Fraggles?
      Earl: Muppets.
      Randy: Ok, what about Muppets or He-man?
      Earl: Just He-Man or He-Man and his friends?
      Randy: Just He-Man.
      Earl: Muppets.
      Randy: That's what I had. Good night, Earl.
      Earl: Good night, Randy.

    • Earl: You guys make your own wine? I tried to make tequila once, but I didn't know what was in it besides worms. Pretty gross. It still got me drunk though.

    • Earl's narration: The third day we learned these hippie people could do some amazing things.
      Earl: You guys can make your own shirts?
      Woody: We make a lot of our own clothes on this loom.
      Earl: Fruit of the loom. It all makes sense now.

    • Randy: Sure you don't want a radio or something? We got one back at the hotel that doesn't even take electricity. You put batteries in it.

    • Randy: It's too hot, I can't take it any more!
      Randy jumps into the pool.
      Catalina: Nice splash, Randy, that got most of the mice out!

    • Earl's narration: Camden County was having a heat wave. Me and Randy wanted to cool off in the pool. Unfortunately, we weren't the only ones.
      Randy: When do you think the mice are gonna be done swimming?
      Earl: I think they are done, Randy, they're just never gettin' out of the pool.

    • Earl: (Voiceover) No one would listen. And the ones who listened didn't care
      Tree Cutter: Look pal, there putting a cellphone tower here. The trees have got to go I'm sorry
      Earl: A cell phone tower, but trees make air and look that one has a bird living in it.
      Tree Cutter: (high pitched mocking tone)Trees make air and look there's a bird living in one of them

    • Woody: Whoever said laughter is the best medicine, never had gonorrhea.

    • Randy: We should get out of here, Earl. This place isn't natural. You know what someone told me last night? They said they don't believe in plastic, that's just crazy, plastic exists, I've seen it.

    • Earl: (voiceover) We even tried smoking weed for the first time, but it wasn't for us. I kept having to check if I pee'd myself and poor Randy was so high he spent four and a half hours looking for his nose.
      Randy: Seriously guys, did you hide it from me?

    • (Earl and Randy has broken in to a guys home when the guy comes home)
      Woody: Heeeey.
      Earl, Randy: Heeeeey.
      Woody: You guys want a sandwich?
      Earl: (voiceover) Luckily for us, Woody smoked a lot of weed and it never crossed his mind we were burglers. He just assumed we were people he knew.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Joy says that the Earth doesn't have a face, the moon does. This in an Allusion to the famous short film by Georges Méliès Le voyage dans la Lune (the trip to the moon) in which the moon has a grumpy face with a rocket in one of it's eyes.

    • Woody: We make a lot of our own clothes on this loom.
      Earl: Fruit of the loom. It all makes sense now.

      Fruit of the loom is an American clothes brand, patented in 1871

    • Woody: You like the TV show Friends?

      A reference to Friends, specifically to the episode "The one with the evil orthodontist (1-20)".

    • Randy: Who do you think would win in a fight, Muppets or Sesame Street?
      Earl: I don't really think they'd fight, they're both pretty peaceful.
      Randy: What if they had to? Like in that head-choppin'-off-movie, where there could be only one.
      Earl: Muppets.
      Randy: Ok, what about Muppets or Fraggles?
      Earl: Muppets.
      Randy: Ok, what about Muppets or He-Man?
      Earl: Just He-Man or He-Man and his friends?
      Randy: Just He-Man.
      Earl: Muppets.

      Lots of Jim Henson references here: The Muppets are puppets created by Jim Henson. Sesame Street is an educational children's show with puppets created by Jim Henson as well. The Fraggles are the stars of Fraggle Rock, also created by Jim Henson.

      He-Man is a cartoon figure from the series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, which was created after a toy series.

      The "head-choppin'-off-movie, where there could be only one" is the Russell Mulcahy movie Highlander with its uncountable spin offs and sequels, featuring a number of immortals battling each other in one on one sword combat, for their only means of death is decapitation.

    • Joy: Hey Lance Armstrong! Don't you know riding bikes gives ya nut cancer.

      Lance Armstrong is a seven time Tour De France winner and a survivor of testicular cancer.