My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 10

South of the Border, Part Uno

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2006 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The scene where Catalina sees two gangsters (who look like Earl and Randy) tying up an old woman to a chair to make her smoke until she dies is very much reminiscent of a scene in the second episode "Quit Smoking", where Earl ties up Donny's mother to make her quit smoking. Even the dialogue follows the same pattern, with Catalina asking what the gangsters are doing, commenting on why they kidnapped the woman and telling how many kidnappings she has seen in her life.

    • The bandit leader Diego was really into American culture from the 1980's, since he stopped watching American TV in 1988. He is wearing the same kind of jacket that Michael Jackson wore in his video "Beat It" from 1983.

    • Recurring joke: We have seen many pictures of Earl (his wedding picture, the mugshots, various photos with his family and friends), and in all of them his eyes are closed. In this episode, not even the photographer can take a picture of him with his eyes open (essential for a passport), thus Earl is forced to cut out a picture of two eyes from a magazine and paste it on his closed eyelids.

    • It is never specified, despite the title of the episode, that they are in Mexico. In fact, in "Jump for Joy," Catalina affirms that she is NOT Mexican. Despite the trappings of Mexican society (an altar for the dead, American Satellite TV influences), this episode takes place in an unnamed Central American country.

    • Randy's fear of birds is brought up again. Last mentioned in Season 1, Episode 11 "Barn Burner".

    • Earl is afraid of needles and flying.

    • Introduced in this episode

      #??? (new) Got Catalina kicked out of America. (Probably #267)

    • Featured Music:
      "Hotel California" by The Eagles (Opening scene)
      "Hotel California (Spanish Mix)" by The Gipsy Kings (First scene in the unnamed Latin American country)
      "Jet" by Paul McCartney and Wings (They are getting passports)
      "La Calle Del Tabaco (Tobacco Road Spanish version)" by David Lee Roth (Earl and Randy fight about tacos)

    • Throughout their trip to Mexico, all too many Mexicans are fluent in English. So fluent, that some first address Randy and Earl in English, rather than their 'native' Spanish.

  • Quotes

    • (After the first fight between Randy and Earl because Earl wants a taco)
      Randy: Aaaah! You've bitten me.
      Earl: Sorry Randy, it had to be done.
      Randy: Fine! I give up, you can have your stupid taco...
      (Randy grabs a wooden box and smashes it against the back of Earl)
      Randy: ...when we get to Catalina's village.
      (Takes Earl's body on his shoulders, Earl grabs Randy's underwear and yanks it towards him)
      Randy: Aaah, you splittin' me.
      Earl: Put me down!
      Randy: No!
      (Earl yanks again, Randy lets him fall to the ground)
      Earl: Randy...I'm gettin' a TACO!
      (Randy throws dust into Earl's face)
      Earl: Ouw! Damn it Randy! Now I'm hungry and blind!
      Randy: You're being such a baby. You've been complaining the whole trip. Waaah waaah waaah! I'm afraid to fly. I don't like needles. I'm hungry and blind!
      (A blind, old Latino man with a can begging for money/food is shown)
      Randy: Sorry, señor.

    • Randy: Hey wait...if there's a pill that can make Joy not mean, I bet there's a pill that can make you not a sissy. Maybe I can break it up and make it in your apricot...Shoot! Why did I tell you that? I know I just switch it in your banana...Damn it! I did it again. Now I'm running out of fruits.
      Earl: Randy, I can swallow a pill whole.
      Randy: No, I wanna sneak it to you in something. I hope the pill is small because I know how you love blueberries … (thinks about it) crap!

    • Neighbor: Hey, Tina, how much you bet that I can get this cupcake in the trash can from here.
      Tina: Five bucks says you miss.
      (cupcake lands in Darnell's cereal bowl)
      Joy: I'll split that cupcake with you cupcake.

    • Darnell: I just hope they give us back our plate.
      Joy: Oh, Darnell, just let them keep it. What good is a plate if you can't share it with your neighbor.
      Darnell: (stares at Joy) Joy, are you even in there?

    • Darnell: Can we at least shut the window when they're running the dryer?
      Joy: I like it. Feels like I'm, being kissed by a 1,000 little bunnies.

    • 1st Flight Attendant: Hold it, Sir, we are in the air. I can't let you off this time.
      Earl: I'll let myself off I know where the emergency exits are.
      2nd Flight Attendant: Sir, don't make me do this. (kicks him between his legs)
      (Earl falls to the floor and bites the Flight Attendant's hand)
      1st Flight Attendant: Get the straps, we've got a biter.

    • Doctor: So, Earl, Randy, it says here that I haven't seen you boys since you were ten.
      Earl: Well, you know, you get busy. I haven't been seeing another Doctor, if that's what you're worried about.
      Randy: Do you still give out lollipops?
      Doctor: On the way out if you're good.

    • Joy: (to Earl) Earl it's okay to be afraid. Fear is just your feelings asking for a hug. (kisses and hugs Earl)

    • Joy: Is that George Clooney standing in my living room? Randy your hair looks great. Are you doing something different like the movie stars do?
      Randy: I slept on my left side instead of my right. And then in the morning it was itching back here, so I did this (scrathes his head)
      Joy: Well, it's working for you sugar butt. I tell you if there was a perfect ten magazine for ex brother-in-laws, I'd put you on the cover.

    • Catalina: (to Cops) You have to believe me. I'm an American. McDonalds, Disneyland, Jim Belushi.

    • Earl's Narration: Randy would have told his new wife he loved her but he didn't want to ruin his wedding day.

    • Randy: Hey Earl, throw your shoes, if they don't blow up you get to go to the front of the line.

    • Darnell: You know how sometimes people say "take a chill pill"? Joy did.

    • Randy: You think Catalina's been robbed, or murdered, or gone out on a date? Any of those would be my worst nightmare, but if I had to pick one I guess I hope she gets robbed.

    • Earl: Um, excuse me, mam, you just said my seat may be used as a flotation device, is that maybe as in can be or maybe like, maybe yours will, or maybe yours won't cause I didn't ask for a floating seat, I would have but that wasn't one of the choices.

    • (At the airport where they check for weapons, explosives and such)
      Randy: Why are everyone taking their shoes off?
      Man in line: They have to make sure there aren't explosives in them.
      Randy: Explosives?!
      Man in line: Yeah, it's happened.
      (Randy looks terrified, then takes his shoes off, and throws them away)

    • Darnell: Joy, I need the old you back. I'm Yin, you're Yang! Yin is nice, Yang is a bitch! This house doesn't work without Yang!

    • Darnell: I don't like the new Joy, she's like Finland, and I did not fall in love with Finland.

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