My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 8

Robbed a Stoner Blind

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

It's another heat wave in Camden County. Earl and Randy are wanting to swim in the motel's pool but it is full of mice in the bottom. Catalina brings some ice and tells them that they can soak their feet in it but they have to put it back into the machines. Randy says that he wished that he had air conditioning and that reminds Earl of someone else who probably wished he had air conditioning, #26 on his list.
Back when Camden was having another heat wave, Randy and Earl broke into house looking for cool stuff but this time they were looking for the cool. Woody walks in and sees them but was high and didn't think anything about them being robbers he thought they were someone that he already knew. Randy and Earl robbed him one piece at a time so they could meanwhile enjoy the cool air. The last thing left to steal was the air conditioner. Randy takes it as Earl leaves the front cover to fool Woody, which wasn't hard to do.
Earl and Catalina are soaking their feet in ice and Earl tells them that he needs to give the stoner back his air conditioner. Randy is still too hot so he jumps in the pool.
The a/c was still at Joys. Randy and Earl walk in and see Joy hooked up to a lie detector. Joy says that her lawyer said that if she passes a lie detector test that it would help her case, so she stole one to practice. Earl tell Joy that he needs the a/c back but she tells him that they don't have one anymore.She knows that she has been caught because of the lie detector. Joy then lies some more which doesn't help and Earl takes the air conditioner.
They go to find Woody at he new place. They find him and tell him about his list. Woody then tells him that he changed his life and that is why he moved to Sunshine Collective. Everyone there grows their own food and has no electricity. They try to give him back his a/c but he refuses to take it back because he doesn't need any of the convenience items anymore. Earl needs to though to cross him off his list. Woody says that he sees his pickle and Randy thinks that he is talking about something else. Woody tells Earl that if they stay there for a week that he can cross him off his list. They both agree.
The next day Woody tells them both to wake up and to help them work. Over the next couple of days they two see Woody's life and life without modern day appliances. Randy is getting upset that he hasn't eaten meat. By the 6th day, Randy was very upset and tries to eat his own wrist. Woody tells them that the gang is going to show them the tv show Friends. Ends up, one of the people there was a huge fan and they act it out. Randy is very upset he spoils the end for everyone and he tells everyone that he wants to watch real TV and eat real food. Earl tells everyone that when Randy is mad he turns into an angry-dizzy-Hulk person. Randy passes out and the people there try to help him. The cream they give Randy to help him satisfies Randy's hunger needs. Earl asks why Woody lives this way and Woody tells him that it is good for the environment and shows him a presentation on global warming. After eating all of the cream something weird happens to Randy. He sees everything as a 3-D cartoon.
Their week is over as Randy and Earl are leaving Sunshine Collective. Earl starts right off the bat trying to help the planet while Randy is still freaking out about what he sees. Earl decides to start riding a bike everywhere with Randy in a sidecar. Earl then goes to Joys and tries to tell her that she needed to help save the planet. Earl then realized that everyone was hurting the earth. He tried to get people informed but they didn't want to listen. Earl decided that he had to make people change by taking air out of their tires and by shutting off people electricity. Earl goes to see Woody and tells him that he can't save the world while other people are canceling him out.
Woody helps Earl realize that if he made a difference then it would help stop global warming. Earl feels better and Randy sees things normal in the end.