My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 15

Something To Live For

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2006 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Earl takes his car troubles as a sign that it is time for him to redeem himself for a long run of stealing gas out of a complete stranger's car.

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  • It was OK but the suicide thing wasn't funny

    I am a fan of this show because I cheer anyone who tries to right of all of his wrongs in order to get his/her life on track. Especially if you have humor in it. But this episode was bad.

    Okay, stealing gas is well.....tacky but I can see Earl in his past days doing it. But this guy's wanting to kill himself? Sorry, making humor out of suicide is not funny.

    But it was good that they showed why he didn't want to kill himself anymore: not that he didn't win his love but that he had now made friends and that was worth living for. That was only redeming thing about this episode.

  • Coincidences everywhere!

    This episode was entertaining for a lot of reasons, mainly the fact that old Earl was responsible for Philo's failed suicide attempts due to his crimes and new Earl was finding it more difficult to stop Philo killing himself now that he was straight and trying to make up for the crime he commited which technically saved Philo's life. If there weren't enough twists already, Philo was in love with Joy and it seems like all his problems are connected to Earl in some way.

    The funniest moments of this episode are when Crabman explains that his heart feels like it's pumping blood in and out and Randy thinking that the point of Earl's list was to help everyone so he could go back to stealing.

    Overall, the suicidal theme brought the episode down a little but it's still four out of five for me.moreless
  • Giving a suicidal purpose.

    For the first time Earl is actualy doing things because they are good, not just becuase they are on his list.Though Randy doesn't understand this Earl sees it as a new side of Karma.

    The suicidal guy must have been really sad when he found out that it wasn't a divine force trying to save his life, but he did get two friends out of it.
  • Earl does something because he feels like he should, not because he has to.

    Catching up on tivo'd Earls. This one wasn't outrageously wacky but I did think it was heartfelt and had good laughs as well as some character growth for both Earl and Randy. For the first time Earl did a good deed (helping obnoxious, whiny guy find a reason to live) because he thought it was the right thing to do, not because he had to. At the end, Earl realizes he's going to be stuck hanging out with this whiny guy forever because he's become this guy's reason to live-- but he's willing to take the hit. Even sweeter, Randy, who hates whiny guy, realizes he's got a (good) funny feeling in his stomach from doing good, and -- although Earl tells him he doesn't have too-- he decides to keep hanging out with the whiny guy too. It's a nice sign of growth for Randy. Early on in the episode, he was complaining that Earl was never going to finish his list and they were never going to get back to stealing. Earl asked "you don't really understand my list do you?" And Randy says "Not really."moreless
  • Different, but that’s not always a bad thing.

    Earl returns gas to Philo, the man he stole it from a year earlier. He crosses Philo’s name of the list, but then finds out that in stealing the gas Earl had prevented Philo from killing himself a year ago. Upon discovering that he had not been being saved for some higher purpose by God, but instead was a target of thieves, Philo resumes his suicide attempts. Despite having crossed him off the list, Earl makes it his mission to give this guy a reason to live, and drags a reluctant Randy along to help. I think I liked this episode because it’s a departure from the norm. Earl has been doing good things to make up for the bad, this is true, but in reality his motivations for doing so have been pretty selfish. In this episode he is doing something good for someone else not just to absolve his own guilt, but because it is the RIGHT thing to do. It adds a whole other aspect to Earl and shows how he is changing and growing as a person. Perhaps this wasn’t as funny as other episodes, but it was enjoyable none the less.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Featured Music:
      "Ain't No Easy Way" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
      "25 Miles" by Edwin Starr
      "Joy" by Harry Nilsson
      "You're My Best Friend" by Queen
      "Rock and Roll Part II" by Gary Glitter

    • The top magazine in the pile Crabman sets down at the beginning of the episode is called "Classy Ass".
      Then Joy says, "it's missing the February 04 from the stack..." - Jaime Pressly posed for Playboy Magazine in February 2004.

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Randy: You know I love Darnell, but if it'll get this guy outta our lives maybe we should consider... killing Darnell.
      Earl: Randy, we're not killing Darnell!

    • Philo: (to Earl) I usually obey the law, but what are they going to do, give me a ticket when I'm dead?

    • Philo: (to Earl and Randy) Hey, why don't you guys come in and watch my old wrestling tapes from high school. I wasn't on the team or nothing but me and my sister had some really close matches.

    • Joy: Hey, do me a favour? Put your hand on my leg right here and just rub it around. You like that darling? I shaved above the knee today.
      Philo: This is so much better than a doll.

    • Earl: Hey Crabman, need a few beers.
      Darnell: Sorry, boss said I can't serve you til you fix that pipe in the bathroom, it sprays people when they flush. Luckily, only a few people have flushed so far.

    • Earl: Hey Crabman, I was looking to have a word with Joy.
      Darnell: Hey Earl, come on in. We're just fighting. Joy's jealous.
      Joy: I'm not jealous. You're the one that should be jealous, I can't even walk down the street without guys offering to do me.
      Darnell: I take that as a compliment. I don't get jealous.
      Joy: That's a lie, everybody gets jealous. Hell, even frogs get jealous. I saw that on tv. That's what all that croaking's about.

    • Earl (thinking) You may think me asking my ex-wife for help was crazy. But, sometimes, you have to fight crazy with crazy.

    • Joy: (to Darnell) Victoria Secret is just as bad. Just cause they're classy doesn't mean they're still not whores. (throws the magazine in the trash)

    • Catalina: Excuse me, I'm hot.
      Philo: You're okay, but, compared to my girl you look like on of those things from Lord of the Rings that crawled out of the ground and attacked the castle.
      Catalina: This uniform is not flattering. You should see me in jeans and a bra.

    • Earl: Catalina, I need to ask you a favour? I got this guy who needs something to live for.....
      Catalina: I'm not sleeping with that man.
      Earl: No, no, of course you're not. Just make out with him a little.
      Catalina: No thanks. I can smell him from here.

    • Earl: That's a real interesting birth mark you got on the back of your neck.
      Philo: My mom hit me with a curling iron because I spilt cereal on the carpet. It didn't even have milk in it.
      Earl: So, your mom wears her hail curly, huh?

    • Earl: Why do you want to kill yourself?
      Philo: Because, I don't have a job, I don't have any friends, I live in a trailer with no heat, I fail at everything and my feet hurt.
      Earl: You ever tried wearing different shoes?

    • Earl: What are we supposed to do? Just stand here and watch him get run over?
      Randy: No I don't wanna see it. But if we get in our car and hear a thump and a scream? That's none of our business.

    • (Philo says he has to go tinkle)
      Randy: Tinkle? That's so stupid. I wonder what he calls going ploppies?

    • Philo: I thought we were on a date.
      Joy: It was a date, but not all dates are good ones, honey. Sometimes it ends up with your sweetie doin' a black man in the bathroom.

    • Earl: I just can't walk away from the guy.
      Randy: Then let's run, Earl. Let's run away from him. We can make it a race. It'll be fun.

    • Randy: You're breathing loud.
      Philo: It's because you made me use toothpaste. It makes the sores in my mouth sting.

    • Joy: You that weird guy who like to watch me take my underwear off?
      Philo: One of them. Yes ma'am.

    • Earl: (to Joy) I heard you're wearing underwear again. Good for you.

    • Earl: You can't date Joy, she's married.
      Philo: I know she's not happy. She's always yelling at her husband.
      Earl: Oh, that's her happy. She's just a bitch.

    • Earl: You like Joy?
      Philo: Joy? Classy name for a classy lady.

    • Earl: (to store clerk) I-Pod, huh? Is that some kind of space capsule?

    • Randy: (to Earl) Are you going to start helping people that aren't on your list? Cause, if you do, you'll never finish and get back to stealing.
      Earl: You don't really understand my list, do you, Randy?
      Randy: No.

    • (Philo sneezes in Earl's face)
      Earl: You know, most people cover their mouths when they do that.

    • (Philo is lying in the street and a truck is coming)
      Randy: It's okay Earl, the carpet will protect him.

    • Earl: I have this list....
      Philo: And, you want me to give you a dollar, right?

    • Joy: Darnell, I don't know why you'd want to look at Miss February anyway, when you got all this right here?Darnell, you better look at my boobs when I'm talking about them.

    • Earl: What you doing Crabman?
      Darnell: Joy found my stash of classy ass, and she's making me get rid of them.
      Randy: Man, that's a lot of classy ass. I bet it's more than the President has?

  • NOTES (2)


    • Ewoks

      Randy: Ewoks! Those are called Ewoks.

      Randy confuses the orcs of the Lord of the Rings trilogy with the small furry Ewoks from the Star Wars movie Return of the Jedi.

    • Philo: Compared to my girl you look like one of those things from the Lord of the Rings that crawled out of the ground and attacked the castle.

      This is in reference to the movie trilogy where a young hobbit inherits a magic ring that he has to destroy to prevent it from reaching the hands of evil Lord Sauron, who wants to use the ring's power to control and enslave the people to Middle Earth.

    • Randy: ...and when there was only one set of footprints, God was carrying you to be screwed by thieves.

      This is a reference to the poem "Footprints in the Sand", written by Mary Stevenson. In the poem, a man is walking with God wondering why, when things were bad, God left him, evident by only one set of footprints during that part of his life. God replies that in those times, he was carrying him.