My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 10

South of the Border, Part Uno

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2006 on NBC

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  • Awww, Finland gets it again.

    I feel sad. Again Finland is the "Bad example" like in every single movie and series from US that mentions Finland. So sad. :( But I really liked the episode, atleast what I could see from my tears. ;D
  • Why I liked these two episodes...

    I liked the way Randy was displayed in these two episodes, in such an innocent and heart-warming way :D Earl was then again at first quite mean and cold. It was like Randy and Earl had switched places with each other, Randy was now the smart one... I liked the bus scene, it must have been the coolest Randy I've seen so far. Felt sorry for Randy at times but like usually the story ended quite happily :)
    "Darnell: I don't like the new Joy, she's like Finland, and I did not fall in love with Finland."
    What is this all about :D and yes I am from Finland :)
  • They got back to what made the show great in the first place. Well Done.

    I want to start off by saying that i litterally fell off of my chair laughing at this episode. When Earl freaks out at the stewardess and they are forced to tie him down i thought that was one of the most well written scenes especially his line \"Um, excuse me, mam, you just said my seat may be used as a flotation device, is that maybe as in can be or maybe like, maybe yours will, or maybe yours won\'t cause I didn\'t ask for a floating seat, I would have but that wasn\'t one of the choices.\" i thought it was tpical Earl in the best way. The episode was funny on so many levels. There was silliness (randy as the dead mexican boy), but i felt that that didn\'t dilute the episode\'s message or it\'s depth of plot. I hope that they keep making more episodes like this one because it\'s such a great show it\'d be a shame for it to get canned.
  • One of the best episodes ever!

    This was a great episode. It wasn't just one of the episodes you could watch over and over again. This was the episode that proved that My Name Is Earl could be an hour long. It didn't become repetitive like most other special episodes of other shows. This had some of the funniest parts of the whole season. The Spanish versions of Time After Time and Eye of the Tiger were great and so were the bandits breakdancing to Jump Around (Catalina's song). Also it didn't completely solve Randy's feelings for Catalina. They may have got married but he hasn't told her that he loves her. Great episode and best of the season.
  • Best episode of the season...

    I admit i have been a little disappointed with this season of my name is earl, but the past two or three episodes including this one have been good, finally the writing quality is back to its season 1 quality. you gotta love randy and his determination and the funny things that happen to earl, darnell has the best reactions, the guy is hilarious, they should give h him more scenes like that. all in all if earl continues to have a constant storyline instead of having just one episode with another thing to cross off his list (because we already had that season 1) then it will be fun to watch.
  • Mexican standoff!

    This week's "Ugly Beatty" is a repeat, so I went over to the NBC network to catch a new "My Name is Earl" and behold it's a one hour episode as Earl and Randy go down to Mexico to save Catalina and bring her hjome, and it won't be easy, otherwise there won't be an expanded one hour episoide of the show. I'll break into two parts next summer, when it goes rerun. Meanwhile back home, Joy is undisterbed by noisy new neighbers, because she was drugged. But I'm glad to see the old Joy back before the end of the hour. Randy got his wish too.
  • Well plotted and hilarious enough to be considered a movie plot.

    This hour long episode could be one of my top 5 episodes, whether it's because of Darnell liking rude, terrifying Joy rather than the pleasant doped up Joy, Randy's fight with Earl, or Earl's fear of flying and needles, the plane scene being a classic moment in Earl history.

    There are so many laughable moments in this episode that it would take a long time to list them all but my favourites would have to be the tasks Earl tries to fail, the big fuss over a taco and Randy think his shoes may explode.

    Randy marrying Catalina at the end was brilliant especially because he didn't want to ruin the wedding by admitting he loved her and overall this episode is one wild ride.
  • Stupid... But quite funny!

    LOL! I love this show. It's so stupid and yet I can't stop watching. Joy cracks me up, she steals the whole show. To see her being "nice" (which could only be accomplished by having her take a <i>chill pill</i>) was just so hilarious. Randy's and Earl's lack of travel experience was so over the top. They are both completely and totally airport stupid. And Earl being afraid to fly was classic. Over all the episode was good, at parts it wasn't really all that funny but then again some things were to die for. I give this episode an A-
  • Randy takes a bride

    Where to begin?? This was an outstanding episode and I am so glad we got to see both parts in one night. After a few bumbles and stumbles, Randy and Earl head to Mexico to retrieve Catalina. I loved the scenes in the airport and on the airplane. Earl is definitely NOT a frequent flyer. And who didnt get a kick out of Earls passport picture? I loved the evil Mexican versions of Earl and Randy and kudos to John Leguizamo for his character who was hopelessly stuck in the 80s (hilarious!) These were possibly the best episodes of the season. I also got a kick out of the kindler, gentler Joy. (We knew that couldnt last!) It all ended perfectly with the wedding of Randy and Catalina.
  • This was the best episode so far.

    My Name is Earl is an awesome show and this episode backs that up. It had me laughing troughout. It was definitely the best episode of the show so far. We got to see a side of Randy that we never saw before. He would do anything for love. This episode proves that this show show can go on for a long time. I wa supset that The Office wasn't shown this week, but this episode lifted my spirits. It is a strong start to the Thursday night comedy line up on NBC. Before seeing this episode, I could have missed an episode of My Name is Earl, but now i'm hooked.
  • if my name is earl the movie came out this would be it

    absolutly amazing episode, plenty of things happen, its the first episode in a while that made me belly laugh, i was getting a bit tired of my name is earl until this episode, now im fully charged and ready for the next instalement, im very glad they decided not to air these 2 a week apart

    this 2 parter is without a doubt proof that the show has still got a long way to go
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